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  1. I second the wishes of @Mary Beth ! Wishing each of you a beautiful holiday season and a happy hearing 2019!!
  2. @Hearing Again As @Mary Beth suggested, I hope you will reach out to Med-El and your audiologist for some guidance. It’s perfectly fine to wait til you’re more comfortable with your current processor before trying the Rondo2. Like she said, hang in there...it DOES get easier! Best of luck to you.
  3. @Mary Beth yes, I was able to watch the video (on my iPad)
  4. Joan

    Amazing video series from Med-El

    @Mary Beth @Vera such an incredible series of videos! Thank you so much, Vera, for sharing your entire journey so intimately and eloquently (and for introducing us to Nigel!).
  5. @Mary Beth it is. We’ll have some great feedback by the time we are eligible for ours.
  6. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Mary Featherston a great day....and they’re going to keep getting better!?
  7. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Percy I agree with @Mary Beth. Go with your instincts and best of luck!
  8. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Jane @Daniel the Stranger @Mary Featherston you all are in for so many wonderful surprises as you become adjusted to your new CIs. I think you’ll be amazed at how incredible it is to be bilateral!
  9. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Mary Featherston your happiness will only increase...bilateral is awesome!?
  10. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Percy I didn’t with either ear but I really didn’t have much, if any, residual hearing to preserve.
  11. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Jane we sure did have the same reaction! And isn’t bilateral awesome? Sooo much better than hearing aids!?
  12. Joan

    Bilateral Bliss

    @Percy after my first implant, I wore a hearing aid in the other ear for only two months or so. I found it to be very inferior and distracting to the sounds I got with my CI. Fortunately, I went bilateral five months are my first implant.
  13. Joan

    November and December 2018 dates

    @Daniel the Stranger you are doing wonderfully! Your bilateral journey is off to a great start!
  14. @Mary Featherston, as @Mary Beth mentioned, I had a cool experience that led to my second implant five months after my first. Having initially been told by my clinic that Medicare would pay for only one implant (although both ears met their qualifications), they subsequently decided to “test” Medicare’s stance on that. They asked me if I wanted to be their test patient, with the assurance they would cover all costs if Medicare didn’t. I jumped at the opportunity and, when all was said and done, Medicare and my supplemental paid 100% of the costs. I feel like I won the lottery!
  15. Joan

    November and December 2018 dates

    @Mary Featherston that is wonderful! So cool!