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  1. dose it sound same as it used to ?
  2. Oh thank you your reply on music is big relief ughhh I was so worried that it will never be same I understand that ci not like HA it takes time to work and I have no problem in that thank you again
  3. Hi every one My name is Salman im 32 years old with meniere's disease bilateral hearing loss severe profound in right and severe in the left , make the story short i been advised to go for implant in one of the ears by my doc im not really benefiting form the hearing aid the sound is so metallic distort i rarely understand the speech without the lips reading but some how i feel good with it its like better than nothing i was wearing linx2 form resound and recently about an year i switched to halo Starkey with up power. i have few question put in mind that i used to hear normal and my hearing been lost gradually. 1- I work as operation manager i used mobile conversations alot during the day and i like the idea of streaming the calls through my iPhone to my hearing aid what if i used the implant would i be able to do that with the hearing aid in my left year and the implant in right ear at the same time ? 2- do i have to change my hearing aid brand i know that AB can use the hearing aid phonak accessories and it work fine with it Cochlear used resound but what about MEDEL i looked in the website and no info ? 3- im very afraid of the operation i have 0 pain tolerance and seriously speaking at this age i wouldn't go to the hospital unless im really sick how many days i need till i recover ? dose the pain killers works good ? i asked my doc that i need to stay at the hospital at least 2 days although my partner will be with me at home but im so afraid of going home same day of the surgery 4- i love love love love music some how although i dont enjoy the full sound of the music with my hearing aid but some how i can listen to it by streaming it directly to my ear im so confused that some ppl say it dont sound good after the implant and my doc say ill be hearing just like before noting will change but it might takes time now how good is it dose it worth all of this pain i feel like i can live with what i have not because im happy with it but i can afford losing the music sound and afraid of the pain Im so sorry about the long post i know every body has different experience but where i live not alot of ppl has the surgery and there is no meeting groups or so , i really hope some one would advice me on what to do
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