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    I'm from Corvallis, Oregon.
    Implanted right ear June 2017, Synchrony, Sonnet, Quattro Q-4 (wish I had taken Roger Pen).
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    My HA has a telecom. I hope to get some ALD help. Phonak seems to be a good source. I"m working with a different audiologist and hope to find an HA that will be powerful enough. The new Phonak Marvel doesn't current have enough power but is rumered to have something pending.
    Thanks for your response. I've read about your recent trip - Congratulations! You are very deserving of praise.
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    Al West
    Corvallis, Oregon
    Med-El Synchrony
    Processor: Sonnet (also hearing aid)
    2nd implant deemed too risky; because I have CI & HA, any challenge (such as a phone call) I panic wondering what buttons to push.
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    A post by Ivana Marinac (stream2525) gave me a rather unusual wow moment. The reference to our brain's neuroplasticity gives me the impetus to continue on my path to a 2nd implant. Reference to the dying hearing cells that support a hearing did the trick. My wavering between fairly good hearing with my HA and going bilateral has ended (I hope). Others encourage me to stay wi what I have. This may be more understandable when considering my age - 85. Who knows what the future holds? I believe that the earlier the better to break into bilateral CI's. Will make this decision formal tomorrow (surgery date unknown).
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    Hi Jess & welcome to our website. I'm quite new to having an implant - still learning. I've worn HA over 30 years, and at this time I'm viewing my (single) implant as a hedge against deafness.
    Having had several hospital visits recently, I've experienced negative understanding about hearing loss. You can be a great influence as you begin your career: by influence I mean spreading your understanding about how to deal with us folks. The numbers of people experiencing war, along with those suffering from various forms of dementia need the understanding that you already have.
    Here's to your successful entry into your medical career.
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