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  1. My audi also does MCL everytime I go for a mapping.
  2. That's ok, @Mary Beth knowing that I can have my other ear hearing almost at the same level of my first CI it makes me motivate more to move forward with the revision surgery. My cat? well I think he is taking it pretty well doesn't he? ๐Ÿ˜‚ On a serious note, he gets scared when tradies come to our house with big machines like the Tree stump machine from the tree removal company that came about a month ago. Sometimes he gets friendly with the tradies depending on their personalities, sometimes he is scared of them mostly when their voices are very strong. But it is not frequent,
  3. Hi guys! Long time no see you! I have been quite busy, we have one staff less at work, we also bought an old house which needs lots of thing to make it up to date! I just wanted to share with you that my second implant hasn't been working as expected. Initial activation went well but 3 months after the last electrode had to be shutdown because it was giving me facial movement during testing. Then it happened to the electrode before the last one. On December my surgeon ordered a CT scan and we found that 2 these 2 electrodes were outside of the cochlea. To sum up, my CI has been movin
  4. I hope you had a nice activation. Who is your Audi by the way?
  5. I am!! it has been a busy year, researching to buy our first house which we just did.. and lot of work but good! I also hope you are doing well. I just realized that @Tutz67 surgeon was the same as mine, very god surgeon.
  6. Hey @Tutz67!! Dr Chawla was also my surgeon, very professional, I'm very happy with his work!
  7. Good memory @Mary Featherston!! yes I am in South Australia. @Tutz67 I hope it is not too late, if you need to ask questions just let me know. I live in Adelaide.
  8. Well as most of you have said above, each journey is unique, there is no way to compare one another. In my case, my Hearing Aid was useless a month after using my CI in my other ear. In regards to changing programming, well I use three programs: the everyday program, the noise program and the phone program. I generally use the everyday program all the time. In noisy situations I have to change it: English is not my first language which makes it harder still.
  9. Hi Rick, Welcome to Hearpeers. I'm not a Medel user, but I can tell you that Cochlear is the worst brand to choose if you want to listen to music.
  10. Yes, that is normal. After a couple of days and mappings it will be improving. Hang in there!
  11. That's nice, I do something of sorts over here in Adelaide. My audiology Clinic schedule meetings along the year (3-4) something like that were they gather their patients and soon to be patients to different topics. I like to attend to give my part of the story and help people make decisions. I'm always the youngest one, and it feels weird seeing all these oldies surrounding me
  12. Things are going well @Mary Beth I can't complain, I'm really happy with my CIs. Communication at work has improved heaps and I'm not scared anymore to interact with students and staff. I don't forget that this is a long process, my Audiologist can't believe how patient and positive am I.
  13. Well I'm 1 year with my first CI and 6 months with my second. I still don't know where the sounds come from.
  14. I think this has been under the radar for some time now? Cochlear has been working on this https://www.cochlear.com/intl/about/media-centre/cochlear-announces-next-phase-in-development No idea how it is going to work though.
  15. In my case I don't want to have anything to do with disposable batteries ๐Ÿ˜‚ I used them for 35 years or so... not anymore, glad to use rechargeable batteries. I survived my trip to New Zealand last December using the rechargeable ones. Just pop them into the charger each night and of you go in the morning.
  16. Fantastic, I wish you the best, hope your surgery goes smooth and painless like mine. Please keep us posted. You can PM anytime if you have questions.
  17. Same as @Mary Featherston I wait for them to beep. Depends on where I am or what I'm doing, I swap them after a couple of beeps. Sometimes I forget, then when they go flat I curse myself for forgetting... It annoys me really when they go flat and I'm doing something or watching TV lol.
  18. I can understand what my boss talks over the phone in Spanish... he doesn't know it ๐Ÿ˜‚ I can understand what my wife says to our cat in the lounge next to our bedroom. (Yes, our cat likes to chat) I enjoy music more and more everyday during my daily commute.
  19. I took a week off from both surgeries. It would be fantastic to have the surgery on a Friday so you have 2 days more of recovery. My first one was on Friday but my second one was on Wednesday.
  20. Thanks for your kind words @Mary Featherston, sometimes I wonder why people say I'm boring as we don't do much on weekends lol. I'm usually very tired on weekends, and perhaps this is why maybe I haven't done proper rehab since both CI activation. I'm mentally exhausted not because of the new implants but because I need to make more effort in my day to day job to be able to communicate with my coworkers. I can go to the gym after work but I don't want to do Rehab, go figure! I know at some point I will need to go to the public library and grab some ESL books with multimedia to practice th
  21. Hi @Joseph English is my second language. I was first implanted 8 months ago and second implanted 3 months ago. My understanding of Spanish has improved a lot, I can talk much better on the phone and I have made progress understanding speech in music. I think I still have a long way to go. However with English the story is very different. I'm going to give more time (1 year with both sides) to make sure whether I have to go back to school to practice my listening and speaking skills. The conclusion I''m getting from this experience is that the English language I was taught while
  22. On my trip to New Zealand last December, the guy at Melbourne Airport took me to a new machine similar to the metal detector, he told me that was a new machine for people with Heart Pacemakers and Cochlear Implants. There were not interference at all once in that machine.
  23. @Kylie, it is possible that they didn't give you a choice because you are going with Medicare? If so, I'm surprised that they didn't force you to go with Cochlear as it is an Australian company.
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