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  1. @Joan @Percy@Mary Featherston Ive only been activated and bilateral 6 1/2 weeks but almost immediately I noticed the difference ..especially hearing In noise ..I have another mapping on Friday .i imagine it’s quite the journey to get both these CI s in sync so to speak but I’m so happy how I’m hearing and functioning Jane
  2. @Percy I never tried it since I was hearing so poorly in that ear the HA didn’t do anything and I actually was able to donate my Hearing aides to a friend of mine as well as all my assistive listening devices who had them reprogrammed and is happily using them ..I know I have the same residual hearing since the Audiologist tested that implanted ear at my post op visit with my surgeon..I don’t have much at all but I have the same small amount that I did before my surgery..I could tell I had about the same since I could hear what I did like the shower water running and doors slamming that’s about it Jane
  3. @Joan looks like you and I posted at the same time and said the same thing ?I did wait a year after my first CI to do my second .. Jane
  4. @Percy within not too much time the CI was better than the HA ear and very soon after I stopped even wearing my HA in that ear since it muddled the great sound from the CI ..now I’ve just had surgery to implant that ear ! Jane
  5. @Mary FeatherstonI’m so glad the surgery is finally over ! Isn’t it a relief rest up heal and recover ! Jane
  6. Bilateral bliss ..yesterday I tried to see if I could hear talk radio on my car radio..I wasn’t able to with just one CI..but being bilateral I was able to hear and understand pretty much all that they were saying..first time in several years ..it was VERY EXCITING! Jane
  7. @Mary FeatherstonI know just how you feel I was worried also about getting a cold ..the week before my surgery at the last appointment I had scheduled with a trainer I work out with he said I won’t get too close to you I’m getting a cold I said oh no I really can’t catch your cold ! He then agreed it was best to cancel me and the rest of this clients for the day and go home ! I thought to myself this is a reason not to schedule CI surgery if you can avoid it during cold and flu season ! Just rest up since you’re really in the home stretch .i was so glad I was fine the morning of the surgery and glad to have it over with !goid luck I’m excited for you it’s much easier the second time around ! Jane
  8. @Mary BethLOVE that comment ! Jane
  9. The electric teakettle boiling the water , the dogs barking next door , the car radio from the car in front of me with my windows up,the buzzing of an old thermostat that my family says has been doing this for years ..they got used to it ..started driving me crazy ..I had it replaced with a new one that didn’t make any noise ..?and going bilateral is a whole new world ..much easier to hear in stores/ restaurants etc etc .. Jane
  10. @Mary BethI saw my Audiologist again today ..she was also impressed that I was experiencing the summation effect so soon :)what’s so interesting to me know when I wear my new right processor alone without my left one to practice it doesn’t really bother me to not have the other one on but when I wear my left one without the newer one it really feels “blank” and empty now on that side ! And I’ve only had it activated 2 weeks ! Jane
  11. It’s been 2 weeks since activation of second CI ..I see my Audiologist Friday for a mapping ..I’m impressed already how much better I’m hearing “in public “ in noise ..I’m already so used to hearing with both ears even if the older one is more normal sounding that when I take the new one off it feels so quiet and empty on that side ?it’s actually exceeded my expectations already ! Jane
  12. @Mary FeatherstonI’m excited for you..not too much longer to wait ? Jane
  13. @Mary Beththanks I remember reading about all this and just looked it up again ..it is really so amazing when I have either one processor on alone sound is quiet but BOOM when both are on everything wakes up This new ear has been unaided for 9 months and it had been my aided ear for the 5 ears I wore Hearing aides ( I wore the cros) so I think this ear is so happy to get sounds again?maybe that’s why the summation effect happened within such a short time (?) Jane
  14. After just having my second CI activated less than 48 hours ago I already love it ..just having sound back in my ear (I haven’t worn my HA in that ear since last December when testing confirmed what I thought ..I was hearing better with my first CI without the HA muddling the sound )so I already feel more balanced and I’m sure all the addded benefits will occur with time ..interesting enough I’ve had to turn down the volume in my first CI when I have both on since I no longer need it that loud with 2 ears working! Hopefully Other countries that don’t cover bilateral CI s will eventually all do this ! Jane
  15. I agree that angel sounds and AB clix great apps right from the beginning..I was just activated today for my second CI and used them a little when I came home ?I was given 4 programs and told to change to the next one ever every 2-3 days ..I return to my Audiologist in 2 weeks .i think pacing oneself is a good idea ? @sassychele02 Good luck next week I know how you feel I felt the same until today ! Jane
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