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    Jewel reacted to pdk in Text to Speech on Android   
    I recently had to give a presentation to our local group about how computer training can help improve your speech understanding.
    It became very clear that not many people from the 'Older' generation were able to perform downloads and installations to get the benefit of lots of apps available.
    So I wrote up a step by step description of downloading a Book from Gutenberg Books ,renaming it and loading into an 'text to speech' app.
    Anyone interested can get it from the 'files' directory at  https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear.
    I'd like to have feedback as I think it would be good to create a library of simple operations that could possibly encourage people to be more adventurous .
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Featherston in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    That's great @Mary Featherston. Sounds like you and Ron have everything planned out! Hope all goes well. 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in AudioKey not pairing with sonnet 1   
    At the present time, the AudioKey app is not needed for AudioLink use with Sonnet 1 processors.  The app would allow Sonnet 1 users to access settings we presently use the FineTuner remote to access.
    We can use all features of the AudioLink with Sonnet 1 processors without the AudioKey app.
    However I hope you don’t encounter this problem.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Featherston in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    Hi @Jewel!  We had planned all along to take this winter to try to get the new house ready for us to move in.  Once that's largely complete then Ron can complete some project and do a buff and shine of the old house before we sell it.  I'm not having to deal with contractors - my husband is doing almost all of the work, the only thing we're  hiring contractors for is to build an outbuilding at the new place.  Ron has it all designed so as soon as it's warm enough to build in the spring we'll have it built. 
    I wouldn't say that I'm more independent with my CIs - I always was, I'm stubborn that way.  But I'm far more *successfully* independent.  I can hear my flight announced, I can chat with the checkout person at the supermarket.  When we're at the home improvement place I can talk to the people helping us.  Week before last I went to the water treatment company and talked to a guy there about the best filtration systems to install at the house.  I am contrary enough that I used to always TRY to do these things.  Now I do them.
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    Great update @Mary Featherston.
    Glad you're enjoying your new job. Sounds like the house project will be completed in 2020. Best to get it done the way you envision it before moving everything in, just as you said. I'm sure being bilateral is a big advantage since you have to be the one dealing with the contractors etc. 
    Do you find you're more independent now post CI? 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Featherston in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    You have both covered it very well, @Mary Beth and @Joan!
    One day this week a woman in the supermarket asked me about my CIs.  Her audiologist is suggesting that she will soon be a candidate and she's nervous.  I told her that it's not like hearing aids, it takes commitment and application.  But that more than anything else I can recall, my CIs have given me my life back.  It really can't be understated.
    My thanks to Med-El for that.  I'm loving this.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Featherston in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    Last night I got my hair cut at a new place....part of the process of moving to another town.  I explained to the woman who was going to cut my hair about my CIs and how I wanted my hair cut, and in the process knocked the magnet off my implant.  She put it back on and I said, "hey, you got the magnet on the first try!" and we laughed.  I figure the more comfortable she is around my CIs the better off we'll be.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Featherston in I am thankful to Med-El for....   
    The job's great, I'm glad I made the move.  We are moving slowly.  I've been staying in the new house during the work week because it's so much closer to work, but I only have a daybed and a bedside table, a kitchen table and one chair, and my treadmill.  Oh, we did put a couple of chairs in the living room this week - they won't be there permanently, we'll move them later but it's nice to have a place to sit.  Oh, and the fiber optic's hooked up and I have a TV in the room with the treadmill.  But it's kind of weird with Ron in the other house, and the cats and 90% of my stuff.  I live out of a suitcase.
    But from the standpoint of getting the house ready to move into, it really makes it easier to do the work that's needed.  We are replacing some appliances (so far just the microwave and the range hood, they're both kind of icky) and putting in whole-house water filtration because it's well water and smells kind of sulphury.  And painting some walls because the sellers had some really weird taste in paint colors - seriously, one of the kitchen walls was this weird color sort of in between a really dark, dry Burgundy and deep bruise.  It was hideous.  So we're painting and fixing odd things that we find, and one room we're going to put cedar plank wall in there and have a sort of cabin-y effect, I have some old wood XC skis and a pair of snowshoes and a set of canoe paddles that we'll put on the walls.  Lots of work, but better to do it now before we put all our stuff in.  BOOKSHELVES, we need to build a lot of bookshelves.  Luckily my husband has serious handyman skills.  🙂
    As for the town - it's nice, not too small, we have a home-improvement store and a good supermarket and a Target.  Not too many choices of restaurants, but we'll be going into the city periodically for Costco runs and CI appointments and dental appointments and so forth because we want to keep all our healthcare providers, so we'll eat Thai and Middle Eastern and what not when we do that.  We're loving the quiet and being out in the country.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Question - Regarding Constant Beeping?   
    I had false dead battery alerts in my Sonnets.  Turns out it was when using only a specific battery brand.  When I returned to Power One Implant Plus batteries that stopped.
    Others have reported constant false dead battery beeps (which are loud and annoying) when using rechargeable batteries with Sonnets.
    As far as I know everyone solved the issue by .....
    -switching to Power One Implant batteries
    -replacing BOTH the disposable battery pack AND the battery cover
    -replacing the rechargeable battery adapter
    -replacing the rechargeable batteries
    If the problem remained, I would ask to replace the control unit (processor).
    If it still occurred, I would discuss turning off the low battery beep alert.
    I hope this helps and you find a solution soon.  That must be so annoying!
    Keep us updated.  Wishing Chloe the very best!
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Hi from a new user!   
    @MED-EL Moderator
    This morning I could not find this and was perplexed because GripWear is not listed in the Med-El US shop as a Rondo 2 accessory.  But now I found where I saw GripWear works with Rondo 2.

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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Hi from a new user!   
    Another thought....
    Med-El says we can help line up the internal rotating magnet (which makes it hold better) by ....
    put Rondo 2 on your head
    rotate it to 2:00 position, then back to 10:00 position, then return to 12:00 position
    I do this with my Synchrony side when needed too.  It makes a difference for me.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Hi from a new user!   
    Did you receive GripWear in your Rondo 2 kit?  It is a sticker that goes on the bottom of the Rondo 2 to help it stay in place better if needed.  If you don’t have one, reach out to your CSR from Med-El or your audiologist and see if you can get a sample to try.
    @MED-EL Moderator Can GripWear be used on Rondo 2?

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    Jewel reacted to Dave in Pittsburgh in Hi from a new user!   
    @Marcy welcome to HP I am bilateral had my first implant 2016 and second 2018 I have the (2) Sonnet and(1)-Rondo at first I did have the same problem with Rondo 2 falling off a lot had to do with internal swelling try just sliding the Rondo on your head instead of just placing it and try to part as much hair as possible.
    Dont get discourage it will all come together 
    Keep in touch
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    Jewel reacted to Rick H in First post since activation   
    thanks jewel
    Yes I've got the same electrode, flex 28, so far I am loving this ! I can’t wait to hear the Sonnet2 & try out the new audiolink even though I am loving my Rondo2 so far! The first few days was a little tough as the magnet wasn’t strong enough & it kept falling off, but Medel sent me a #4 magnet right away no problem since! Great service! Music is coming across great too ! I can recognize songs on the radio as they play & my guitar sounds great! Heck I might even learn to play it! Lol
    thanks for your comments 
    Rick H
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in First post since activation   
    Hi @Rick H
    Congratulations! Great that you're making rapid progress. I'm curious as to how you and @Tommy Cwill find the Sonnet 2. I prefer the Rondo2 to the Sonnet but I don't know how it stacks up against Sonnet 2.
    Many more wow moments ahead for you. 
    I never had an echo problem. Hopefully your next mapping isn't far away. Which electrode did you get? I have Flex 28.
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    Jewel reacted to Tommy C in First post since activation   
    Congratulations Rick, I was activated on September 11, 2019. Your story sounds almost identical to mine. I had prepared myself for three to six months of very little understanding of speech, but I was understanding the audiologists before the activation session was over. I have had two new mapping sessions since activation and it just gets better each time. I did have trouble with the TV but that is all ok now. I too have the Rondo 2 and awaiting the new Sonnet 2. My implant is on my left side also with my old hearing aid on the right side. The Implant sounds so good that some days I never put the hearing aid on. I can tell that you are excited and I understand that because I am too. It is truly amazing, I feel so blessed and to think that I almost backed out of having it done. Please keep posting, I love hearing these success stories.  Oh, by the way, I am a 79 year old male.
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    Jewel reacted to Rick H in First post since activation   
    This is my first updated post since being activated on October 29th, I’ve been so busy working I haven’t had a chance until now.  A little info about myself my name is Rick Horton, I’m 57 years old & I live in Everett, Washington. I have profound noise induced  hearing loss in both ears.  My left side was implanted with a Synchrony & the right side I use a hi power HA. I was activated about a week & a half ago using a Rondo2 processor ( waiting for a Sonnet2 as well) . 
    All I can say so far is WOW!! This is the most amazing experience! I was surprised that I was able to understand speech immediately, wasn’t expecting that! Aside from the initial robotic sound of voices I was also amazed at how realistic the voices are! Watching TV  ( no more closed captioning) Tom Selleck sounds like Tom Selleck & Julia Roberts sound like Julia Roberts! Wasn’t expecting that either! 
    I’ve  already had so many wow moments! I can now talk on FaceTime with my daughter! Never been able to do that! & last Friday I went thru a 3 hour class at work that 6 weeks ago would have been impossible! With the instructor constantly turning his back to us to point out slideshow or talking behind his computer monitor where I couldn’t read his lips, I sat at the back of the class & caught every word he said! Amazing!! 
    & soo many sounds that I haven’t heard in 15 years. The sound of my footsteps, running water, & falling rain. Also the sounds of my granddaughter breathing as she sleeps on my shoulder! That one is priceless!  It’s not perfect & I still have a long way to go as far as improvements but I went into this expecting to be disappointed at first & I am completely amazed at how much better I communicate already. My confidence & self esteem are quickly returning & it’s as though my old self is awakening from a long sleep! So thankful for that! 
    I had the first mappings a few days ago & everything is so loud now that it was almost like starting over again but it settled down the next few days fairly quickly. I figure that’s just part of the process! 
    This journey is incredible! Looking so forward to all the coming wow moments!!😁
    Rick H
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    Oh yes @Mary Beth. One of the best decisions I've made in my entire life! I have no regrets whatsoever although I am much deafer now since the surgery but once my processor is on I usually forget I'm deaf.
    In fact I was watching TV one night and all of a sudden I couldn't hear a thing! I checked the remote to see if the TV was on mute. It took me a while to realise that my battery for my processor had died! Lol! I guess I'm so used to tuning out the dead battery beeps. 
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    Jewel got a reaction from iHM24 in Artone 3 Max   
    I am so happy I found this forum and found out about the Artone. I use it often at work. In the past week I have held several calls over the computer with people overseas. I make out about 98% of what is said when I use the Artone! I love it! 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    Go @Jewel Go!  Aren’t you glad you went to such great lengths and expense to get your CI?  I am soooo happy things worked out so well for you!
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    @Mary Beth
    I wore the Sonnet. 
    A coworker asked if I needed someone to sit in on the calls and I confidently said I could handle them by myself. 😊
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in Artone 3 Max   
    I am so happy I found this forum and found out about the Artone. I use it often at work. In the past week I have held several calls over the computer with people overseas. I make out about 98% of what is said when I use the Artone! I love it! 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in A Friday chuckle   
    Eyes Open, Ears ON!

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    Jewel got a reaction from Valentin in Experience upgrading from Rondo to Rondo 2   
    Hey @Valentin. I used my Rondo2 on Saturday starting around 8 am for around 2.5 hours. Then turned it off for about 3 hours. Then wore it for 9 hours. Slept for 5 hours then put it back on from around 6:20 am until it died the next day at around 11:20 am.
    By my calculations that was battery life of approximately 19 hours on 1 charge! I am very impressed with the Rondo2 battery life thus far. 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Save the dates: Meetup Opportunity in Niagara Falls in 2020   
    ALDA con dates in Niagara Falls changed to October 21-25!
    @Dave in Pittsburgh
    @Mary Featherston
    @Megan L.
    @Kara of Canada
    @Hearing Again
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