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  1. You know this concerns me. There are certain apps that when I try to download them I get a message that the app is not available in my region. I wonder whether when the app is released in the US whether I would benefit from it in Jamaica if I had the AudioLink. It wouldn't be funny if it doesn't.
  2. That's great @Mary Featherston. Sounds like you and Ron have everything planned out! Hope all goes well.
  3. Great update @Mary Featherston. Glad you're enjoying your new job. Sounds like the house project will be completed in 2020. Best to get it done the way you envision it before moving everything in, just as you said. I'm sure being bilateral is a big advantage since you have to be the one dealing with the contractors etc. Do you find you're more independent now post CI?
  4. Hi @Rick H Congratulations! Great that you're making rapid progress. I'm curious as to how you and @Tommy Cwill find the Sonnet 2. I prefer the Rondo2 to the Sonnet but I don't know how it stacks up against Sonnet 2. Many more wow moments ahead for you. I never had an echo problem. Hopefully your next mapping isn't far away. Which electrode did you get? I have Flex 28.
  5. Oh yes @Mary Beth. One of the best decisions I've made in my entire life! I have no regrets whatsoever although I am much deafer now since the surgery but once my processor is on I usually forget I'm deaf. In fact I was watching TV one night and all of a sudden I couldn't hear a thing! I checked the remote to see if the TV was on mute. It took me a while to realise that my battery for my processor had died! Lol! I guess I'm so used to tuning out the dead battery beeps.
  6. @Mary Beth I wore the Sonnet. A coworker asked if I needed someone to sit in on the calls and I confidently said I could handle them by myself. 😊
  7. I am so happy I found this forum and found out about the Artone. I use it often at work. In the past week I have held several calls over the computer with people overseas. I make out about 98% of what is said when I use the Artone! I love it!
  8. @SWS0107I'm not bilaterally implanted but my surgeon is the one who decided which ear to do first. Originally he wanted to do the worst ear but at my preop appointment he switched to the better ear.
  9. Sounds like fun @Mary Beth. I should have a mapping appointment that month so I could just leave Miami and head straight to New York. If I come I would definitely want to go over the Canadian border and look at the Falls from that end. Let's see how it goes.
  10. Hey @Valentin. I used my Rondo2 on Saturday starting around 8 am for around 2.5 hours. Then turned it off for about 3 hours. Then wore it for 9 hours. Slept for 5 hours then put it back on from around 6:20 am until it died the next day at around 11:20 am. By my calculations that was battery life of approximately 19 hours on 1 charge! I am very impressed with the Rondo2 battery life thus far.
  11. Yes I did @Mary Beth. Right now I'm travelling overseas so I will have to complete it next week when I have time.
  12. Hi @Mary Beth I usually get the email notifications. Not sure why I don't always get them but I got an email this morning about your tagging me.
  13. @Mary Beth Thanks. I'm actually preparing to come to the US for my mapping appointment next week. I had to push back my August appointment. Yes I'm now at 6 month appointments. By the way I love autoadaptive! I have been using it at my place of worship and it is a fuller sound than adaptive. Re your suggestion... I thought that when you use the Roger Pen there is no adjustment you can make with the fine tuner in terms of choosing which program to use....I am referring to the buttons with the dots. So how would that work with what you suggested?
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