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  1. Thank you very much I will wait and see what happen next wished that med-el was in the surgery room last year maybe things would be different i do believe that things happen for a reason
  2. When the Audi tried the rondo2 on the left side number 4 was the one I needed i just forgot that I am thick skin until I can wear it on the left side the rondo2 is being guarded on my dresser The c scan showed none of the electro went in the cochlea I have a malformed cochlea i just learned about it a few weeks ago but that ok as long as I will be able to use my right side will let you know how everything goes on July 9th
  3. Hi i was looking at my rondo2 and I realized I have magnet number 4 i knew they were coming out with number 4 but it didn’t hit me in the head that I have it i was waiting for my right ear activation in July i have the free one for the left ear but can’t wear it until next month
  4. I hope so i have been wanted to go to one for a long time even before I got the implant thank so much for checking in
  5. I wish I could but we have company here from Chile and California they are here for my landlady birthday
  6. Yes and I feel like a new person thank you very much just one more month until activation
  7. I saw my surgeon yesterday for follow up i asked why the med-el was in the surgery with me he said there are many new staff members at the headquarters and they asked if they could come and see what the surgery was like no one passed out i told him I feel like a very new person no more dizziness or poor balance he explains why my right ear was leaking and he fitted it i thought it was from the left ear surgery last year now I am happy i told him I alway make it a challenge for him and I get my money worth Med-el was very impressed with him I how he was able to quickly solve any problem during surgery now with the measles being around there are more deaf children so more implants will be done
  8. First I ask med-el like I was told but put off hear nothing then I email my Audi about it and she told the billing Dept and I go and ten days I got the answer its sad when the rep frommed-el didn’t answer i guess in Buffalo that how we get answer fast now until July 6 and I will take pictures of everything will get have a wonderful day
  9. I got a letter from my insurance for approval for two boxes of rondo2 covers great news don’t have to worry about paying for the covers
  10. Thank you very much have a great weekend ! ,
  11. Day 2 bandache off no pain around the ear throat still sore but I feel great
  12. I am so happy I want to tell the world there are hope for people who hate needle and being poked lotss i used to come home with four or five bandages on my arms and hands i am not feeling much pain no glasses until Sunday soit is hard to read thank you very much for checking on me
  13. As soon as my doctor finish his report I can read it on my webpage then share with you i learned something new today in the prep area they use sonogram to help find a vein to start the iv no more poking thank you very much for your thoughts
  14. I went in the hospital at 5 30 this morning and got home at 2 in the afternoon it went very well they had a med-el rep in the surgery room i asked why no one knew why this is the first time ant rep from any ci company ever went in his surgerial room same pain but nothing like last year so I am very happy activation is July 6 that the news for today best new since last year thank you very much for asking
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