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  1. @Mary Beth I thought so, not my cup of tea really lol. I'm not friend of too sweet desserts. I don't mind eating it though ?
  2. Hi @JessDunn another "Australian"here living in Adelaide, welcome to the forum!. Glad your daughter had the opportunity to have CIs very early, these are the most important stages of our lives to learn to communicate. @Mary Beth no idea which one is it, I have been here for 11 years and I'm not sure what you are talking about. One thing I can say for sure, food over there is much much better! You don't have anything to be jealous for! ?
  3. @Percy I had my first ear implanted on 5th May. Activated at the end of May and used my hearing aid in the other side for just only one month. As @Mary Beth the HA was just a nuisance, it didn't add anything to my activated CI in my other ear. I got my second surgery and activation on 10th and 31st October respectively.
  4. @Mary Featherston I hope your echo is gone soon. I have some kind of tinnitus when I use my new Processor only, but the pitch it different to the one I'm used to having. This tinnitus is not as high pitch and it only happens when I wear the new processor only, When I put the first one the tinnitus disappears. It doesn't happen when I have the first processor only though.
  5. I almost forgot to report that last Monday after mapping I put some music in my car while wearing both processors. I was blown away as to how immerse in the sound you feel when you are bilateral. It was so amazing for the first time to enjoy music like that, I almost cried while driving that day. It felt like I was in the cinema to be honest.
  6. Well, just came back from my mapping. Mappings are getting easier every time I go, I don't need to analyse electrode pitches as much as before. Audi is very happy with my progress, coming back to work, I could make a call to my mom while driving and using the car's bluetooth. First time it took about 2 weeks or so, this time less than a week. I got 2 more mappings in the next 3 weeks. Next one in week and a half.
  7. @Mary Featherston I re read your post and we are definitely the same lol. Using the new processor only sounds are very soft. When I said that the TV was too loud it is because I was using both processors. @Mary Beth in this case, TV is still loud but not uncomfortable, it is just that I'm wondering if the lady next door is going to complain but my wife keep saying is ok lol.
  8. @Mary Beth not yet, I'm in program 5 but I also upped the maximum volume level. It is funny how when you increase volume or program loudness some sounds get scratchy again. I have my second mapping today. I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. Well, we are not that different lol. My Audi gave me a map with 5 different programs which the only difference between them is the loudness. I changed from program 1 to program 5 the second day after mapping. That is why the TV was so loud lol. I should have been more specific. Good for you @Mary Featherston and your quick adaptation.
  10. Last night I was watching TV for the first time with both processors on. God it was so loud for me, I was worried for the lady next door but my wife said it was ok. We were using the same volume as usual on the home theatre. But no complaints, it felt loud but fantastic, I can't wait until my new ear reaches the same level as the old one!!
  11. Well @Mary Beth I can't say I'm experiencing Bilateral sounds yet.... early times for me, for sure I'm steps ahead compared to first activation as I can recognise music and voice already since activation, I still don't feel I can depend on my new CI only. It certainly feels a lot noisier and different than using one CI only but I still can describe these differences properly. I have a home theatre at home and I usually sits ahead of the rear left speaker. Last night I could hear that speaker more than I used to when I had my right CI only. Cool isn't it? But I was using only my new CI so
  12. Hi @Megan L. yes I went to the same brand as the first one. It seems you are now very busy living in NYC metro. I would like to go there for holidays. Siamese cats certainly talk a lot, mine does it on occasion, I heard that Burmese cats are truly very talkative!, more than Siamese I believe.
  13. Whoa @Megan L. where have you been? And yes, it is a Siamese Lilac. He is 6 months old. We got him 3 months ago.
  14. Thanks @Mary Featherston how did you go with second activation?
  15. Activation of Left CI and 5 months since Right CI Activation: Hi guys, yesterday I had my second activation and everything went well. But I must start back to before second surgery when I had my first hearing tests in my right ear (first CI) 4 months after activation. Here we have the results: CNC Words (Consonant - Vowel Nucleus - Consonant) at 65dBSPL with CI alone: 49% in phoneme score and 18% in full word score. It appears to be low but if we consider that I could not perform this test at all prior to CI is a good improvement. I went from 0% to 49% and 18% respectively whic
  16. @Jewel I will, I have some things to say that I haven't shared with you guys... I hope to do this by the end of this week.
  17. Hi @Esteban I'm not sure what you mean by choppy? In regards to the bass sounds, do you know if you have residual hearing in your implanted ears? I can hear my voice in my newly implanted ear but not in my first one when I'm not wearing my processors.
  18. Hi @Mary Beth just came back from the Audi, I'm back at work now. this activation was much shorter than the first one and so far everything looks good. It sounds weird at the moment having too much noise. Voices and sounds are high pitch like helium voices but in between I could recognise different voices from the start. I'm planing to use both processors everyday and leave the new one only after my job finishes at 4 pm. I'll keep you posted. Edit: tomorrow is already today here!!!
  19. Yes, I agree, I also can't hear people talking. Sounds I can hear are mostly low pitches. Let's see if it will make a difference or not against my other ear.
  20. Hi @MED-EL Moderator, I have been trying to upload a profile picture with no success. Forum says that max file size is 0.05mb which I think is impossible. I tried to upload a picture from a link where I saved my photo but still get the same error.
  21. I'm wondering this too!!! And I'm also curious to find out if there will be a difference between my old and new implanted ear as I got residual hearing... not that I'm hoping for too much just to see if there is a difference in hearing. When I shower, I can feel water hitting my head in my new implanted ear but nothing in my old implanted ear. Also, I can ear my voice in my new implanted ear when I'm not using the processor in my old implanted ear. Interesting times coming! One more day to go!
  22. Hi @Michael Craig, welcome to HP! Certainly you can have residual hearing after CI surgery but no doctor can guarantee you that. I just had my second CI surgery 3 weeks ago and I got some residual hearing whereas in my first implanted ear I didn't get residual hearing. In my case, the first CI was more complicated than usual as the taste and facial nerves were closer than usual and it was very tricky for the doctor to pass the electrodes between these nerves. This is one of the many cases that can make residual hearing very difficult to have after CI surgery. But hey! I can tell
  23. I would say it is time for a new mapping. What you are experiencing is similar what I did. Your brain is asking for more, therefore sounds are too soft. Once you get a new mapping you will start hearing a lot of things again and probably after a few weeks sounds are going to feel soft once more. This will happen until you reach a stability on your mappings. I wouldn't worry too much but certainly is something to discuss with your Audi. In regards to rehab, I just did like 2 weeks of proper rehab lol, I have been a very bad student!
  24. Hi @Mary Beth! Thank you for saying I'm awesome!!! That's awesome isn't it? ?
  25. @Nikki I wouldn't worry too much. I had the post-op checkup last week and I asked my doctor about sneezing and blowing my nose as I did both of them. I'm used to blowing my nose after showering so after surgery I still cointunued to do this but much softer. Still my ears popped up, so it got me worried. Doctor said no problem, that everything was ok. So I pass this on to you so you can relax before activation
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