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  1. Thanks Ivana - that's very helpful and I can tell that the quality of sound is good with the Sambas - I go back again in a few weeks and will ask about the things that you have mentioned. Hils27
  2. Hi Mary BethThank you - there is a loop on the Minitec but the sound is nowhere near as good as it is with my hearing aid. I use the loop at home for television and also in public buildings. I can carry on using my hearing aid with the loop and APs when necessary so it's not really too much of an issue - I just like to turn off one of them but that's my own peculiar habit and I will have to get around it! I'm more concerned with the echoing sound really. Thank you for getting back to me. Hils27
  3. Hi IvanaThank you for your reply.I was issued with the samba processors last year but I didn't get on with them so I went back to the Amande - now I have no choice as the Amande will be discontinued. I changed without difficulty to the Amande from the previous AP. In the last thirty years I have adapted to new hearing aids and in the last ten years to various processors. I still use a hearing aid for the loop as I use the loop a lot and I find it an advantage because I then have natural sound coming through both the APs and the loop sound coming into my ear - like having three ears! I liked ha
  4. Hi Kara I am trying to get used to the new remote - it doesn't tell me which programme I'm on and the programmes sound very similar. I think the Soundbridge control is quite different to CIs as I have friends with CIs who operate their remotes easily. I also have a problem with a constant echo noise. Part of my problem is that I have had my previous Amande processors for nearly 10 years and it's hard adjusting to a completely new kind of processor. I'm sure they'll get it right in the end in London but I just wondered if anybody else had had the same teething problems as me.
  5. Many thanks - I appreciate it I also have a problem with echoing sound and my own voice sounds nasal. We spent ages on the programming but it's difficult to tell until I am using it all the time. If anyone has had the same experience it would be helpful - thank you.
  6. Hello... I did register with HearPeers some years ago but there didn't seem to be much going on then and so I've just re-registered again today.I've had bilateral middle ear implants for almost 10 years and I have been using the Vibrant Soundbridge for all that time. I now have two Samba processors but I find the remote more difficult to use because the beeping (to change settings) seems to overlap on both of them and it's difficult to know whether you've changed one processor or both of them. I have kept going back to the VS for this reason and I prefer them but I realise that I must g
  7. Hi everyone I live in the Uk and have had middle ear implants - Vibrant Soundbridge - for 7 and 8 years respectively. I have recently upgraded from the Amande to the Samba. I also have the use of a miniTek for Bluetooth and the loop etc. It's all very new and taking a bit of getting used to - I wonder how other people are finding the new Samba?
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