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  1. @MED-EL Moderator That's great. Thanks for the quick response Verena.
  2. @MED-EL Moderator Does all the functionality of Maestro 9 work for Sonnet 1 and Rondo2?
  3. So Maestro 9 doesn't benefit Sonnet 1 and Rondo2? @Mary Beth
  4. I translated the above online: From now on you can also ask your questions directly to a Dutch-speaking hear peer. See here: https://nl.hearpeers.com/ The three of us are there for everyone. Greetings,
  5. @Mary Beth Sorry I missed it. Hope to make it in January. We have been having a lot of rains the past few weeks. Although we didn't get any direct hits from storms, the outer bands that we got were still destructive. Some roads have been destroyed but things aren't that bad in my area. Hoping we won't get any more storms this year.
  6. @Mary Beth I am so happy you told me about the Artone before I had CI surgery. I too love it. Best purchase I made for my CI. I love it along with the Roger Pen. Of course they serve different purposes for me.
  7. @Dave in Pittsburgh What are you using to connect Rondo 2 to the Roger Pen? I don't have anything to connect the two and so I just use Rondo 2 solely. Only a few times I've used it with the Artone. And I get over 20 hours with my Rondo 2 once I use it alone.
  8. @Megan L. Walking up to the operating table? That would have freaked me out! 😂 😂 Is it the same surgeon who did the first ear who is gonna do this one?
  9. @Megan L. Wow, guess every hospital has different protocols. I went to two different rooms before taken to the operating room. One they had me change into my surgery outfit and lie down and wait. Then they wheeled me into another room to get the anaesthesia. By the time I was taken to the operating room I was only conscious for the transfer into another bed and then it was too late to change my mind as I was out like a light! 😂 I had wished I had known I was not gonna see my family after I left the waiting room. All in all I was by myself for 2 hours before the actual surgery. It wa
  10. Oh no @Megan L. So you can't have anyone enter the hospital with you? Then does that mean that they have to wait outside the hospital until you're wheeled out? I remember for my surgery when they called my name in the waiting room, I thought I would have seen my family again before the surgery but nope, I didn't see anyone until when I was in the recovery room. Is it that for your previous surgery someone was allowed into the room with you before you were wheeled into the preop room where they administer the anaesthesia? Just trying to understand.
  11. @Nischal Koirala That's great! How did you fix it?
  12. Hi @Nischal Koirala How is your Rondo2 now?
  13. Hi @melody I had a similar experience when I just got Rondo2. It picked up all sounds. So I asked the audi to adjust the mapping so when I'm driving I don't have that constant wind noise. Even though I have 4 programs on my Rondo2, I only find one satisfactory and stick to it. Have you tried the other programs on the processor?
  14. When I was activated the sounds were like the Twilight Zone. It sounded like I was surrounded by Martians. I was hearing sounds but couldn't make any sense out of them. It was very disappointing. But things improved tremendously within a few days. At activation the audi had to use Ava app to communicate with me. At my next appointment with her a week later I could understand everything she was saying with just my CI. It was amazing! Now everything sounds natural, including music. I am very pleased. My advice to others going into activation day is to keep expectations low and
  15. @melody Yes, as long as you're talking aloud that counts. You're training your brain to hear with the CI. Btw for the telephone I practised a bit with Cochlear's Telephone With Confidence. It was very helpful.
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