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  1. @Mary Beth let’s keep hoping and wishing!😊
  2. @Mary BethI realize it’s only for the Sonnet now. Since it’s an “add on” to existing models, I’m just dreaming that maybe they’ll do some similar for Rondo3 and beyond. Just wishin’!!
  3. Wow...cool! I wonder if it will become available for Rondo3, @Mary Beth? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?
  4. I agree @Mary Beth. It was wonderful to chat with all of you! Looking forward to seeing everyone again next month. In the meantime, please stay safe and be well everyone!😊
  5. @Mary Beth I’ll be there at 9(6):15!😊 And yes, @Kirk S. the tour of the Tokyo skyline was great. Thanks!
  6. @Mary Beth yes I did. I was told that if the Rondo2 was not turned off before being put on the charging pad it would still charge however that was not recommended because it would shorten the overall life of the battery. Med-El recommends the processor always be turned off before charging.
  7. A very enjoyable chat...thanks, everyone! Looking forward to seeing all of you next month. Stay safe and healthy! Thanks for all the links @Mary Beth!
  8. @Valentin I have to admit this is tech I don’t understand but I’m guessing @Mary Beth would know exactly what you are talking about.
  9. @Mary Beth not too often. I watch very little tv during the day (and what I do watch I hear well enough without the TVB). When I am more likely to use the TVB is in the evening but, unfortunately, that’s the most likely time for the “phantom” EMI to suddenly occur making it impossible to use my telecoil. When I do use it, I love it though!
  10. Joan

    Rondo 3!

    @Tracey_66 as @Mary Beth mentioned, I live in an area of California that’s very susceptible to power outages and I upgraded to bilateral Rondo2s last year. I had the same concern about charging them without power. As a result, I purchased an Anker PowerCore 10400 portable power pack and it works great. It has two USB ports. I experimented with it and discovered I got four nights of charging two processors. Charging only one, I’m sure it would last six to eight nights. When fully charged but not in use, this power pack holds its charge a surprisingly long time. I last charged mine maybe three m
  11. @Sherri I’ve never worn Sonnets, only Rondos and Opus2s so I don’t think my opinion would be too helpful as far as processor comparisons go. But I can say I absolutely love not having a processor on my ear when wearing my Rondos! Having worn bilateral BTE h/a for some 50 years before getting implanted, I can’t begin to tell you how liberating that is! It’s so easy to forget I even have my Rondo2s on! The Rondo2s are lighter and thinner than the Rondo1 and I love they have so many cover options. I especially like the “grey hair” one that matches my hair so well!😉 Good luck with y
  12. @Hal in Maryland that’s a good decision! Keep us posted on how things turn out for you. Good luck!
  13. @Hal in Maryland as @Mary Beth mentioned, my experience with Medicare was an interesting one. Admittedly, I don’t know what Medicare decisions regarding CI implants are based on (aside from a candidate meeting their audiology requirements for eligibility), but I was fortunate that both of mine were covered. Very soon after my initial implant (covered by Medicare) in 2014, I queried my audiologist about getting my other ear implanted (both ears had been previously tested and both were eligible based on Medicare requirements of hearing loss). I was told that, to their knowledge, Medicar
  14. @Sherri Other than the fact I love mine(😊), what would you like to know? I’ve been a bilateral Rondo user for five and a half years, upgrading from Rondo1s to Rondo2s last October (2019). I also have Opus2s but very rarely wear them.
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