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  1. @Nikki I'm fine, I came back to work last week on Wednesday just after a week of the surgery. No pain, tinnitus from time to time and I'm now sleeping on my new implanted ear. This time swelling was much less than the first time. I hope you feel better soon.
  2. Mine would be Sounds of Spring lol. Wind, wind and more wind.
  3. Cool @Esteban I'm from Colombia but living in Australia... and I have a cat! . My understanding of Spanish is pretty good 4 months after first activation. I can talk over the phone but for music I'm still a long way to understand the lyrics completely but I enjoy it a lot too. In English the situation changes a lot and my understanding is a lot harder but I'm not giving up! I'm deaf since 4 years old, also bilateral sensorineural. I just had my second surgery last week and activation is on the 31 October.
  4. Hi @Esteban that is a Spanish name, are you from Spain or Latin America by the way? Welcome to the forum!
  5. Interesting @Mary Featherston, I thought the same about using my HA in before last surgery to keep my auditory nerve stimulated. I sued it for an hour and that was all. Sound with HA is so boring that it didn't feel good leaving the HA on me until surgery.
  6. Good!! Mine is in the same day!!! Well "a day before" as I'm at the other side of the world ?
  7. I agree @Mary Featherston, it feels so much better, much easier to get around. I also have increased tinnitus in my newly implanted ear, but it is not constant. I was listening something in my mobile phone with headphones and I can definitely hear the low pitch sounds in my newly implanted ear. I remember feeling nothing in my first one so, it seems to be a win this time. Another way to find out is by brushing your teeth, I can feel the sound in my new ear but not in the old one.
  8. @Mary Featherston at some point I thought myself of going to the gym to use the treadmill. Guess what? I just did the groceries last Friday with a friend and I got home more tired than usual of course. I also have been having a manageable pain but same as the first surgery, I need to take some mild painkillers Paracetamol is called here for headaches and it has helped me for sleeping mostly. I told the doctor not to give me discharge painkillers as I still had the unopened box from the first surgery. So far mild painkillers every 6 or 8 hours is doing the job. The day I was discharge
  9. All the best @Mary Featherston hope yours are as painless as mine!!!
  10. @Jewel lol, I have never used a shower cap in my life... it would certainly made me remember my grandmother lol. But doctor said it was ok if tape started falling down, so no problems here. Thanks for your suggestion anyway
  11. @Jewel tapes will be removed next Wednesday but I doubt it will hold until then. they have started falling off a bit more today after I showered. Yes. I'm getting same colour for my next processor, I'm very classic with colours and designs lol.
  12. @Dave in Pittsburgh I wish I could get out of the hospital. Different countries have different ways of doing things. Here in Australia for example you need to stay overnight but you can wash your hair 24 hours after discharge. I have read that in North America they recommend to wait at least a week. Here activations are usually 2 weeks after surgery and I have read a lot that over there it is common to wait 4 weeks after surgery.
  13. I had my second surgery on my left ear on October 10. Surgery started about 11 am and by 3 pm I was awake. This second time has been a breeze for me, I'm not feeling pain, and I didn't have to take painkillers at the hospital since I have been awake. My ear feels a lot less sore than the first time and I also don't feel the swelling like the first time.I just got home the next day about noon as I had to wait for the X Ray to confirm that the electrodes were in place and in fact, they were. This time I didn't get the copy of the X Ray as my doctor was in another part of the hospital, he just ga
  14. @Jewel last time they did a ct scan and I got the copy. This time is an X ray I suppose I will also keep the copy. Doctor came this morning, removed bandage, he was happy with how things went. @Mary Featherston all the best for you today!!!
  15. @Jewel, tomorrow morning after the X Ray and confirmation from my doctor that the implant is properly inserted.
  16. @Jewel, he is actually very neat!, He didn't disappoint this time either. I hope stitches are the same way he did last time, a clean stitching and dissolvable ones. Last time he did use a cup I don't know why this time he didn't but I'm glad as I remember tha cup was very uncomfortable. He used gaze instead this time. It is midnight here an I'm still awake!! I asked for some paracetamol hoping that it is enough for the pain I have.
  17. @Jewel activation is the 31 October. Pic as requested lol: Picture of the handsome guy
  18. Reporting that surgery went well. Don't feel nauseated at all like the first time. Taste I still there, and no balance issues at all. I'm feeling much better than the first time. At this time I already had taken Painkillers in my first surgery. Today I haven't taken any so far. This hospital is also nicer, better views form level 5. Edit: Just ordered some Ubereats from TGI Friday's lol
  19. Milkshakes, fruit smoothies, juices, broths, soups, bring them all to me I love them!
  20. God bless recliners!! it became my best friend after surgery!!! Thank you for your good wishes @Mary Beth
  21. Thanks Jewel, I will let you know how it goes.
  22. I was surprised as to how much I could hear sounds. I didn't expect to hear so many quiet sounds or sounds with very low volume.
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