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  1. This is great @Mary Beth! Thanks for letting me know. Gonna download it on my ipad so I can return my friend's ipad.
  2. @pdk The brain is really amazing. How are you doing on your journey?
  3. @Mary Beth Thanks. I still have my coworker's old ipad but I haven't been practising with this app. I was at my place of worship today and a lady was talking to me and I had to ask her to repeat her question four times! I was wearing my Rondo 2! I haven't had an experience like that in such a long time! I think I would have fared better with the Sonnet. I definitely need to practise! I won't be tested until March so there is time but I can still benefit now.
  4. Yes @Mary Beth Can't complain. I've been wearing my Rondo2 mostly. Idk how you manage with omni in noisy places. Do you adjust with the Fine tuner? Noisy places are only a problem if I have to talk to someone. I have recently tried adjusting the sensitivity. Seems to help a bit.
  5. Lovely @Mary Beth I usually hear birds chirping outside my house but no matter how hard I look, I can never find the birds! Just goes to show why two CIs are better than one.
  6. @Mary Featherston Hope you're rid of the cold soon and you start hearing as you did before.
  7. @Mary Featherston I've been battling a cold too but I haven't noticed any difference in my hearing with the CI thankfully. Guess everyone's different
  8. Hi everyone. I attended my first concert since getting my CI last year. It was a couple of local musicians as well as Air Supply. I decided to wear my Sonnet to this outdoor event. There were over 1500 people in attendance. Some of the performers I was hearing for the first time ever, so I wasn't acquainted with their music. The first one I could hardly make out the actual lyrics but I was able to make out the music. Maybe I couldn't make out the lyrics cos the performer had the mic so close to her mouth. Things got better with the male performers, and I recognised some tunes. When Air Supply came on they had some strong electric bass guitars that kinda drowned out the lyrics sometimes. And sometimes it took a while for me to figure out which song was being sung. I had to keep my Fine Tuner out and keep adjusting to see which setting I heard best in. I think Natural and Omni were best. When the MC and others on the platform spoke I heard them loud and clear. Note I was sitting maybe in row 30! I was pretty pleased how things went as this wouldn't have possible had I not had my CI. I just hope my audi can tweak things so next time the experience is even better! What mic setting do you use for concerts? And what has been your experience?
  9. Hello @ChrisPatt Welcome to HearPeers! Hope you enjoy the forum.
  10. Yay @Carolmarie Sending best wishes your way. I hope all goes well tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes.
  11. Hi @GraniPeggy I have Sonnet and Rondo2 and definitely prefer Rondo2 most times. I don't like Rondo2 in noisy situations but recently I have been adjusting the sensitivity on such occasions and it seems to help. So do a bit of experimenting and see how you like it.
  12. I had a couple Wow moments over the past two days. I was sitting watching TV at the rear of my house and I heard a beeping sound similar to when a vehicle is reversing. Went to investigate and sure enough there was a truck reversing into my neighbour's driveway. That means I heard this from over 60 feet away! Amazing to me! Then I was at an ATM today and I was putting stuff into my purse and I could hear the sounds being made by the ATM next to mine! They are enclosed separately. It's funny, I didn't know that ATMs make sounds when you punch the keypad, etc, until after getting the CI!
  13. @Mary Beth I saw wig clips that could work but they are sold in large quantities, like 60, so I didn't bother to buy.
  14. Hallo @Karen fudge I got my Rondo2 in January and absolutely love it! Most times I'm not even aware that I'm wearing it. As @Mary Featherston mentioned, my hair is longer than hers. My hair is very heavy but I had no problem with the Rondo2. I always secure it with a tether and hairclip that is provided with the Rondo2. I have since cut my hair and it is above my shoulders, kinda in a bob. No one has ever asked me "what's that on your head?" I just make sure to wear the mic cover color that is closest to my hair colour. There was one occasion where someone pulled at the hairclip cos it is silver and was apparently showing but now I make sure to put the clip closer to the scalp so hair covers it. When my hair was longer I would put it in a ponytail and a bun and the Rondo2 couldn't be seen! In fact my mom asked whether I was wearing it cos she didn't see anything. And even when I lift my hair to show it to people oftentimes they don't see it! The sound on the Rondo2 is very good quality. I also have the BTE Sonnet but I hear much better with the Rondo2 although it only has one mic. Kanso has two mics I believe. Rondo2 is not too good in noisy environments but I learnt this week how to adjust the sensitivity and that has helped a lot. I wear the Rondo2 all day from about 7:30 am until midnight! It is hassle free. However, I was trying to dance with it (the cha cha) and when I jumped it did fall from my scalp but the tether secured it so it didn't fall to the ground. Note that it hardly ever falls off (only a handful of times). I have worn it to the gym and had no problems; it never fell off there. Hope this helps.
  15. Well this isn't a favourite sound but I'm in a waiting room and just heard a woman cracking her knuckles! First time I'm hearing that since getting the CI. It's a sound I can live without..
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