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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I have some ordered so I will make sure to check. Where are these made and assembled, by the way?
  2. Thank you, Mary Beth. You are most helpful as always. I will definitely fix this so that J stay more current.
  3. I had no idea humming birds chirped like that. Even my poodle was cocking her head at the audio. It is funny to me that so many of us were completely unaware of so many sounds of nature and now I find myself shutting the doors when tree frogs and crickets get super loud outside.
  4. @Mary Beth Sorry! I forget to check for posts here. Plus I still am not real familiar with how to get around on this forum. WOW moments-probably Hearing well in a large group and even understanding more of what is said without lip reading. I joined a new church and have participated in different activities where being able to hear better has been a real blessing.
  5. I stay in MT until there is one speaker and then I switch to T. Staying in MT allows me to hear the voices of everyone in the congregation and the music which are not looped. The choir members do sing into mikes for the loop. When someone is reading or speaking for some time, I switch to T. I found that staying in MT for an individual speaker was too loud, hearing the voice through the loudspeaker system as well as through the loop. It took me a few Sundays to figure that out.
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