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  1. Well, I got the activation date today. It will be on 28 May. 3 weeks after surgery. I'm very excited.
  2. Hi guys, nice to see so many surgeries and activations done and coming. I also have my surgery on my right ear on 4 May. Unfortunately I chose to go for AB but I will keep coming here to share my experiences. This is such a nice place for that.
  3. Hi dare_v, it has not been easy. After lots of research I concluded that Cochlear is behind AB and Medel in regards to implants, but all audiologists and both doctors I have been going still push for Cochlear of course as they are local. As expected, they talk wonders about Cochlear but I'm still firm in my decision of going with AB or Medel.
  4. I don't know yet, I have an appointment with the surgeon Wednesday next week, I supposed I will know after that.
  5. Here in Australia they are still offering the Rondo. But as I'm still to make a decision as to which brand to choose, the audiologist told me that Medel are willing to give me the Rondo 2 instead. I'm still tossing between AB and Medel.
  6. Stream, you also has to take into consideration that even if you want the longer electrode array, sometimes this is not possible due to the size of the cochlea. That is why you need to see a doctor to determine your options.
  7. I suggest you to speak to your doctor about the type of implant. It is good to ask questions so you can have an idea, but there are some questions that you should make to your doctor or audiologist before posting them here. After your appointment you can come and share with us your experience and everyone of us will help you from there.
  8. Hi Mary, Thanks for your quick reply. I forgot to say that currently I use my hearing aids without assistive tech to enjoy my movies and watch tv. I wish it would stay like that after CI implantation, of course, after proper rehab.
  9. Hi guys, I'm at the final stage of my research in order to choose the brand for my CI. I'm torn between AB and Medel to be honest and I have my last appointment next week to make a decision. The idea is to have my surgery by the 20th December. Does any of you have a home theater detup at home? I like to watch a lot of movies and tv series and I was wondering what the experience would be like in this scenario. I know that music has been discussed a lot with different opinions/situations but never about home theaters.
  10. Hi Renachelw, I'm due to do the surgery next January and the doctor also told me about the possible complications that come with the surgery. If I'm not mistaken, it is less than 1% of the patients who suffer any of these complications after the surgery. I really would not worry too much about that.
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