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  1. Oh that’s great news!! I’m so happy for you! I amdoing well also ans am loving being able to understand people again on my deaf side!
  2. Jane!! How was activation?? I hopeit went well for you?? :-)
  3. Hi Julia, I recently became deaf in one ear and was very nervous about having the surgery because of lots of the reasons you said above, but I saw a very good surgeon who explained everything in great detail to me and reassured me so I went ahead with the surgery. I know it’s a huge decision but I can tell you that I am only just over two weeks post-switch on (I had my surgery a month ago) and I already LOVE my implant and can hear again - it is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful I had the surgery. That is just my experience and I know everybody is different. I wish you the very best of luck and would advise having a chat to a good surgeon as they will be able to explain things very well for you and that may help you decide either way Xx
  4. hmmm okay thank you, I will do so ?
  5. Thanks so much Kara! I will check it out! I have another weird question for everyone..... I went back to sprint training today and took my speech processor off and I realised that when I run, I can hear (what I assume is my magnet) (and I can hear it because of my good ear) rattling around in my head as I was running!!! Has anyone experienced this? I put my processor back on and ran again and the rattling stopped. I assume it's because of the design of Med-El's magnet being able to rotate.. but is this normal to hear it while running??? It was so strange!!! (I know it sounds a little crazy!)
  6. Sorry to hear you caught the cold but glad you are feeling better now and your surgeon was happy!!!! :-) I'm getting excited for you!!
  7. Hi Jane! Yes, (yesterday now for me)! Thank you for remembering, that's so nice of you! It all went really well - my audiologist was really happy! I have, however, had a residual hearing drop due to the surgery so I will have to go back on steroids for a little bit longer (which i was trying to avoid) to try to improve it and will have to use a hybrid device, but there was always that risk, but switch on itself went really well! :-) Yours is getting closer now.. are you feeling back to normal yet? Are you getting excited? Also, I have a question for everyone - I need an audiobook app that has the text and reads aloud simultaneously (for habilitation training). Does anyone know of one? I can find ones that have book or will play audio but none that do both? Aanika
  8. Good luck Jane! I pray you don't catch his cold! Lots of vitamins and garlic and vegetable juice!!!
  9. Oh I'm glad you're feeling a little better now too.. nausea is horrible, I'm sorry you had to deal with that on top of everything! Ahh yes.. the nose blowing! I keep forgetting when I'm in the shower and the water/steam gets up my nose - I've blown it out three times now- I could kick myself - I can't believe it's so hard to remember not to do that!!!! Thankfully I only blew just softly to get the water out, but I tell you what - I felt the pressure in my ear straight away each time and I'm praying it didn't interfere with the healing or anything! My activation is the 19th - but I don't get to see my surgeon for a little while after that as she is away. My GP and audiologist will check the wound but it feels like it is healing well. Activation still feels a long time away but I suppose time is good for healing so I'm trying to be patient!
  10. Hi Jane! Oh wow! Nice to 'meet' you! How are you feeling? I feel like I turned a corner yesterday. The discomfort was noticeably better and I got a full nights sleep! (I've been on pre and post op Prednisone to try to reduce inflammation and save my residual hearing but it really wasn't agreeing with me and I was only sleeping for about one hour per night the first few nights after my Op so I was feeling terrible from the lack of sleep) but thankfully I've been able to cut down my dose now so things have improved a lot and I'm feeling much more human again The beeping/buzzing has settled down too and the tinnitus has returned to just the slight soft static I had pre op (thank you again to everyone that replied to this thread - both for your support and encouragement that this would improve! It gave me some hope and peace of mind in those first few days post op when the tinnitus was really difficult!) How are you feeling Jane? I hope you are recovering well!
  11. Oh that's good to hear Mary Beth, thank you. Just under three weeks away now so not too long :-)
  12. Hi everyone. I'm two days post Op and have a constant beeping in my implantwd ear. I had very soft static prior to implantation but now have constant (soft) beeping sound. I'm just wondering if anyone experienced this and if it improved after switch on?
  13. Thank you Mary Beth! Yes I will need it for sprint training! I am there a few times a week for a few hours at a time so I'd love to be able to wear my Rondo if possible. I will have a look for the Poland vendor! Thank you :-)
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