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  1. @Mary Beth yes, that seems to be the case. No rhyme or reason to when the notifications come. I did get an email notice of this second tag today also.
  2. @Mary Beth thanks. I actually got an email notice for this tag. I checked my account settings and all are in order, so have no idea why I wasn’t getting notices earlier.
  3. @Mary Beth Scribd is great! Love listening while taking long morning walks...and while doing such mundane tasks as laundry and ironing and the like. A great way to take my mind to other places while actually getting something done at the same time.😊
  4. @Mary Beth I don’t think you forgot anything. Good analysis.
  5. The ‘coffee’s ready’ ding of my coffee maker.😊 Please do stay safe in Florida!!
  6. Just submitted my request to upgrade to Rondo2s. If all goes well, they’ll be activated October 23rd. Can’t wait!😊
  7. @Mary Beth Thanks, I appreciate the comment. Since I use a 1 on my Rondo1s, I’ll definitely choose the same for my Rondo2s...can’t get one any weaker!
  8. @Mary Featherston oh, ok. Just curious since I’ll be upgrading to Rondo2s later this year.
  9. @Mary Featherston what strength magnet did you use on your Rondo 1?
  10. @Mary Beth Yep, and hail too! And thanks for agreeing with my granddaughter!😊
  11. My favorite sounds this week..... Rain on the roof Trees rustling in the wind Birds and more birds Laughter Hearing my six-year old granddaughter tell me I’m the best Grammy in the whole world!
  12. It’s great that the waterwear covers worked so well in both situations. A very clever alternative use for them.😊
  13. Did you have much wind noise?
  14. A great idea...and great foresight!😊
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