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  1. Yeah definitely! My hearing is so much better now. I did a test using HA and CI together, followed by HA on its own and CI on its own. I was blown away to find that I performed best with CI on its own!! My HA was so bad, in comparison, which was the moment I realised how much i was really missing out on as an HA user. Have you had your mapping? If yes, how is your hearing now? Thats true. Thank you. I resisted impulse to remove it/ wear HA with it and now i love my CI!!! I dont even wear HA anymore. Which is amazing as only last month, HA was literally my life! Yeah, yo
  2. @Valentin Yes it has gotten so much better. I can communicate really well 1-1 with CI on its own now. I still struggle in noisy environment because I'm getting so much stimulation and my brain is struggling to recognise and make sense of all the sounds, but it will get better! Diary is such a good idea as it can help me see where i was and how far ive come. Thanks! @Dave that’s another awesome idea, and I definitely will start writing down what I like/dislike after every mapping, now. Thanks! Congratulations on second CI. How are you finding it so far? UPDATE: I
  3. UPDATE & QUESTIONS: Hi everyone so, it’s now almost 2 weeks since I was switched on (22/03/2018 will be 2 weeks). I’ve made progress, I can now engage in conversations/communication if I combine lip reading and hearing. I’m also hearing and identifying a lot more environmental sounds. Heard an airplane flying while out for a walk today, which was an awesome moment. My hearing aid is still better but that’s expected, at this point. I don’t wear CI while at work. I tried wearing it with my hearing aid to work once but removed it 10 mins into the shift. I was getting a
  4. Awesome! I hope everything goes well with your surgery and follow-up appointments. I look forward to following your journey as a bilateral CI user. Thanks for the welcome
  5. Thank you! I really hope that I’ll end up with the same great results as you all. You guys inspire me to keep practicing and keep hope! thanks again,
  6. Hi, hope you are all doing well. I’m 25 years old and I enjoy out-door activities, reading, music and dancing. I started losing my hearing as a teenager. Over the years my hearing loss became worse and hearing aid was no longer enough for me. I got my CI surgery done on 21st February 2018. Been switched on for 5 days now and I’ve discovered that hearing with a CI requires A LOT of practice and patience. Makes me miss my hearing aid which is amusing as I was fed up with it before this Anyway, as hard as my CI journey has been so far, I don’t have regrets. I’m also
  7. Thank you all I feel a lot better having read all your posts. I’m practicing more and have made progress (yay!). I made more progress with environmental sounds: clicking sound while I text (havnt heard that in years) water dripping, fan when turned on etc. I’m very happy with that. Still have more environmental sounds to work on identifying, but not too bothered by this. I’m also now able to hear voices when spoken to, however, still not capable of understanding speech, unless I lip read, even then it’s difficult. But I’ve been told that is normal and expected at this time. I
  8. Thank you so much! I’ll check out the topic on aural rehab. I need more patience. I just wasn’t expecting to hate my CI, after fighting to get it. I look forward to progress with time. thanks again
  9. Hi, im new to this forum and new to CI world, also. I had my surgery on 21st February 2018 on my left ear and was switched on 8th March 2018. This is my 3rd day wearing my nucleus 7 cochlear implant processor and I seriously hate it. I hear so many beeping like sounds (not really beeps, can’t identify what it sounds like tho). I can never make sense of the sounds I’m hearing. I also can’t hear any words and am just really struggling with all of this. I thought surgery/recovery would be the hardest but now I see that was the easy part. I have to fight the urge to take my processor of
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