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  1. I should be able to make it. It may be my last coffee chat until next year when daylight savings time starts again. Come November, I will be in the same time zone as @Mary Bethand I have another meeting at 10 a.m.so I would not be able to join for 9:30 a.m. coffee chat.
  2. @Tracey_66 You sounded normal to me. @Mary Beth It looks like the new receiver is the size of the Roger 21 battery cover. I wouldn't want that as it is larger than the regular battery cover and it is too big for my ear. Invariably it will fall off and so I have to use wigtape with the Roger 21 battery cover. If only it was the size of the regular battery cover then I would be interested.
  3. This is great! Is it a mic cover? @Mary Beth
  4. @Valentin I would love to see a demonstration during the coffee chat on Sunday. I'm only able to stay for the first hour or so, so I hope we can see that while I'm on.
  5. @tmscarlett10 I had surgery at a two processor center, meaning I could opt for two processors in my kit. I chose two Sonnets. Then, before my surgery, Med-El USA ran a PLUSRONDO promotion and so when the Rondo2 was released, I got a free Rondo2! So I have three processors for one ear 😊
  6. Hi @tmscarlett10 Welcome to HearPeers. I have sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. Both ears need a CI but I'm only implanted in one ear. I have Sonnet and Rondo2. I wear them interchangeably. I personally prefer Rondo2 especially now with COVID-19 where I have to wear a mask on my ears. I hear much better with Rondo2 but I find that Sonnet is better in noisy environments. However, this should not be an issue with Rondo3. If I was going to have surgery now I would probably go with Rondo 3. I see that Mary Beth has posted about the swap promotion. All the best with you
  7. @pdk @Brownielove20 I tried the troubleshooting tips on the Med-El website. Idk why my speech processor blinks even when I am not talking! Anyway, I decided to change the mic cover although I had changed it a few weeks ago. My voice doesn't sound as bad as it did before. It sounds more natural. I also switched between programs and my voice sounds pretty much the same on all 4 programs. I should have checked this before doing the mic cover change. Anyway I am good to go tomorrow!
  8. @Mary Featherston I will know when my hair fits that description and I will have to paint my hairclip accordingly 😜
  9. @Diane Yes there is a marked difference for me. I prefer Rondo2 and when I was tested with both, I scored higher with Rondo2. However, in very noisy environments I prefer Sonnet. The sound settings possible with Sonnet are different from Rondo2. Rondo2 only offers omnidirectional mic settings whereas Sonnet offers more mic options. However since Rondo3 has two mics and Rondo2 has two I'm expecting the sound from Rondo3 to be different from Rondo2. I also prefer Rondo2 now that we have to wear masks.
  10. Thanks @Mary Beth I've never seen this before. I will check when I get home. Since my October appointment all my programs except one sound awful so I stick to one program. Will still check when I get home as I don't have the fine tuner on me.
  11. @Mary Beth Actually I'm having this problem with the Rondo2. I don't know how to troubleshoot that. But when I get home I will check how my voice sounds with my Sonnets. Thanks.
  12. @Mary Beth I bought cheap, black, regular nail polish. I didn't apply a base coat. I just applied the polish to the top of the clip, that is, the side that is visible when I'm wearing the clip.
  13. @Diane I have Synchrony Pin Flex 28 and use Sonnet and Rondo2 on the same ear.
  14. This week I have noticed that my voice sounds robotic but all external sounds aren't. They sound the way they normally do, like how it was when I had normal hearing. I changed my mic cover and although there was a slight improvement, my voice still sounds robotic. Anyone else has experienced this? I can't figure out what else I should do in order to resolve the problem.
  15. @Mary Beth I have the old hairclip. That's what I painted with regular nail polish. I put two coats on it. The polish isn't stripping off. It has only been a few weeks now. @Mary Featherston kindly sent me a tether recently and told me to use thread to attach it to the old hairclip. Since that worked wonderfully I won't be buying any tether with an alligator clip. I would just buy the tethers and keep using my old hairclip.
  16. Hi @Diane I had recruitment for several years. I would go to work and other places and the central AC would sound extremely loud. When I got my CI, the recruitment disappeared. All the places I frequented before the CI were now so quiet now that I had the CI. I'm wondering whether the same thing could happen with hyperacusis. But given @Lori m experience, there are no guarantees that the hyperacusis will disappear. Hopefully others who had hyperacusis will chime in. I wish you well with your hearing journey. Keep us posted.
  17. I asked MedEl USA which hairclip is being shipped with the Rondo2 tether and I was told that they are only being shipped with the new alligator clip. I prefer the old hairclip over that. I painted mine with black nail polish so now it's no longer conspicuous.
  18. I don't think anything is wrong with putting the battery cover in the dryer every night. @Nikki
  19. Yes! OTE processors rock. Currently the real feel here is 104 degrees. I'm wearing my Sonnet today and giving Rondo2 a rest as I'm home. If I'm going out then it's definitely Rondo2 I'm wearing.
  20. @Nikki I have been pleased with the performance of the PowerOne implant plus batteries that came in my kit. So I purchased a box of that brand on Amazon just in case. The disposables work a bit over 2 days for me. I usually use them when I'm travelling overseas or going to all day functions where I don't want to have to change batteries mid-way Since rechargeables are so expensive I may just use disposables whenever my rechargeables give out. I get about 9 hours from the rechargeables. Do you normally place your battery cover in the dryer every night?
  21. @Nikki I have exercised in my Sonnet and I just wipe off the battery cover with a damp cloth and then place in the UV dryer. Anytime I wear the Sonnet, I put it in the dryer along with the battery cover. I usually use rechargeable batteries. I still haven't finished the box of disposables that came in my kit. How many covers came in your kit? I got 3.
  22. @Nikki I've been using mine for almost 2 years and no issues.
  23. @Jessica T Hi. Sorry that your daughter failed her hearing test. It sounds like it's just one ear that has a problem. I know that getting the results may have scared you, but I am sure you will get the necessary assurance from the experts in the field, who as @Mary Bethmentioned are the ENT specialist and the audiologist. Maybe a test like a CT scan will be required to get the full picture as to what is actually going on inside her ear. The sooner you see those professionals the sooner you will regain your peace of mind. Wishing you and yuur daughter well.
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