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  1. I wear two Rondo 2 CI's. However, they came with only one hair clip, because one was supposed to be a back up. Anyway in October, when I was in downtown Portland, the weather got windy and blustery and I somehow lost one of my processors. Ironically it was the one I had clipped in my hair! MedEl replaced it, I ordered the second clip and am clipping both in place. If it's really windy, I have a loose-fitting lightweight hat I put on.
  2. I went searching on Google and found something called Musical Ear Syndrome. It seems to stem from deafness not the cochlear implant itself. I think it's kind of like when there's no sound, your brain inserts some? After my second CI surgery, I couldn't hear anything at night when I had taken off my first CI. Now I've regained some residual hearing in the second ear so maybe it will go away? I hope! Christmas carols in May get tiresome. (I get sick of them in December!)
  3. I had my second CI surgery on March 19 and was activated April 3 with my Rondos. My first CI was problem free and super exciting. This one has had a few hiccups. First I love the Rondos. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. I can't tell much if any difference between them and the Sonnets. However, the CI in my lft ear has had some difficulties. Maybe a week after activation, I noticed that I hear backgound music almost constantly. It's always instrumental and usually light classical. However, for about the past week, it's entirely Christmas carols.(Which is going to get extremely tiring if it continues.) The music doesn't interfere with voices or things I want to hear, it's just always there. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go away or at least get more infrequent? Anita
  4. Thanks for the advice. I do have an iPad and will check it out right now. I'll stay in touch.
  5. Mary Beth, thanks for taking the time to write me. It helped a lot. I had been using my CI and the hearing aid in the other ear, however, often I would go half a day with just the CI. I also often watched tv with just the cI and heard quite well. Since the second surgery I've really struggled to hear. Often language just sounded like gibberish to me. However, things are slowly improving. I had my surgery Tuesday, March 19. Sunday the 24th I started making sense of more speech. Whew! I also started doing the Angelsounds exercises and MedEl Soundscape. Fortunately I get activated on April 3. I know that will be a big adjustment but receiving sound in both ears should help. I can do this! Anita
  6. I had my 2nd CI surgery on Tuesday, March 19 on my left side.. The surgery went well with no dizziness or nausea at all this time. I had my first CI surgery in August of 2017. It has been a really exciting adventure. However, now I'm having a really difficult time hearing with just the CI on my right side. Sounds are distorted, I can't tell where they come from and noise in a restaurant or any kind of noisy setting drives me nuts. My activation date is Wednesday, April 3. I'm wondering what kind of experiences others have had after their second surgery? Is part of it just having hearing on one side? I'd appreciate hearing about the experiences of others. Thanks - Anita C.
  7. I have a Sonnet now but chose to go to the Rondo 2.
  8. I'm scheduled for my 2nd cI surgery on Tuesday March 19. Hope all goes as well as the first one which was in August of 2017. I'll be activated on April 3. Anita C.
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