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  1. Jewel


    @Mary Beth Yep
  2. Jewel


    Got my Skinit!
  3. I sure hope I like it @Mary Beth. January can't come too soon!
  4. Thanks @Mary Beth She was trying the magnet against my head and that must be why she wants to try the stronger one. I told her that omni is my least used mic setting. She said that Rondo2 is only omnidirectional. So I will see if I like it in 2019!
  5. @Jdashiell When is your appointment to map the Rondo2? Make sure they have the things required. @Mary Beth I think my audi said the kit was shipped with 3S but she thinks I should try a stronger magnet so she will enquire whether there is a stronger one.
  6. @Mary Beth No. She said Med-El hasn't sent them the cable so she can do the mapping. Plus she hasn't gotten the key to lock the magnet.
  7. My Rondo2 is here! My audi didn't think of charging it before I came 🙁.
  8. @Mary Featherston When I had asked my audi a while back where the Rondo2 would be shipped to, she told me that as soon as it reaches the CI center she would let me know. I will find out tomorrow! But I have postCI testing tomorrow so Idk whether she will do any mapping. I think I still need my mapping to be tweaked a bit. When I'm on my phone and my brother starts talking to me I'm totally unaware. He feels I was hearing better before the last mapping.
  9. Jewel

    Not saying WOW on this.

    @Mary Featherston I don't think you have anything to worry about. Don't you usually travel with Ron? He'd take care of things.
  10. I know how you feel @Mary Featherston. I didn't get a card but when I reached out to Med-El a few weeks ago all they said was "hopefully soon." I was hoping I would get my Rondo2 this week when I go for my mapping but since my audi hasn't contacted me I guess my Rondo 2 hasn't been shipped yet. I am quite disappointed.
  11. Jewel

    Dry Box

    @Daniel the Stranger Mary Beth posted the pic along with the price. It is for USD90.
  12. Jewel

    Amazing video series from Med-El

    @Vera Isn't the CI amazing? Are you finding that Nigel sounds normal to you now? Things change so quickly in the early weeks. Wishing you all the best in your journey.
  13. Jewel

    Meet up opportunity in Niagara Falls NY

    I am hoping to come. Hopefully I will be able to afford it by then. I will book a hotel from now.
  14. @Mary Beth @Mary Featherston Maybe if I had started with Omni I would love it now. It still comes in useful for the music and Artone. I am like Mary Beth in that I could probably stay in Natural or Adaptive all the time. I don't usually have the Fine Tuner with me. I will continue to experiment. On another note, do you guys view yourselves as disabled even though you have CIs? I think I'm still disabled cos if the battery is dead I am very deaf. Thoughts?
  15. @Mary Beth I don't think so. When the car is stationery I don't hear the whooshing sounds.