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    User of a hearing implant
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    Over 5 years
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    Cochlear Implant
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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    Progressive Hearing Loss
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    Bilateral implant
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    United States
  1. Nancy


    I have Sonnet eas and love mine
  2. Nancy

    My EAS Adventure

    My battery life is equal for eas and ci the batteries die within minutes of one another so that is not true
  3. Nancy

    My EAS Adventure

    To my knowledge yes I have just the ci on my left ear and eas on my right the only difference is the hook
  4. Nancy

    My EAS Adventure

    I have the EAS system and love it
  5. I have had soreness before but mine was due to the magnet was too strong once they lowered the strength its been fine. I have the Sonata implants I also just wear my rechargeable batteries with my waterwear.
  6. The magnet may be to strong they may need to turn it down
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