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  1. Since I'm selfpay I will wait for the Sonnet 3. And maybe I could trade in another processor and get the Rondo 3 too! Lol! Needless to say I am gonna have to start saving towards my new processors soon.
  2. Well I only have one CI but I certainly do love it. It has literally changed my life in the past 5 months since I've been activated. 1. I got my life back! I can be the independent person I was previously. I no longer have to depend on someone to do things for me because of my deafness. 2. I now remember my love for music! For so many years I couldn't enjoy music. Now I play it as soon as I hop into my car. 3. I can follow the storyline and genuinely laugh with the rest of the audience when I go to the cinema or to the theater for live plays. 4. I can make and receive phone calls with no problem. I can call coworkers instead of having someone else make the call for me or me having to literally walk to the person's office! 5. I can hear the ambulance and police sirens which I have not been able to do in over a decade! 6. I can look at a person's entire face and enjoy the conversation and not have to focus on the person's lips and rely on lipreading and hope that the person doesn't realise that all I am doing is looking at his/her lips! 7. I can tune into webinars at work which aren't captioned and which I couldn't benefit from before for work. 8. I can follow along generally with ease when I'm in a meeting. 9. I can hear people talking behind me and actually hear what they say! 10. I can actually carry on a conversation while driving, irrespective of whether the person is sitting beside or behind me. 11. I can hear the raindrops on my car! 12. I can hear the car indicator. 13. I no longer have to say "What?" every few minutes. 14. I can block out what everyone is saying by going to telecoil or removing the processor or I can welcome the sound by using M or MT. 15. I can hear people with soft voices. 16. I sometimes forget that I'm deaf thanks to this amazing device! 17. I can hold a conversation on an intercom at a gate. 18. When I wear the processor, my voice sounds better (so I'm told). 19. I have been able to keep my job (so far). 20. I can enjoy the various sounds all around me, like the birds chirping. I used to think that there are hardly any birds in town cos I couldn't hear them. Now I am hearing them even if I don't see them. And I hear the lizards and crickets too. 21. I can enjoy YouTube vids and audio recordings. I could go on and on and on! 😂 Please chime in @Kara of Canada @Marion nancy @Emily C. @Hicksy @DaveD
  3. @Monte I'm no superstar. I just like paying it forward. We are all in this together. Your journey has just started and look at how exciting it has been already! Enjoy it to the max. The best is yet to come 😊.
  4. @Mary Beth I thought those dead battery beeps go on for at least half hour. I just try to block out the beeps and wait until all the juice is gone. Last weekend I was using the disposable batteries. I was out at the mall with a friend doing an assignment and just 15 minutes before the assignment was to end all my juice went. I tried to lip read what my partner was saying but I was clueless (have lost my lipreading skills thanks to my amazing CI, lol) so I had to go to the car and change the batteries there. This is why I prefer using my rechargeables. Although that one died when I was doing an exit interview and we were near the end of the meeting. I had to go to my office and change the battery. When I returned to the conference room I found that the exit interview had just finished. Teething pains....I know better now to put in a new battery before I go into a meeting like that.
  5. Lovely @Kylie You will have to take a pic wearing them on your processor when you get it! I see you're excited about your journey.
  6. Wow @Monteyou had an amazing activation! You're definitely a rock star with that activation! You were smart to upload your vids to YouTube. Mine got corrupted on my phone. Please keep us posted about your progress.
  7. Awesome @Monte You may want someone to record your activation!
  8. @Mary Beth That's another thing for me to check.... Whether omni on the Sonnet sounds as good as omni on my Rondo2. Good thing I have several months for all these experiments!
  9. @Mary Beth As much as I love my Rondo2, there are times I need to use the Sonnet. I have at least 16 big meetings each year that I have to present to, and no one to help me if I miss anything. So I love to use the Roger Pen in those instances. I know that I can get a MyLink and use that to connect the Pen to the Rondo2 but I don't wish to spend any more money right now. Also, I went to a noisy restaurant last week. I was wearing the Rondo2. I had trouble hearing my coworker while we were there. I figured if I had the Sonnet, I could have just changed to adaptive. I will definitely give my review of auto adaptive. I won't be tested again for another year but I have another mapping appointment in August so I will be experimenting until then. The audi put the Rondo2 omni program that I like onto my Sonnet. She also increased the volume for the Natural. But since this was a testing appointment I didn't get any other tweaks.
  10. @Mary Featherston I got tested yesterday with the Sonnet and my score in quiet went down slightly (I missed one more word) but I improved in quiet. My audi decided to test me in quiet with the Rondo2 afterward. I got 85% which is far more than what I got with my Sonnet (I think i got low 70s) It just proved that I hear better with my Rondo2! I hear better when doing aural rehab with Rondo2. But I will still rehab with the Sonnet too. Btw @Mary Bethmy audi didn't know about auto adaptive but she called a Med-El rep and she was able to put auto adaptive on my backup processor so I will see how it goes.
  11. @Bindu Welcome to Hear Peers. I too have bilateral sensorineural hearing loss but only wear one CI. Check out the Rehab posts in this forum. Feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Yes @Mary Featherston If your hubby doesn't mind doing the research I would really appreciate it. The link you sent me stated that Amazon would not ship that product to Jamaica.
  13. My family just told me that they saw a little girl, around 6 years old, who was the splitting image of me when I was that age. She was wearing two cochlear implants! I hope I bump into her and her parents one day! I would love to know whether she did the surgery here, etc. Nice to know that there are other CIBorgs on this island 😊
  14. @Mary Featherston Where do I find this solar panel?
  15. Thanks @Mary Beth I didn't think of a USB charger. I do have an Anker charger. Didn't even occur to me that I could use that.
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