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  1. Oh that’s great news!! I’m so happy for you! I amdoing well also ans am loving being able to understand people again on my deaf side!
  2. Jane!! How was activation?? I hopeit went well for you?? :-)
  3. Hi Julia, I recently became deaf in one ear and was very nervous about having the surgery because of lots of the reasons you said above, but I saw a very good surgeon who explained everything in great detail to me and reassured me so I went ahead with the surgery. I know it’s a huge decision but I can tell you that I am only just over two weeks post-switch on (I had my surgery a month ago) and I already LOVE my implant and can hear again - it is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful I had the surgery. That is just my experience and I know everybody is different. I wish you the
  4. Oh also.. ask your audiologist for advice about which device is best for your individual needs as I know the mapping is slightly different between the behind the ears and the Kanso/Rondos. My audiologist was very helpful in helping me coming to a decision based on my individual hearing/lifestyle and mapping needs. Believe it or not, in the end we realised that the MedEl hybrid will fit my ear canal better (I have tiny canals) if I need to use the hybrid, so there are definitely lots of factors to consider! Overwhelming but a good CI audiologist can be incredibly helpful!
  5. Hi Nomiroo.. I haven't had my surgery yet so I can't offer you as much help as some other people may be able to, but I just want to wish you the best of luck. I will also be using the Rondo occasionally (as well as the behind the ear device) as I regularly train (I'm a sprinter & hurdler). From what I understand, I will need to wear the sports headband to keep it in place during strenuous activity, but I've recently spoken to a lady who uses the Kanso and she said it stays in place well during normal day to day activity. I think that I read some Rondo users on here said the
  6. Thank you Valentin!! Very much appreciated! I spoke to my audiologist and we have decided to go ahead with the Med El so I am super relieved to have made a decision! Thank you everyoneforyour advice and support! ?
  7. Hi Mary Beth! I had planned on getting both the Sonnet EAS and the Rondo, or both the Nucleus and the Cochlear. But with the plan to wear the single unit more often than the behind the ear unit, so I will have options either way. I just know from hearing aids that I will prefer the single unit (and also the look of the single unit). Thank you though - it is a very good point! :-) Hi Valentin! Thank you for your input and the link I will take a look! It is very helpful to be able to speak to a number of different users to get their advice!
  8. They don't need to amplify my residual hearing.. I have a really steeply sloping loss so my residual low frequency is normal! Does that make more sense? (I know it's apparently quite unusual)! (I am unilateral sudden-onset due to labrynthitis). I am guessing the Rondo/Kanso is just for the high frequency I am not getting but they are trying to preserve the low frequency.. I don't know if any of that makes sense or is correct - I'm still trying to make sense of it all myself
  9. Thank you again Megan and Mary Beth! They are very good points - I didn't actually consider the internal processor, and you're right - the technology does get updated every few years. I think I interpreted the comment that I read being in regards to the surgery and the internal processor. But I may have interpreted it incorrectly. I am just trying to do some research about that. I have good low frequency hearing which they will be trying to preserve during the surgery - although there are no guarantees. I haven't been told about hybrids/earmoulds so I assumed that did
  10. Thank you Mary Beth and Megan! Are you happy with your Rondo's? I have been told that the Kanso is far superior technology but it is a lot more expensive, and I read somewhere on the forum here that the Med El is better if trying to preserve hearing (which we are for me). Definitely a hard decision!
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to decide between the Kanso or Rondo. I am very active (sprinter and hurdler with regular training sessions) and I have been told that the Rondo may not stay on well (in general, not just with sports). Has anyone experienced this? Any Kanso / Rondo users I'd love your opinions! Thank you in advance!
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