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  1. I thought @Dave in Pittsburgh has Sonnet 1 and a Rondo2.
  2. This is great. I'm registered for the 9th. Thanks @Mary Beth.
  3. @phobos512 If you're like me you won't miss your HAs. Wishing you well with surgery next week.
  4. Hello @I.D Welcome to HearPeers! Although I qualify for CIs in both ears only one ear is implanted. I have been implanted almost 2 years and I don't feel as though I'm at a disadvantage with only one CI. I am able to converse easily with others, hear very well over the phone, enjoy music, able to make out sounds coming from far away, hear birds chirping, enjoy TV, YouTube and the like. Just last weekend I heard a clock ticking for the very first time! With the right aural rehabilitation and mappings your child ought to do well too. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. @Mary Featherston I have a laptop and docking station as well which are connected to a large monitor. I simply shift the laptop and docking station closer to me and keep the laptop open if I have a Teams meeting and that setup works well for me. Maybe you can try it one day.
  6. @Mary Beth Yes it does but I don't usually use it. It doesn't do a good job of understanding the Jamaican accent sometimes.
  7. @Mary Featherston Names can be hit or miss, but you followed most of the telephone convo well. Sometimes my coworkera just video call me via Microsoft Teams instead of calling me on the phone. I definitely prefer the video call. Maybe you can try that with Brian as well.
  8. Jewel

    getanearful updated

    @pdk That's great Peter! My phone is Android. Will check it out.
  9. @JosephG For my dominant ear I went from word recognition score of 0-1% (with HA) to 79-85% (depending on processor).
  10. Hi @JosephG Each person has to make the decision that's right for him. My dominant ear was implanted and I have no regrets. I did lose most of my residual hearing and I now hear better from the unaided ear than the implanted ear when I'm not wearing the audio processor. What I have lost pales in comparison with what I have gained with the CI. The most powerful HA couldn't improve my word recognition score. It was 0-1% with the HA. The amount of money I wasted on powerful HAs over the years would have been better spent on my CI. If you're satisfied with what you are getting from your HA then go right ahead but honestly it doesn't sound like you're getting much from it. So you can tell what I would do 🙂.
  11. @Glenda Hello, sorry your HA died and that there is no HA that is powerful enough to help with your hearing loss. When I was told that Cis were my only option, I refused to accept it and I wasted money buying more powerful HAs over a 5 year period in the hopes that I could prove the doctors wrong. The HAs offered me little help. I still had to rely on lipreading mostly and I still couldn't hear over the phone. I finally decided to get a CI and I'm so glad I did. I hardly have to lipread anymore and I can usually hear over the phone with ease. My deaf relatives have seen how it has improved my life tremendously. However, they won't go for the CI for themselves. Some people are afraid of the unknown but nothing tried, nothing gained. Of course there are no guarantees with CIs, but it seems that most people make improvement in terms of hearing when they get CIs. So I encourage you to do your research and see what's best for you. Wishing you well on your journey.
  12. Jewel

    Music with CIs

    I enjoy music because of my CI. I can make out a lot of the lyrics and practically all of the tune. I just wear my Sonnet or Rondo. If I'm at work, I use the Artone 3 Max so I don't disturb others.
  13. Hi @Sherri I have Sonnet and Rondo2. I absolutely love Rondo2. It is very light and I usually am not aware that something is attached to my head. Although it usually stays in place I prefer to use a tether just in case it falls off, which is very rare and only happens if I am jumping or the like. The sound from Rondo2 is great. In fact my audi tested my hearing with Rondo2 and Sonnet and I heard much better than Sonnet. However, Sonnet is better in noisier environments. Any specific question you'd like to ask?
  14. @Lori m I believe the mappings for wind noise were done for both Sonnet and Rondo2.
  15. Hello @Ludomiro Welcome to HearPeers. I wasn't able to enjoy music for several years due to hearing loss but my CI corrected that. Things have been going so well that I have attended a number of live concerts and have been able to make out most of the music. Of course there are no guarantees but many of us are enjoying music once again.
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