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  1. My department is working from home. We connect via Microsoft Teams every work day. There is video and audio. I'm amazed that I can hear what my colleagues are saying when I have minimised the window and I'm working in another app. This would not have been possible without my CI. I've been wearing only Rondo2 since last week when I started to work from home. I've also been doing a lot of Zoom meetings and hear well with just Rondo2. Artone is still my goto ALD if I'm in office and have a webinar though. Also great for listening to music!
  2. @Tracey_66I'm a leftie too. I had to return to work for about two weeks until activation and I couldn't hear a thing! Just had to rely on lipreading. Good that you have an understanding family. That helps a lot.
  3. @Tommy C I live in Jamaica. I have to fly to Miami for my mappings. The flight is almost two hours. @Mary Beth I didn't know that's the kind of remote mapping they are considering. I was hoping it would be something that could be done over the PC. @Tracey_66 I'm so sorry to hear that your activation has been delayed. I hope you won't have to wait too long to get activated. Do you have an unimplanted ear that you can hear from?
  4. @Mary Bethmaybe one day remote mapping will be a reality. I'd be happy to be a guinea pig for that.
  5. Thanks @Mary Beth. Ten confirmed cases here when on Monday there were none. Looks like I will have to cancel my mapping appointment for April. I wish we could be mapped remotely. Everyone keep safe.
  6. @Mary Beth Only a few are wearing masks here. They caught their fright when it was announced yesterday that a woman who came from the UK and arrived in Jamaica last week has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  7. It has been a long time since I've had a wow moment. Today I wore my Rondo2 and heard a cat purr for the first time in maybe 20 years! Even though I need a mapping i heard the cat very clearly! Hearing people who wear masks is another story though.
  8. Lovely @Mary Beth. I am yet to try out Waterwear. I think I read that for each Waterwear you can use it three times. So if I use it once I can put it up for several months and use it again? I have no beaches near me so I haven't been to the beach in a long while but I sure hope to do that this year. Glad you enjoyed your Caribbean vacation. No COVID-19 in these parts yet!
  9. Thanks @Mary Beth. Happy belated International CI day! My one CI has changed my life so much. A miraculous device! No regrets!
  10. @Mary Beth What are MCL settings?
  11. I wish that the Sonnet 1 was smaller. If I wear it for 3 days straight the top of my ear hurts and gets bruised.
  12. I put on my processor just before leaving the house. I prefer to wear my Rondo2 most days and wear my Sonnet on days that I know I will have meetings. When I have meetings I use the Roger Pen which is a great help. If I have a webinar to watch on my PC I take out my Artone 3 Max and switch to T. Thankfully it works with both Rondo2 and Sonnet. I stay in the same program all day usually. I don't remember what maps I was given at my last appointment but I find I stay on the third one most of the time. If I wore the Sonnet to work when I get home I put on the Rondo2. If I go to the gym I wear the Sonnet cos Rondo2 keeps falling off if I jump. Thankfully I use a tether so it doesn't fall to the ground. If I'm going to a conference I prefer my Sonnet. I hardly watch TV but if I'm watching my old TV at home I wear my Sonnet and put the Roger Pen before one of the TV speakers. With newer TVs I hear just fine with the processors alone. But my TV at home is over 11 years. So this "hassle" is temporary.
  13. @Mary Beth Forgive my ignorance, when you connect that BT mic other people won't hear what's being said over the speakerphone from both the speakerphone and the BT mic?
  14. Hi @Mary Beth Yes I'm fine. No damage. It was scary. But thankfully the epicenter was far from the island. Thanks for checking.
  15. Hi @EvaD Exciting times ahead! Personally I think it's best to choose the CI that fits your lifestyle best and has the features you value most. It's a very big decision so take your time. Wishing you the very best on your journey. Please keep us posted.
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