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  1. @Mary Featherston Just heard from the Med-El rep. She said I can definitely sign up for US Hear Peers!
  2. @Mary Featherston The email said it is open to persons implanted in the US. I emailed the person who invited me to join. Awaiting a response.
  3. A US Med-El rep emailed me to join US Hear Peers. I should check if it is an error.
  4. Unilaterally implanted in 2018.10+ months Sonnet 1 and Rondo 2
  5. Hey @Mary Featherston I encountered the same problem problem with the webshop. It kept freezing after I entered my credit card details. I order online from various US supplies and have never had a problem. I suggested to US Med-El that they have a PayPal option. In the end I had to call in my order. I'm curious as to what your CSR says.
  6. Thanks @Mary Beth. I was able to access the app via the website. Strange that it wouldn't show up in the App Store otherwise.
  7. The hair clip is easy to use. Been using mine everytime I wear the Rondo2. The only thing I don't like is that it is shiny. Enjoy @Mary Featherston
  8. Hi @Mary Beth Is this in the App Store? I can't find it.
  9. Thanks @Mary Beth. She was 100. So she lived long!
  10. I went to a funeral and I was able to hear most of what the person who gave the closing prayer said. This really touched me as when I had my HA and that man gave a public talk I couldn't make out a single word he said even though I'm good at lipreading. Now today here I was with my eyes closed and actually understanding him! I absolutely love my CI!
  11. @Ford has given me an idea. Maybe I should plan a trip to Austria and go visit Med-El. That would be awesome!
  12. Blehhhh I thought this was something I could have participated in. I like paying it forward. We are all in this together.
  13. @Kylie Both my ears qualify for CIs. I think I was asked if I had tried out the Artone yet and most likely @Mary Bethwas the one who explained how to use it and to try it. So I did. I ended up using it to listen to webinars and music at work.
  14. @Kylie I started to use the Artone 1.5 months after activation. I love it. I'm unilaterally implanted.
  15. @Mary Beth Sounds good! We can aim for sometime next year. I'm flexible... Whenever most are available.
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