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  1. Thank you Al I have experienced that negative understanding all the way through my school life and even now I failed my first occupational health assessment to get into my nursing degree, it's a nightmare to get my accommodation adaptations and I just got rejected from working as a HCA part time which I believe is because of my deafness but in still going strong and in 2 years time I will be qualified and proving all of the boubters wrong and hopefully inspiring more people with deafness to challenge society's expectations
  2. Wish more people knew this deafness is such a negative label in the hearing world
  3. my parents chose for me and my brother to have cochlear implants, it gave us the choice to hear or to sign (we both chose to hear) however if i got up one morning and decided that I wanted to sign then my parents would support that choice
  4. When I first received my implant I could hear the noises but struggled to distinguish them. my description is a bit complex, imagine complete silence is the darkest black possible at first sound is just white, silence is black and sound is white, then over time you get some shade of grey, you might be able to hear slight differences in sounds you can tell that there are 2 different voices and work out who they belong to. After a while you get pastel colours, you can hear sounds like birds tweeting and the phone ringing music etc then slowly the colours get bolder and brighter and there is
  5. Hi there, my name is Jess I was born with severe hearing loss and I recieved my left implant before the age of 2. I recieved my second implant at the age of 11 and can remeber the process so I am happy to answer any questions. I am now 19 with 2 nucleus 6 implants and I am living away from home at University training to be a nurse. I have never signed, my parents tried to teach me but I chose to speak and live in the hearing world. I did my level 1 BSL 1 year ago but I have forgotten it already as it is never used. I have 100% hearing loss and never imagined Id be able to be a nurse
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