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  1. @Mary Beth The link in the post above still comes up unavailable. Do you have a newer link?
  2. @Mary Beth I have LiveTranscribe on my Android phone. I’ve used it without any connection to another device, just activated it on my phone, and have been surprised at how well it works. At a meeting with a speaker (who was using a microphone) it picked up everything he said.
  3. And as much as I do too! @Mary Beth @Stuman51
  4. @Mary Beth The Artone 3 MAX BT is an incredible neckloop! These devices definitely ARE very fun and cool!
  5. @Mary Beth Isn’t it great that it works all over the house? Although my neckloop does not connect automatically, using the TVB is such fun!😊
  6. Joan

    Who has Rondo 2?

    @Nischal Koirala welcome with your Rondo2! Glad you’re here! 😊
  7. @Mary Beth This is a great suggestion and the video was very much appreciated by my family. While I, too, hope it will never be needed, it’s certainly reassuring to know I’ll have help if I should ever need it. Thanks very much!
  8. The Artone TVB is a truly amazing piece of technology! Such incredible, clear sound from such a small (2.25”x2.25”), very lightweight and inexpensive device. I live in an apartment and there is absolutely no change in the sound quality no matter where I am within my apartment, including outside on my deck. In a word....wow!! Thank you so very much @Mary Beth for making me aware of this amazing device and helping me test it!
  9. @Valentin @Mary Beth i just concluded my experiment of charging just one Rondo2 per night on the portable charger. I got EIGHT nights of charging, leaving the charging pad plugged in to the portable charger eight to nine hours per night...double what I got when charging two Rondo2s simultaneously! This portable charger is great! I would highly recommend every Rondo2 user have one...for travel, for camping, for power outages or other emergencies, etc. Thank you Mary Beth for leading me to it!😊
  10. @Nischal Koirala Thus far, my experiences have all been good. I’ve not singled out any particular voice range as being problematic. I’ve not had much large group experience but have done well without an assistive device in those groups I have been involved with.
  11. @Mary Beth We are...and I love it!😊
  12. @Mary Featherston I live in a senior community that has over 425 residents and I am the only one with CIs! Lots and lots of hearing aids around here though! Just this week, I was contacted by another resident who was recently told by her ENT she needed to consider CIs. She really didn’t even understand exactly what they are and, like the lady you met, was very nervous. My comments to her were identical to yours...it takes serious commitment but the rewards cannot be understated. I’m loving this journey too...with many thanks to Med-El!😊
  13. I’m so very thankful for all the same reasons @Mary Beth listed, plus..... How much my bilateral hearing has improved the quality of my life That my age (72 when implanted) was not a deterrent to receiving my implants That, at the time of my implants (both in 2014), Med-El’s implant was the only one FDA approved for MRIs (which are an ongoing medical necessity for me) That my implants coincided with a grandchild’s first birthday and I’ve always been able to understand conversations with her since her first words...something I was unable to do with two older grandchildren I offer very grateful thanks to Med-El for my new hearing, my new friends...for bringing my life to life!😊
  14. @Mary Beth Thanks for suggesting such a great power pack! Especially after my recent experience with multiple power outages within a three week period, I strongly recommend every Rondo2 user have a backup non-electrical power source for charging their processors. This power pack definitely meets that need!
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