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  1. I'm going to get a neckloop with my second processor. I remember using the same neckloop for my hearing aids, very happy with the sound.
  2. Ahh well, I'm 90% by myself in the car lol. Besides, when I'm in a car with more people I prefer to talk with them instead of being by myself listening music lol. Hope you don't take this as a critic, just the way I do things.
  3. Why would you use a neckloop in the car? I just use the car's speakers and it is lively for music and talking on the phone when phone is connected to the radio via BT.
  4. This thread made ma laugh lol. Some times we don't stop being kids do we?
  5. Same here in Australia, Hearing Aids have little to no coverage. CIs are covered under Prostheses by public and private health.
  6. My taste did not change much. A little bit of metalic and a buttery feeling, food felt like more oily than usual but my taste didn't change, still enjoy my burgers and pizzas from time to time
  7. Congratulations @Jewel for that promising start. I also had a nice experience this week, for the first time I could hear the sound of the shock when getting out of my car.
  8. Well guys, I had the appointment with my surgeon today and confirmed the date of my second surgery for the 10 of October, about 5 months later from the first one.
  9. I don't know when my activation will be, I will know on September 23 when I have my appointment with my Audi. I have an English and Spanish test that day.
  10. Hi guys, got a pre-approval date for my second CI. So far it is going to be in October 10.
  11. Hi @Jane, doctor told me 2 weeks off from the GYM. I waited a week more, I was getting tired at the end of the day after work, besides, I felt a bit lazy too. So I started on week 4 slowly without weights and increasing just a little doing a lot of reps between sets. This was like doing weight lifting with cardio, oh boy, I couldn't keep up with the routine on the first week. Second week was similar to first week and on the third week I started increasing weight again reducing reps until things got normal.
  12. @Jewel doctor gave me 2 weeks to return to the gym. I do weight lifting. I could come back at week three but decided to take a week more off. I returned after three weeks of my surgery.
  13. @Jewel at least you have some hearing. In my case without hearing aids I hear nothing lol.
  14. Glad to hear everything is going well @Jewel , please no more 2 hours mall walks
  15. Wow, you definitely overdid it, you are very brave!!! I went to do groceries the next day but just for half an hour max. It felt like you said, strange, but not too bad. Thing is I always look at the positive side so it seems that I didn't have any side effects but I did, just not too bad In regards to asking questions to the doctor hmm... I didn't have any to be honest, everything was smooth in my case.
  16. @Jewel, I have done 4 mappings so far. This one is going to be the longest (2 months). @Mary Featherston, I couldn't hear the commentators as I would have liked, matches were very late here when my wife was already sleeping and ours is a small apartment lol. I had to refrain of celebrating Colombia's goals lol. @Mary Beth, very good ideas, I definitely didn't think about practising with my wife. thanks.
  17. Hey @Mary Beth thank you for this!!! I really did not expect a thread for Spanish rehab. I'm at work at the moment, So I will have a look at it when I get home so, it will be tomorrow for you @Mary Featherston is right that Spanish varies a lot depending on the country you live, but for us native speakers is not that hard to catch. We have a lot of different idioms and in most cases same idioms have different meaning in different countries.
  18. @Mary Featherston I have learnt that stability is a very subjective term in regards to each person's progress with a CI. In my case I call stability when there is not a lot of new sounds or maybe when nothing is overwhelming anymore like in the beginning. But If you ask me, I'm a long way to go where I want to be. As I have been lazy, I don't know if my speech comprehension has improved a lot or not but I can say that I feel that I can communicate better with people (not a lot so I don't want to misguide people) but still some improvement. I also can talk on the phone in Spanish which is
  19. Day 88 August 27, 2018 Hi guys, I'm back after a long absence.It seems that not much has happened since my last post, mostly due to laziness from my part. First the World Cup happened and as a good South American person, I enjoyed it a lot. Since matches here in Australia started about 10pm, instead of doing Rehab after GYM I spent my time watching Football (not soccer guys).Then Figo happened. My wife and I decided to have a cat and I spent countless of time researching breeds and recommendations. After we got Figo I did not want to do Rehab after the GYM, I just wanted to spend time wit
  20. @Mary Featherston to be honest, I have been a bad boy, I have not done much rehab, I will write a post about this in my thread sometime this week. What about you?
  21. Last night I could hear my cat breathing hard while sleeping. It seems he does that often when sleeping. I had to ask my wife to make sure if it was his breathing. Here is a pic of Figo:
  22. I hope to be on that list soon. I will let you know about the end of September.
  23. @Jewel, next day I went with my wife to do the groceries. Of course I was walking slower than usual, not bending my knees, etc. After a week I was back at work. Easy peasy for me.
  24. Good news @Jewel, I'm also glad that your recovery is going well. I also couldn't sleep very well the first night as expected, mostly because the side I have mi CI is the one I use more when sleeping. So I'm going to smile after my next surgery during my sleep
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