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    Jewel got a reaction from MED-EL Moderator in Free adult rehab kits from Med-El   
    This is great! I will definitely download the kits. 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in November HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat   
    We missed you @Jewel.  It was a great chat.  Hope you are well.
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in November HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat   
    Sorry I missed today's meeting. Hopefully I can make the November meeting even if it's for half hour. 
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in Totally implantable clinical trial in Belgium   
    This is very exciting. Can't wait to hear about the results of the trial. 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Med-El Synchrony & MRI safety article   
    Very interesting article by a surgeon who has performed 2000 CI surgeries.
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in October HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat   
    I'm in. See you all on Sunday. 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in AP Clip magnetic   
    Hi @MED-EL Moderator
    I noticed this attachment clip in the web store but I can not find info on how to use it on the Med-El support website.  How does this work?

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    Jewel got a reaction from Kylie in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    This is great! Is it a mic cover? @Mary Beth
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Rondo 3 thoughts   
    @Dave in Pittsburgh
    Congratulations on your improvement with speech understanding in noise!  That is terrific!
    I decided to delay my upgrade until both sides were eligible too.  Then going forward, they will be on the same upgrade schedule.
    Yes processors and features and accessories are changing quite rapidly.  There will always be something new coming along.  Smile
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    Jewel reacted to Dave in Pittsburgh in Rondo 3 thoughts   
    @Mary Beth I saw my audiologists Fri and next year I’m due due for my 5 yr upgrade, for my right side but two years  later I’m due for the upgrade on left side as we talk it was decided to wait the extra two years and replace both at same time and as we discuss the various options who knows what will be improved on by then or even Rondo 4.
    My biggest improvement with the hearing test was with understanding with background noise I was so impressed and happy as for a long while I’ve been working on this I could tell I had issues with this and it has been conquered with patience and persistence 
    This really an ever field of advanced technology and how time flies.
    I am so happy going bilateral and having WOW moments although I don’t experience them as often lately .
    I encourage anyone who qualifies for bilateral to go for it the few days of being inconvenient  With surgery is worth a lifetime of hearing 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Rondo 3 thoughts   
    Thank you @Salik
    It may be awhile before I get Rondo 3. I prefer to wait until ASM 3 is available here in the US.  It has been available in other countries ever since Sonnet 2 was released.  I want to experience Rondo 3 the way it was designed to work optimally.... using ASM 3.  
    Although Sonnet 2 also is designed to work with ASM 3, in the US it is using ASM 2 since ASM 3 has not been approved by the FDA yet.
    Rondo 3 release in the US is expected before the end of the year but it is being released using ASM 2.  
    So I will wait until ASM 3 is released in the US.  It’s hard to wait because I am excited about Rondo 3.  I hope the wait will not be too long.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Rondo 3 thoughts   
    I have spent a lot of time lately pondering which processor to choose as my next processor.
    I have decided on Rondo 3.  Thank you to all of the happy Rondo 2 users for your posts.  It really made me consider choosing the Rondo family.
    Many people who are fortunate to have both Sonnet 1 or 2 and Rondo 2 processors have commented about choosing to use Rondo 2 except in noise where the dual mics of Sonnets are helpful. So many people have chosen this same thing.  Now that Rondo 3 has dual mics and uses the same adaptive intelligence as Sonnet 2 (ASM3), it should perform just as well in noise as Sonnet 2.  There will be no need to switch.
    At first the lack of an internal telecoil in Rondo 3 gave me pause.  But then I saw a picture of the telecoil adapter and learned that our audiologists can set up a telecoil only program.  This relieved my concerns about being able to use my beloved Artone neckloop on 100/0 mix ratio.
    I look forward to trying the AudioLink with Rondo 3 and hope it works well.
    I am thankful for the increased battery life of Rondo 3 (up to 24 hours).  And the ability to charge it while wearing it if needed.  And very happy that an indicator light will let me know remaining battery life.
    I like the new secure attachment brackets.  Still not a fan of a small alligator clip for hair attachments but think I can swap that out with a clip.
    I love the look of Rondo 3.  Smile 
    I am thankful that Rondo 3 can use an app as a remote.  That’s convenient.
    I still wish for direct streaming of all phone audio to Rondo 3 and hope that something similar to the Sonnet 1 & 2 AudioStream cover is in the plans for Rondo 3.  It could plug into the port just like the telecoil adapter.
    Thank you Med-El  @MED-EL Moderator for all of the cool features of Rondo 3.
    As soon as ASM 3 is FDA approved, I can not wait to upgrade to Rondo 3 and experience adaptive intelligence.
    It is really exciting to have all these new tech features available.  It makes my CI journey so exciting!
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    Jewel reacted to Megan L. in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    Ahhhh! I asked for this like 2 or 3 years ago when we did that video for the Med El employees to watch 😊 I specifically asked if they could do something like Bluetooth since it wouldn’t drain the battery too much. Omg I’m so excited we are getting this and that they listen to our requests!!!!
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    It seems likeS-vector magnets can align to magnetic fields without needing to actually rotate.  I have no idea of how that will play out with CIs. I’m sure we will find out soon enough.
    I sure wish ASM3 would get FDA approved for Sonnet2 and Rondo 3.
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    Jewel reacted to Hurricaneone in Cochlear implant for single sided deafness   
    Thank you all for being there for people like me who need encouragement. I go to Emory University November 11th to get the process started. I have been deaf in the left ear for over 10 years . I had a blow to the head in 1986 that developed into menieres years later . I am tired of the struggle that goes along with SSD . When my good ear get clogged from allergies or barometric pressure life gets complicated. I am looking at this as my new chapter in life . We will be talking as I go through this . Larry
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    Jewel got a reaction from Mary Beth in October HearPeers Virtual Coffee Chat   
    I should be able to make it. It may be my last coffee chat until next year when daylight savings time starts again. 
    Come November, I will be in the same time zone as @Mary Bethand I have another meeting at 10 a.m.so I would not be able to join for 9:30 a.m. coffee chat. 
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    It does not seem like AudioStream gives us control over the mixing ratio with an app.
    My guess is it works like the Roger 21 as far as mixing.  Fixed at 50/50.  We can alter that only by turning down the volume of our MAP (dampening environment sounds) and increasing the volume on the streamed audio.  No way to reach 100/0 mix.
    I wonder if we could create a MAP with our audiologist to use which has the environmental sound as quiet as possible when the streamed audio sound is as high as possible.  We could at least quickly move into that MAP instead of manipulating the processor volume control each time?
    I love 100/0 mix.  Artone does that on T.  Like right now while I am listening to an audiobook.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    Hopefully direct streaming will also be included in the Rondo family of processors soon.
    The Sonnet is long.  The extended special battery covers (AudioStream and Roger 21) are even longer.
    I can’t wait for direct streaming options in the Rondo family of processors.
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    Jewel reacted to MED-EL Moderator in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    @Mary Beth We're glad you're excited about AudioStream :). According to our product experts, it is a mixed stream. The louder you switch your music source or phone call, the less you hear the environment and vice-versa.

    Kind regards, 

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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    It looks like a special battery cover for Sonnet 1 and 2.  (Kind of like the Roger 21 special battery cover.)
    Med-El says it is only for Sonnet 1 & 2.
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    @Dave in Pittsburgh
    We were just talking about wanting this!
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in It’s like Christmas in September!   
    Direct..... yup direct....bilateral.....true stereo.....STREAMING for Sonnet 1 and Sonnet 2!
    I am sooooo excited!
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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in Finally made my own secure line for Rondo   
    I have been looking for a way to secure my RONDO1 processors for everyday use.  I have a great secure system to use in/near water or high risk activities but I hadn’t found a secure system I liked to use in everyday life.
    I love when people ask me about my CIs so I do not ever feel the need to hide my processors but I wanted the secure line to be mostly invisible yet very secure.
    @Valentin showed me how he uses fishing line attached to his glasses.  Works great for him and it’s strong.  I think I would have a problem since I switch between my eyeglasses and sunglasses throughout the day.
    So I borrowed Valentin’s fishing line recommendation and attached it to a wig clip.
    Very comfortable.  Very secure.  Easy to replace as needed.  Quite inexpensive.
    Thanks Valentin!


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    Jewel reacted to Mary Beth in A problem with quoting other posts   
    The forum has a strange feature when quoting other posts.  It allows the person doing the quoting to change and to add to the original member’s post and then it displays it as if the original member said it.
    Until they figure out how to fix this issue, I suggest we do not use the quote feature at all.
    To make your post clear that you are responding to a member’s post, you can tag them instead.
    To tag a member just type @ and then their member name.  A window pops up. Select their name.  You will know you tagged correctly if their name is highlighted in your post.
    I have contacted @MED-EL Moderator about this quoting issue and they are aware of the problem.  There does not seem to be an easy fix.  So in the meantime, please tag me instead of quoting me.
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