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  1. Jewel


    That is absolutely awesome @Mary Featherston. Congratulations. So happy for you! Guess you will have to continue with house hunting. Exciting times ahead!
  2. My CI has definitely changed me for the better. I'm far more independent. I don't need people to make or take phone calls for me. I don't dread using the phone anymore. I also find that I am more chatty. I think I had become a recluse since my hearing went bad. Now I want to go out more and enjoy life more. I have already bought tickets for two live concerts, something that was unthinkable for several years. I love being able to hear over an intercom. I don't have to be fearful when I go to KFC and wait for my number to be called. It's like a burden has literally been lifted off my shoulders. This week I realised that I would be better off with two CIs but even with one I have come a very long way!
  3. @Andy Sorry to hear about your Rondo2 problems. Do you have any more programs on the fine tuner that will allow you to increase the volume? I have been wearing the Rondo2 straight for over a week and I haven't had a volume issue. Hopefully you have another program. Let us know.
  4. @Kylie Happy for you. Never seen it done with staples! Cool! You're lucky you don't have much pain. Rest up. Now the countdown begins to activation day!
  5. @JohnL The audi would have tested each electrode and if you heard when she tested each then they are all working. I was disappointed at my activation cos when people spoke the sounds were like the Twilight Zone or something from outer space. The following day when I was in the dining area of the hotel and there was a lot of chatter I thought I was gonna lose my mind cos all I could hear were beeps, whistles, and other strange sounds. But it got better. The more you wear the processor the quicker your brain will adjust in my opinion. Please don't get down about this. The best is yet to come.
  6. Yay @Kylie You will be a CIBorg in hours! All the best! Please let us know how you are doing when you're up to it. Remember a button down shirt is best for surgery day as well as shoes that are easy to put on. The nurse was amazed at how quickly I was able to dress myself! She thought I'd need help. Of course everyone's different. All the best!
  7. @JohnL Don't worry. Most of us don't hear speech at switch on. I certainly didn't. I was just relieved that all my electrodes were working. Now is the time for baby steps. Just take in all the sounds and do some aural rehab. Get out and immerse yourself in sound. Things will definitely improve in time. Please keep us posted about your progtezz.w
  8. Hey @DarlaHSthat is great news! I usually fly American and always buy a ticket that allows me to choose my seat. Are you saying that if we buy Basic Economy American will upgrade our seats for free so that we can fly comfortably with our CIs? I wonder how that would go with the American staff in Jamaica. Maybe they won't be so accommodating. But I should still check. Thanks much.
  9. Hi @Vinod, I use the hair clip to secure the Rondo2. I make sure not to stretch the clear cord so it doesn't break. Have you tried to secure it to your shirt collar? Also maybe you should try a stronger magnet. My Rondo 2 rarely falls from my head but I always use the hair clip as a precaution.
  10. For me I believe it was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. I was driving home from work and turned on the radio, couldn't make out any song until that started playing! That was the first month of activation I think.
  11. Jewel


    That's awesome @Mary Featherston You have come a long way in a year! Happy for you.
  12. @DarlaHS I love window seats but after CI Surgery I found that when I got off the plane, I wasn't hearing well with the CI and things didn't improve for an hour or so. So I now opt for the aisle seat. Have had no problem since.
  13. https://blog.medel.com/traveling-with-a-cochlear-implant/ @Mary Featherston See link above. It explains about the static so you can put them through the xray machine.
  14. @Mary Featherston Just don't have plastic in the backpack as Med-El says to avoid anything that can generate static while the stuff are being xrayed. Or at least that was my understanding.
  15. @Mary Featherston Yes I do. Two processors in the backpack are xrayed while the other one stays on my head and goes through the scanner or metal detector. I have had no issues whatsoever. Initially I would give them all to the screener to inspect but after seeing what is done plus they could drop them I decided to just keep them in the backpack.
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