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  1. @Mary Beth Whew...not an easy task in the dark! I had a similar experience in a movie quite a while ago. I’m very diligent about tracking my battery changes now...and I’m sure you will be too!😄
  2. Joan

    Loving my Rondo2!!!

    @ept5777 I am on Medicare and also have a Medicare supplement. As @Mary Beth said, I’ll need to wait to see if Medicare approves the upgrade request when it is submitted to them by my CSR. It’s my understanding that they take into consideration the necessity for the upgrade as documented by my audiologist. I am bilateral (first implant February 2014, second September 2014) and both implants were completely covered by Medicare and my supplement (I was 72). I’m waiting until the five-year mark for my second implant before requesting an upgrade so, if approved, both will then be on the same timeline going forward.
  3. Joan

    Loving my Rondo2!!!

    @Mary Beth are the mic covers covered by insurance? I was also glad to know @Jewel and @Mary Featherston haven’t experienced any hair noise issues. I once lost a mic cover on one of my Rondos and the hair noise was very irritating!
  4. Joan

    Loving my Rondo2!!!

    @Jewel thanks for the input. Good to know the Rondo2 doesn’t ever go in the dryer and that you don’t hear your hair rustling. I can’t wait to try them! @Mary Featherston I’m not familiar with the Sonnet covers since I have Rondos and Opus2s, but I appreciate the info about the Rondo2 microphone cover. I’ll be eligible for an upgrade this coming fall and I’m definitely going for Rondo2s rather than Sonnets!
  5. Joan

    Loving my Rondo2!!!

    @Mary Beth I’m getting more and more excited about the possibility of getting my Rondo2s later this year! @Jewel @Mary Featherston does the absence of a microphone cover cause you any problem with you hair brushing against the microphone? Also, I’m curious as to whether or not the Rondo2 ever needs to be placed in a dryer. If they are being recharged every night, I just wonder when is there time to do that?
  6. @Mary Beth it worked for me😊
  7. @Mary Beth me too! Wanting all the input about Rondo2 I can get before my expected upgrade late this year!
  8. @Jdashiell I love my Rondo1s, but am getting excited about the Rondo2s...sleeker and lighter sounds great!
  9. @Jdashiell I ditto @Mary Beth...enjoy your Rondo2 and your freed up ear “real estate” (one of my favorite things about my Rondos!)! And please do keep us posted on the battery. Hoping for Rondo2s of my own within a year.😊
  10. Hi @Vera. Do you have, or have access to, a captioned telephone and/or a telephone with a speakerphone? I found both of those helpful and reassuring and still rely on both occasionally for my landline phone; however, I now use my cell phone without any assistance. (My first implant was Feb 2014, second in Sept 2014.) Here in the US (I assume you’re in the UK; is that right?) there are some numbers we can call to get phone listening practice. Is such practice available to you (if you don’t know, your audiologist would)? Also, I found practicing calls with people I know a good way to gain confidence. Believe me, the first time you make an important call your knees will be knocking...but you can do it!😊
  11. Thanks for the link @Mary Beth @Vera thank you so much for this incredible series! You and Nigel have such a wonderful way of putting into words, both the positives and the negatives, what you and so many of us have experienced on our hearing journey. My experiences, both in the years leading up to and after being implanted, have paralleled yours in nearly every way...right down to your reticence to use a telephone again. That was my last “hurdle” too. All the best to you...as you continue to turn the tables on Nigel’s hearing!😊
  12. I second the wishes of @Mary Beth ! Wishing each of you a beautiful holiday season and a happy hearing 2019!!
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