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  1. Hello All, My 3 yr old kid hit his front tooth couple of weeks ago. Now it is turning grey. So our dentist suggested a procedure similar to root canal to keep the milk teeth intact till permanent teeth comes out. Please share your experience if any one with cochlear implant has come across root canal treatment . I guess it requires drilling tooth with electrical equipment. Does it affects implant or processor in any way?
  2. Thanks @suzcohen for sharing your experience. Finally we have chosen RONDO for our kid considering it's ease of use. Bilateral CI completed successfully with Synchrony Implant last week . Activation will be in another 2 weeks . Excited to see how he reacts
  3. Thanks @leighf . The real life user story blog seems interesting and useful @Mary Beth , Thanks a lot Mary for clearing my doubts .
  4. Hi Mary, I have one more query. How about automatic volume control and wind noise reduction factors in both processors ? Do you have any experience of using dacapo rechargeable battery with RONDO?
  5. Thanks a lot Mary . Will reach you incase of any further queries...
  6. Hello friends.. This is for my child who is 1 year and a month old. We have planned for bilateral CI to him in a week. We are confused whether to go for SONNET (BTE) or RONDO (OTE) for him. Rondo 2 is not yet officially launched in our country (India). I have not seen children using RONDO yet . Please provide your inputs.It will be of much help. Thanks, Rashmi.
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