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  1. Yes i Am a vibrant sound bridge user since april 2017
  2. Thanks Ivana for answering my daughters post. They all care about me :-) i got my sound bridge in april this year.on the right ear.my problem of both ears is the ear canal.they are very narrow.no option to other hearing aid.so that's why I got the vibrant sound bridge.I have mixed hearing lost in my right ear. The left ear is "playing" with me .when I have a cold I hear less,wheather changing,my ear is locking himself. So got the sound bridge and outside the amade.so far,so good!then I had my first fitting .I did not had really a wow,but OK I could hear sounds and other noises.I had to got use to the new situation and came back for refitting after one month. this time they could reduce almost all the back noise and this was for me much better,because all the back noise made me feel unresty..........after three days I change the battery and suddenly also the noises came back!! Strange....I called my audiologist and they did a new hearing test, result I don't hear almost nothing anymore on the inplanted side.! Now last week they change the amade for amade hi. So I feel like I start again from the beginning,I do hear sounds,noises(too much)a lot of high tunes,but not really understand speaking.....inside the house I can handle,but outside the noises are to much......OKk this is about until now my story on my hearing journey. WhenI am on fitting consult,its difficult for me to explain what I really "hear" and what to expect.... that's why I like to discuss with people who pass the same procedure .my mother language is Dutch,so if there is somebody on this forum who speak such,it will be more easy for me ,many!, Thanks for "listening" Hetty avivi
  3. Thanks Jon So I must have patience ? How did you hear the sounds in the beginning?sounds plus an echo,real sounds,akoustic?
  4. Hello Ivana, I have mixed hearing lost,and now at the right side complete hearing lost.(after the implant) I like to know how other people manage with their "new"hearing.i am five months after now and still "hear"with noise and echo. Will this dissapear in the future?can they fix it? I got the amade prossesor.what is the difference between amade and the samba?
  5. Hello, I got my vibrant sound bridge April this year! And like to discuss with other people,who carry the vibrant too! Will I end up with good hearing ,just now it comes with noise and echo....
  6. Hello everyone, I carry the vibrant sound bridge since April this year. Like to be in touch with someone who is also using the sound bridge.
  7. Hi 5 years passed since you put this post,I got my vibrant sound bridge in april2017 and the turned it on last June... Wonder how did you manage the first months and now after 5 years...
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