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  1. Hi @Kylie, I'm not Aussie but I live in Adelaide and I had both surgeries last year using Private Health insurance. Insurers need the item number to make sure the policy you are choosing cover this. There can be a misunderstanding just mentioning "Processor Replacement" or similar words that can come out and you both wouldn't want that. For the item number you need to make an appointment with the doctor who is going to do the surgery. I did this and my insurer assured me I was covered for what I wanted. At the moment I'm in the process of applying to the NDIS (National Disabilit
  2. Are you talking about the signature? I can see them on my Android phone, maybe if you try using google chrome on your iphone? Another thing is that I always set up chrome to show websites as dekstop sites, I don't like mobile site appearances.
  3. Spot on! My second Activation still has some screeching sounds and there are some sounds that are giving me goosebumps. I'm saying this just about 2.5 months after activation. I can talk on the phone but it is far from perfect, sometimes I don't understand what the person at the other side of the phone is saying. In saying that, I can say it is a thousand times better than wearing my old hearing aid.
  4. That was exactly my experience not only with my surgeon but also with my Audiologist. I was happy with that. I also have to say that in some way they steered a little bit towards Cochlear because it is an Australian company. Unfortunately it was the last option on my list.
  5. Hi @Mary Featherston!! that's right, I'm very happy, the only thing you got wrong is that I'm a He, not a She! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Sorry for being away for too long, too many things happened over here, School got rid of one staff member in our office, plus my boss is on paternity leave, so I have been kind of busy these days. Last December I got family visit from Mexico and we travelled a bit around Australia and we went to New Zealand as well for a week. School is going to be very busy at least until mid February, so I hope to participate a some degree until then.
  6. No big deal, I was with my wife and close family, so they know how to talk to me so I can lip read. Besides, it was just for an hour as it was late already.
  7. Well I'm still on holidays ending today. Last night we went to Christchurch downtown and for the first time on the holidays I didn't bring the spares with me. Guess what, both of them ran out just after dinner lol. My batteries after 6 Months last about 12-14 hours. I swap them once a day usually a couple of hours before bed.
  8. @Mary Beth what is the cost of that box? I'm thinking of buying one when I run out of dessicants on my current box.
  9. No, I don't use edge except for work so I can have the school management and Office 365 management platform in a different browser. I use mostly Firefox and Chrome for everything.
  10. I tried with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. None of them worked for me.
  11. So it would be for Windows users as long as they are Hearpeers Guru?
  12. Well, I need to have a dose of Salsa everyday. I listen to rock, reggae, mostly old school like UB40, U2, Savage Garden, Scorpion, Metallica. I'm loving it so that I'm not talking on the phone while driving anymore, I want to listen to music.
  13. I'm still surprised how noisy my wife is in the kitchen lol. I'm still trying to adapt to sudden change of sound when I put my processors on in the morning. It feels so loud for a few seconds. Kids at school are so noisy.
  14. I already did before, but just wanted to share how cool it sounds when the cat sniffs you lol, sniff sniff sniff sniff ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. Well @Mary Beth was right. I tried watching the file on my Windows Laptop and my Android phone and it didn't work either. I then tried in my iPad and it worked. In all three I used Google Chrome. So, if you don't have a Mac OS or iPad/iPhone you can't see it. Maybe you can upload the file in .mp4 next time? mp4 are more universal and can be played anywhere.
  16. How cool are they @Mary Beth? I'm sorry for derailing this thread but I couldn't resist!
  17. Hey @Mary Beth! good to have a closer look of you! Cheers for that.
  18. @Mary Beth no worries, I don't think it is about Operating systems, it is more about the forum functionality.
  19. @Mary Beth I can't see the video, it says that I don't have permission or it has been moved.
  20. Same here, I went from Mono to Stereo in a space of 5 months. Best decision I have ever made. Speech is much more clear and watching TV is like being at the Cinema lol. Unlike @Dave in Pittsburgh, I have been too lazy to do rehab. surprisingly, my second implant has advanced faster than the first one. I already feel more comfortable talking on the phone using my second implant just 4 weeks after activation. Things like these make you realise that everyone's journey can be totally different.
  21. @Mary Beth well, I'm not sure if I will be comfortable using a headband. For now I'm going to pass, luckily my trip is with family coming from my home country so it won't be boring at all.
  22. Hey @Mary Beth thanks for the info! I'm screwed then lol, I'm not planning on buying another QC35 soon ๐Ÿ™
  23. Lol @Mary Featherston I also have an appointment on the 19th... so many coincidences with our journeys lol!
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