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  1. Good evening Steve. I'm 50 and hearing aids no longer work either. Made the Decision 10 months ago at Kaiser in Santa Clara California. All set to have my surgery next week November 1st. Got a call from them yesterday Canceling My procedure. Ongoing Thyroid problem. I'm very bummed about it. Sorry I can't answer your question. I've heard nothing but good things. Good luck with whatever you choose..
  2. Advanced Bionicd.. Does that mean anything ?
  3. Was worried about how it will look? Got a gray unit to match my hair.. Stupid I know but?
  4. My name is Bill. 50, CA. Getting implanted 1st of Nov. Terrified! Have had great ears for most of my life till 2 years ago. I'm getting implanted in my right ear .Gonna wear a hearing aid my left ..I have not heard one good thing ?Can anybody say anything good ?Please I'm very nervous .Thank you .
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