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  1. The lack of removable batteries always seemed a strange choice to me. With our current devices it's very easy to change a bad battery. Now we will need to hand it in and wait - hopefully we'll be given a temporary device if this happens. I feel that rather than offering a more simple device, Medel should have included an extra microphone for better sound quality. And then a rechargable battery if it can be removed and replaced easily. I do wonder how people will cope on holidays. I have been on trips where power points are not easy to get to (2 days bus traveling) and disposable batt
  2. Definitely a smaller processor and good rechargeable batteries. Medel is very far behind with rechargeable battery life compared to AB and Cochlear.
  3. A Maltese and a Jack Russell and they are leash pullers I may get my brother to come with me tomorrow just in case, but I am really looking into getting back into the swing of things soon. Bit borring to stay in bed honestly.
  4. Hi Mary Beth, I was very fortunate to receive both be rondo and sonnet. Where I am it's usually just one processor. I have just received my post op instructions from the hospital, but nonetheless it would be nice to hear from others when they returned to being 100% normal.
  5. Hi guys, this is my first post. I wanted to connect to the community before my surgery but I just got my account approval today. Would like to hear some advice about what to do after surgery. I.e. can I start walking the dogs in 2 days, should I just stay in bed? My surgeon was amazing and I'm very happy I chose him. He told me surgery went without a hitch and all of the tested electrodes are all functioning. I'm staying overnight but honestly I feel great and would like to go home and see my pet dogs. I hear they are going crazy.
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