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  1. Thanks, @Mary Beth! It was a great chat, everyone. Very happy to meet you newcomers. Happy holidays to all...see you in January!
  2. @Kyle I hope you can stay awake long enough to at least say hi! 😊🤞
  3. @Kyle we went back to standard time so the chat doesn’t start for another hour. I hope that’s not too late for you! Joan
  4. I’ll be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone and welcoming some newcomers.
  5. Looking forward to it @Mary Beth! 😊
  6. Good to hear your audiology team has a plan that seems promising @Kirk S.. Fingers crossed you see some improvement soon!
  7. What a journey it has been going from a profound hearing loss to bilateral hearing with my CIs! From not being able to distinguish male from female voices after my first CI activation to becoming bilateral and hearing and understanding nearly everything that is said to me (in surround sound!), it has been a process for which I could not be more grateful. I agree with others that you should go into activation with low expectations and be thrilled when your expectations are exceeded, as they almost surely will be. Successful hearing with your new CIs will require diligence in your hearing
  8. @Kirk S. you gotta pack a LOT of extra patience! Given your circumstances, I can sure understand your frustration, especially with that !@#*#@! garble. Fingers crossed you’ll be able to travel to see an audiologist in the states before your patience runs dry! See you on the 15th!
  9. @Kirk S. Welcome home...and yes, please post a picture of a sunset! Just wondering if it would help to have your wife with you when doing your MAPping. Perhaps having her help with the Japanese/English pronunciations and responses to your audiologist would help? Just a thought. See you on the next chat. In the meantime, enjoy those sunsets!
  10. @Mary Beth Thanks for the Artone Mic review!
  11. Thanks for the update @Kirk S.. You definitely are a science project! Sounds like you are in good hands. I certainly hope your medical team makes some positive discoveries soon! In the meantime, rest and enjoy that great Japanese food! Sending lots of positive thoughts and best wishes to you. Will be looking for you on the November coffee chat!
  12. So sorry to get this news, @Kirk S.. As @Mary Beth said, please do keep us posted. Sending lots of good thoughts across the Pacific!
  13. Looking forward to meeting the newcomers! 😊
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