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    Parent of a hearing implant user
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    Cochlear Implant
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    Unknown / Prefer not to say
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    Pre lingual Hearing Loss
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  1. We live in Stratford, ON so I can't speak for larger centres such as the GTA but living in a rural centre we have had to opt for private services and work one on one with a SLP who is a cert AVT (our daughter is 2.5yrs implanted at 15mo). We drive into London once a week for these services. My understanding is that in other areas, the infant hearing program does provide AVT services and this program goes until age 6. We just strongly felt we needed better services than what the IHP would provide in our area. There are no centres anywhere near us to my knowledge but rather rehabilitation is
  2. This is off topic, but a few were talking about a Facebook group similar to this forum, do you mind telling me what it is called so I can join? Thanks!
  3. Hi all - I am new to this forum so I apologize if this topic has already been discussed but our daughter is 2.5yrs old and was bilaterally implanted at 1yr. She wears the Sonnet processors. She is very active and already loves sports and I want to ensure that her CIs do not hold her back. We would like to be able to take her skating this winter and dread the thought of trying to get a hockey helmet on her with her processors/coils. Looking for anyone out there with young children that play hockey who would have some tips/strategies for us. An (under armour) skull cap has been suggested to
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