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  1. @Sherri I’ve never worn Sonnets, only Rondos and Opus2s so I don’t think my opinion would be too helpful as far as processor comparisons go. But I can say I absolutely love not having a processor on my ear when wearing my Rondos! Having worn bilateral BTE h/a for some 50 years before getting implanted, I can’t begin to tell you how liberating that is! It’s so easy to forget I even have my Rondo2s on! The Rondo2s are lighter and thinner than the Rondo1 and I love they have so many cover options. I especially like the “grey hair” one that matches my hair so well!😉 Good luck with your upgrade. Either way you go, you’ll be getting an exceptional piece of technology!😊
  2. @Hal in Maryland that’s a good decision! Keep us posted on how things turn out for you. Good luck!
  3. @Hal in Maryland as @Mary Beth mentioned, my experience with Medicare was an interesting one. Admittedly, I don’t know what Medicare decisions regarding CI implants are based on (aside from a candidate meeting their audiology requirements for eligibility), but I was fortunate that both of mine were covered. Very soon after my initial implant (covered by Medicare) in 2014, I queried my audiologist about getting my other ear implanted (both ears had been previously tested and both were eligible based on Medicare requirements of hearing loss). I was told that, to their knowledge, Medicare would cover only one implant, except in extenuating medical circumstances (which I did not have). Medicare did not “pre-approve” coverage of the implants and there would be no guarantee my second implant would be covered, so if I were to get a second implant I would have to first sign a guarantee I would pay all costs if Medicare didn’t. Those costs weren’t something I would be able to cover, should the need arise. However, at a follow up appointment shortly after that discussion, my audiologist said the clinic had decided to ”test the waters” on that issue with Medicare (at the clinic’s expense if Medicare denied coverage). I was offered the opportunity to be their “test” case, their first Medicare patient to receive a second implant. Of course I jumped at that chance! And, as it turned out, Medicare did cover the cost of my second implant. Please understand that this was just my (very fortunate) experience and I have no way of knowing how any other individual’s situation would be handled. I wish you good luck in pursuing your second implant and certainly hope it is approved!
  4. @Sherri Other than the fact I love mine(😊), what would you like to know? I’ve been a bilateral Rondo user for five and a half years, upgrading from Rondo1s to Rondo2s last October (2019). I also have Opus2s but very rarely wear them.
  5. @Mary Beth I recently switched from my Rondo2s to my Opus2s for a week. When I was ready to switch back to the Rondo2s, I put them on the air chargers the night before to recharge them. However, neither displayed the red charging light so I set them aside, assuming a malfunction that I would deal with in the morning. The next morning, without thinking about it, I put both Rondo2s on. Imagine my surprise when both were working just fine...this after having been stored away for an entire week and not having been recharged! I then wore them for 16 hours before removing them for the night and both were still active when removed. Amazing battery retention!
  6. @Mary Beth Your reviews are spot-on! My Artone neckloops (yes, I have more than one too!) are, by far, the most comfortable, easy-to-use of any neckloop I have ever used. I love them! The size (small!), quality, ease of use and low cost of all three of these Artone devices is truly incredible.
  7. @Mary Beth Great job...and yes, I love mine too!!😊
  8. @Mary Beth Great video! Very informative and great job with the captions!😊
  9. @Dave in Pittsburgh Love that optimism! 😊😎☃️👍
  10. @Dave in Pittsburgh Good luck! Just wish you didn’t have to wait til October!
  11. @Dave in Pittsburgh @Mary Beth While I don’t know anything about the actual program my audiologist set up, what I have (as an additional program, used only when necessary) is a program that retains my levels of “everyday” hearing in terms of voices, etc that I want to focus on but, at the same time, significantly reduces the extraneous, distracting background noises (such as in a restaurant or even in some stores). To achieve that, while she was doing the MAPping, my audiologist had me listen to a YouTube video (on her cellphone) designed to emulate a noisy bar/cocktail lounge. That allowed me to tell her what I was hearing, what was too distracting, etc and she was able to make the necessary adjustments in my program until we finally got it right. I’ve had several noise reduction programs over the years but I found listening to an actual noisy situation significantly helped her make more precise adjustments than previously.
  12. @Mary Beth The link in the post above still comes up unavailable. Do you have a newer link?
  13. @Mary Beth I have LiveTranscribe on my Android phone. I’ve used it without any connection to another device, just activated it on my phone, and have been surprised at how well it works. At a meeting with a speaker (who was using a microphone) it picked up everything he said.
  14. And as much as I do too! @Mary Beth @Stuman51
  15. @Mary Beth The Artone 3 MAX BT is an incredible neckloop! These devices definitely ARE very fun and cool!
  16. @Mary Beth Isn’t it great that it works all over the house? Although my neckloop does not connect automatically, using the TVB is such fun!😊
  17. Joan

    Who has Rondo 2?

    @Nischal Koirala welcome with your Rondo2! Glad you’re here! 😊
  18. @Mary Beth This is a great suggestion and the video was very much appreciated by my family. While I, too, hope it will never be needed, it’s certainly reassuring to know I’ll have help if I should ever need it. Thanks very much!
  19. The Artone TVB is a truly amazing piece of technology! Such incredible, clear sound from such a small (2.25”x2.25”), very lightweight and inexpensive device. I live in an apartment and there is absolutely no change in the sound quality no matter where I am within my apartment, including outside on my deck. In a word....wow!! Thank you so very much @Mary Beth for making me aware of this amazing device and helping me test it!
  20. @Valentin @Mary Beth i just concluded my experiment of charging just one Rondo2 per night on the portable charger. I got EIGHT nights of charging, leaving the charging pad plugged in to the portable charger eight to nine hours per night...double what I got when charging two Rondo2s simultaneously! This portable charger is great! I would highly recommend every Rondo2 user have one...for travel, for camping, for power outages or other emergencies, etc. Thank you Mary Beth for leading me to it!😊
  21. @Nischal Koirala Thus far, my experiences have all been good. I’ve not singled out any particular voice range as being problematic. I’ve not had much large group experience but have done well without an assistive device in those groups I have been involved with.
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