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  1. Daniel Adelaide, Australia Bilateral CIs. Right ear activated 05/18, Left ear Activated 10/18. AB Naida Q90. I love my cat... oh! and my wife!
  2. I have a trip to New Zealand at the end of the year. I'm planning on using my Phonak Compilot, undecided whether to go for the current 25/75% setup or to go for 0/100%. We also have the QC35 but they are my wife's headphones and she is also travelling 😁
  3. Well I just use an old mobile phone in vibration mode under my pillow.
  4. @Jewel I don't know! My Audi also want me to talk in a CI meeting here in town in 2 weeks. She is not pushing me though but she is so happy with my progress that she wants me to share my experience. Let's see how it goes, I need to write something soon here for sure!
  5. @Little_chooky, maybe I will need to be corrected, but as far as I know CI is not a last resort option. All depends of the type of hearing loss you have. If a doctor says that BAHA (ADHEAR for Medel) is for you, it would mean that you don't have nerve damage, therefore you wouldn't need a CI. But if there is nerve damage, CI is a must. I'm not sure if it is the ENT or Audiologist work to find out the type of hearing loss you have.
  6. @Jewel our cat is an inside cat. He is only allowed to go out to a small fenced garden under supervision. We also take him out on a leash but he is never outside by himself. What you mention is a normal behaviour for most cats, bringing prey home is a way to teach us to "find food or catch prey" that was taught by their mums when they were kittens.
  7. @Mary Featherston you are so lucky having Spike at 17 years old!!! I hope Figo lives like that too!!! I'm also surprised the size difference between the two of them, lovely cats you have, they are so cool aren't they? I'm still thinking of adopting another cat to make company to our Figo but after we buy orur home, where we are living is an apartment and it is very small.
  8. Beautiful cats @Mary Featherston! is one much older than the other?
  9. Nice @Matt!! you are most welcome here! Adelaide is such a nice place to live. If you have time maybe we can meet when you come back next year?
  10. Hi @Matt I have read that SCIC is the best centre for cochlear implants in Australia. Unfortunately I'm in Adelaide but I'm also glad that I found a very good doctor and a dedicated Audi who worked with me for both implants.
  11. @Mary Beth Phonak still has it for their AB processors.
  12. Yep it seems the attachments management has not been properly configured. I tried to access mine and there is no delete option, besides, when I click in one of the photos, I got this message This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.
  13. Hi @Mary Featherston, have a look at this screenshot, you won't escape of your duty o showing us your cat! 😂
  14. Good one @Mary Featherston!! I said I was the owner not his sibling! And yes, our breeder said that ours can be up to 15 pounds or so when he is 2 years. By the way Figo is 7 months old today! Hapy birthday Figo! 🐱 By the way @Mary Featherston , you talk too much about your cat/cats? but you never post a photo of them! Didn't they give you permission?
  15. Hi @Mary Featherston! I have not written much but I'm still here reading you! And yes something like posting the URL but there is a better way, when you write a new post there is a cascade on the right side that says "insert other media" click on it and then choose "Insert image from URL" so that way the image is embedded in the post, not just a link, as an example: Cheers!!
  16. Well another option is to use a website like this https://imgbb.com/ so you can post photos without worrying about limits. I have been doing this for quite a long time now.
  17. @Jewel mine not only beeps but also does tictac-tictac-tictac... very quick and soft too... lol
  18. @Little_chooky I have no idea about waiting periods for CIs in Australia to be honest. I also don't know if you can choose the brand but I can have these answer by Friday as I have an appointment with my Audi at noon. Very busy months indeed, both surgeries were performed in a space of 5 months. Rehab is going very good and my hearing has improved a lot but there is still a long way to go. I forgot to ask you where do you live?
  19. @Little_chooky I did mine in Private. Time was too precious for me to sit and wait in public. I also had to meet the 12 month waiting period as I had the most basic cover which didn't include CIs. I did both my ears with medibank this year, I know they are not the cheaper now but it was competitive when I joined and I didn't want to consider changes until I had my both ears done. Make sure to ask the sales person if the plan you are considering includes CIs. I did this via chat and saved the logs in case I had a problem with them the moment of surgery.
  20. Another Australian in the forum @Little_chooky! Welcome! I'm not Australian but I have been living in Adelaide for 11 years now. Feel free to ask any questions, we are here to help you find your answers. Are you going through private health insurance? Lol @Mary Featherston! yes we call Chooks to chickens here, in fact, I have a deli near me that is called Cook'nChooks
  21. Fantastic, he is all play all the time he is up. Now that we are talking about him, I realised that I can hear him breathing through his mouth when he is sleeping. He sleeps on top of the pantry next to the fridge not too far from the couch but still. Next to where he is sitting is the dinning table and next to the dinning table is the couch. I could hear him breathing through his mouth just recently because my new processor is facing his bed which is next to the fridge on top of the pantry. He is growing fast, he is now 6 months old.
  22. Well I put my processors on before breakfast just to hear my cat purring before I go lol.
  23. It happened to my last Sunday and then I remembered I need to put on my new processor for Rehab so it catches the old one faster @Megan L. I'm also not fan of breaks but I like to wake up to silence on weekends when my wife is still sleeping. During the week I put the processors on before leaving home. I find it too much hassle to put my processors for just 10-20 mins before shower
  24. I got 2 huge backpacks, one for each processor plus a bunch of boxes and packages too. I got rid of one set of boxes and put everything inside the big box which is stored in the chest of drawers. I'm going to give one of the backpacks away to a family member in my country.
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