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  1. I only want Rondo2. I can get a loaner until Rondo2 is released. I am ready to pay reasonable additional charge for that. Medel offered the voucher only for USA. This is a marketing tool that I understand because USA is the biggest market ,but they can do that for other countries at least case by case.
  2. Maybe they didn't want to answer my questions. I am only trying something before I officially forget about Medel. I read that Medel is well known of their good customer service , but this wasn't my experience. I am a person who likes to be treated with respect and ignoring my many messages isn't a sign or any good customer service. I contacted both Medel and Cochlear in that country and Cochlear sent me dozens of emails and has been in contact with me to an extend that had bothered me. I went to Medel office there and wasn't happy with what happened in that visit at all. The way and the treatment wasn't respectful . I am a kind of a person who doesn't like to complain , and when I have bad experience with somehting I just disregard it. I read that in many countries they make flexible arrangements because they know that people want to get Rondo2. There might be a way to get something like that done for me. I have already spent so much money travelling outside my country and now waiting to decide on the brand. The problem is that Medel in that country didn't tell me they couldn't make any flexible arrangements , so I could have traveled somewhere else where they could do it for me.
  3. Is there any way I can reach Medel HQs in Austria? They don't respond to messages I send through the contact form in their website. When I send messages to their FB page, all I get is that I need to talk to the local representative.This is not working at all because I don't have a local representative and I need to travel to get my CI, and in the country where I am travelling to they have no flexible arrangement of any kind. I need to know if I can reach Medel head office before I confirm my switch to Cohclear brand. I had very bad experience with Medel offices which I contacted or went to . I selected Medel to get Rondo2 . This is the credit I found over other brands, but I need to have the surgery soon and willing to wait for the release of Rondo2 to be activated with. the representative in that country says that they can't give me Rondo2 later , no trading and the only way will be that I buy the processor. In many other countries they offer a loaner until the new processor , and I asked for this. they refused. Either I wait until Rondo2 is released then I have the surgery or no way to get it other than buying it. I don't think that this is good customer service. People in USA are getting vouchers for free Rondo2 , and they can at least give me a loaner until the new processor is released. I am just trying to open a window for a hope, because this week I need to decide on the implant and I am almost switching to Cochlear.
  4. Which implant and electrode did you get ?
  5. I read that in Canada they only allow one implant. How could you get approved for two?
  6. What is the plusRondo thing ? Is it only for the USA?
  7. Has anyone of you signed up for Rondo2 news? Has it been released any where in the world ? http://www.medel.com/int/rondo2
  8. OTOPLAN: The Future of Otological Surgery https://blog.medel.pro/otoplan-future-otological-surgery/ Do you think that this is used around the world now ?
  9. If in Europe in the middle of the year , then it will take longer for other countries.
  10. This is taking ages. Almost three years and still not available. Other companies are ahead of Medel in this.
  11. I already signed, but no one reported the release of Rondo2 yet. Why is that ? It was mentioned that it would be available beginning of 2018 and already two months and it is not out yet.
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