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  1. So I finally got my samba this past Friday. I have no words to describe the difference it is making already. The improvement in both my hearing and quality if life Is unfathomable, I'll never be able to function without it again, and it isnt even working at full capacity yet. My audi was able to eliminate pretty well all of the distortion during the initial setup and most sound is crisp and clear. This device is a miracle, there is no other way to put it.
  2. @Renachelw seems MED-EL liked your initial post, they quoted part of it on facebook to advertise the forums just a few minutes ago!
  3. I'm 8 days post op, my ear isn't numb or anything but I know what you mean when you say it feels disconnected. I've always been able to move my ears at will, but now my implant side doesn't move when I try
  4. Hi @Renachelw, I know you decided to delay your surgery but I just wanted to give a little info about my experience. In October of 2014 I had a mastoidectomy in torder to remove a cholestatoma in my left ear. Afterward, I lost taste in the side of my tongue opposite the operation. Luckily though, like @hadron said, it was temporary and came back about a month later with no issues since. Now I'm one day BoneBridge implant post-op and cant wait to get this massive bandage off my head! Best of luck, Mitchell
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