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  1. I can speech read about 80% of the time i don’t have a phone just iPad thank you very much for being very kind and helpful
  2. It was very complicated surgery i had to go back in to surgery the next day to remove a piece of bone that hit the nerve i was activated with rondo while my face was still paralyzed i do not have any hearing on the right side i asked for rondo right from the beginning due to being unable to wearing anything on my ear thank you so much for listening
  3. Hi the rep from med-el was with my audi i am the only only with rondo in the Buffalo ny area even the rep never saw anything like it before they went as low on the map and still my eye twitches they said to wait and check the c-scan that I had done for my right ear implant surgery in May i am just frustrated that I am not able to hear as of now
  4. I got my rondo 2 on Thursday and when the Audi put it on my left eye twitch They didn’t realize when they put on rondo last June my face was still paralyzed i couldn’t wear my rondo for other reason now I can’t wear rondo 2 i don’t know what going to happen now my heart is breaking
  5. You won’t believe it my appt got cancel until January the right hand in the office doesn’t know what the left hand does i cried all day yesterday the Audi want the med-el rep to come in to do it i am the only one in the area but she knew since May and did nothing but thank you very much for checking on me
  6. I am so excited and at the same time so nervous cant wait but it will be better
  7. The covers for rondo 2 does all four have to be the same or can the four be all different
  8. Thank you very much Mary Beth cant wait till Tuesday
  9. I am so happy to be home and getting the call rondo 2 is here i will send pictures
  10. Just came home from California the audi called this morning to tell me the rondo 2 is here and my appt is next Tuesday cant wait still haven’t heard from the email about the cost foe extra covers
  11. Thank you very much Mary Beth
  12. For me I would use rondo as a backup in Buffalo we really don’t have proble. Knock on wood
  13. Carolmarie

    Rondo 2

    I am still in California cant wait to come home to Buffalo NY next Wednesday morning we will fly out my arm will be tired lol why black I have white hair i have not hear from med-el I forgot it was holiday time
  14. Oh boy this is close to me only about 20 minute drive i better put it on my calendar thank you very much for the information
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