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  1. @Mary Beth The Artone 3 MAX BT is an incredible neckloop! These devices definitely ARE very fun and cool!
  2. @Mary Beth Isn’t it great that it works all over the house? Although my neckloop does not connect automatically, using the TVB is such fun!😊
  3. Joan

    Who has Rondo 2?

    @Nischal Koirala welcome with your Rondo2! Glad you’re here! 😊
  4. @Mary Beth This is a great suggestion and the video was very much appreciated by my family. While I, too, hope it will never be needed, it’s certainly reassuring to know I’ll have help if I should ever need it. Thanks very much!
  5. The Artone TVB is a truly amazing piece of technology! Such incredible, clear sound from such a small (2.25”x2.25”), very lightweight and inexpensive device. I live in an apartment and there is absolutely no change in the sound quality no matter where I am within my apartment, including outside on my deck. In a word....wow!! Thank you so very much @Mary Beth for making me aware of this amazing device and helping me test it!
  6. @Valentin @Mary Beth i just concluded my experiment of charging just one Rondo2 per night on the portable charger. I got EIGHT nights of charging, leaving the charging pad plugged in to the portable charger eight to nine hours per night...double what I got when charging two Rondo2s simultaneously! This portable charger is great! I would highly recommend every Rondo2 user have one...for travel, for camping, for power outages or other emergencies, etc. Thank you Mary Beth for leading me to it!😊
  7. @Nischal Koirala Thus far, my experiences have all been good. I’ve not singled out any particular voice range as being problematic. I’ve not had much large group experience but have done well without an assistive device in those groups I have been involved with.
  8. @Mary Beth We are...and I love it!😊
  9. @Mary Featherston I live in a senior community that has over 425 residents and I am the only one with CIs! Lots and lots of hearing aids around here though! Just this week, I was contacted by another resident who was recently told by her ENT she needed to consider CIs. She really didn’t even understand exactly what they are and, like the lady you met, was very nervous. My comments to her were identical to yours...it takes serious commitment but the rewards cannot be understated. I’m loving this journey too...with many thanks to Med-El!😊
  10. I’m so very thankful for all the same reasons @Mary Beth listed, plus..... How much my bilateral hearing has improved the quality of my life That my age (72 when implanted) was not a deterrent to receiving my implants That, at the time of my implants (both in 2014), Med-El’s implant was the only one FDA approved for MRIs (which are an ongoing medical necessity for me) That my implants coincided with a grandchild’s first birthday and I’ve always been able to understand conversations with her since her first words...something I was unable to do with two older grandchildren I offer very grateful thanks to Med-El for my new hearing, my new friends...for bringing my life to life!😊
  11. @Mary Beth Thanks for suggesting such a great power pack! Especially after my recent experience with multiple power outages within a three week period, I strongly recommend every Rondo2 user have a backup non-electrical power source for charging their processors. This power pack definitely meets that need!
  12. @Valentin To see if the number of overnight charges will differ with only one air charger plugged in, I will do another “experiment” with the power pack charging only one processor with it each night. I’ll let you know how many overnight uses I get doing that. Hopefully it will be even more than four!
  13. @Mary Beth @Valentin Starting with a fully charged Anker PowerCore 10400 portable charger which has 2 USB ports (charging was completed early in the day of the first night I began using it), I was able to charge both of my Rondo2s 4 consecutive nights. Since the charger stays on until the Rondo2 air pads are disconnected In the morning, it was on 34 hours during those charges. I attempted a fifth charge but the portable charger completely depleted after about two hours. Being bilateral, I am beyond pleased with the capability of this portable charger! Not only is it very reassuring to know I will now have charging capabilities for my Rondo2s in the event of any future power outages, it is small and will “travel” very easily, making Rondo2 charging easily possible anywhere I might be.
  14. @Mary Beth It certainly was a quick fix! I’m a happy camper!😊
  15. @Mary Beth @MED-EL Moderator Regarding the “ticking” issue in the t-coil which I experienced during the recent activation of my Rondo2s (see my earlier posting in this topic), I’m very pleased that the issue was addressed and successfully resolved very promptly by Med-El and my audiologist. Although I do not know the technical aspects of either the problem or the “fix”, my audiologist has applied the fix to my processors and the ticking is now gone. To any other Rondo2 user who may be experiencing a similar issue with the t-coil, I suggest you contact your audiologist to have the fix applied to your processor(s).
  16. @treesrd1896 Medicare supplement plans can vary as to their coverage. Just be certain your clinic accepts Medicare. Best of luck!
  17. @Jewel That’s awesome! 😊
  18. @iHM24 @Mary Beth No question...I love mine!
  19. @Jdashiell You’re very welcome. I hope it’s helpful and somewhat reassuring as you approach Medicare. Good luck!
  20. @Jdashiell @Mary Beth I live in California and have been on Medicare, with an Anthem Blue Cross Supplement, throughout my CI journey. Since Medicare is my primary coverage, they pay their percentage of their approved rate first and my supplemental insurance pays the balance. I believe the breakdown is 80% Medicare and 20% Anthem Blue Cross but I’m not certain. All my costs have been fully covered by these two coverages: surgeries, processors, MAPpings, batteries, and, most recently, my upgrades. I have not paid any out of pocket expenses related to my CIs (I’m bilateral: first 02/2014; second 09/2014). i believe you would would be faced with out of pocket expenses only if you did not have a Medicare supplement, or if your supplement plan was in some way restrictive.
  21. @Mary Beth @Valentin i haven’t forgotten the test I’m going to do with the portable charger...it will just have wait a week or so. I sent my processors to my audiologist for a fix to the ticking issue but she’s away from her office til Friday. I’ll test it as soon as I get them back and let you know the results.
  22. @Jdashiell Clever of you to discover the clicking problem with your Sonnet. Nice going! As you know, the Rondo2 doesn’t have a removable battery (by the user, at least), so there’s no option to change to disposable batteries. However, I just heard back from my audiologist that she thinks the cause of the ticking in my Rondo2 t-coil has been resolved and she will install a fix for me later this week. I hope she’s right!
  23. @Mary Beth @Valentin i will test this out sometime in the coming week. I’m curious too!
  24. @Valentin Yes it does. As luck would have it, I live in Northern California where we are experiencing multiple power outages due to wildfires. I recently purchased a battery powered lantern that has a USB port to use in these instances. The power was off the first night I had my Rondo2s and I was able to charge them using that lantern. So I’m nearly certain they can be charged with the portable charger too. The one I purchased is scheduled to arrive today and we are going to lose power again sometime today for at least 2-3 days. If I can get the charger charged beforehand, I’ll give it a try.
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