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  1. Give it a try, @Jewel - but yes, they may be going by your clinic.
  2. Ah, OK @Mary Beth - I had the impression you'd been at one. Meet-up maybe?
  3. I'm not sure what the timeline looks like - I signed up some times ago but haven't heard anything since the initial acknowledgement. Maybe they're starting in the east and working westward?
  4. And it worked! Thanks again Hameed @iHM24. And for everyone: apparently Firefox isn't popular among the Med-El web developers.
  5. Oh, you know, I should have thought of that, thanks, Hameed.
  6. Bilateral here, implanted last year - right ear activated in May, left in November.
  7. It's not a Med-El URL, from what I can see without clicking on it.
  8. Thanks, Mary! I emailed Rob and sent him a screen shot, so he's going to forward it to someone who can help. @Jewel your problem sounds different, I can't even get to the fields to enter my credit card number.
  9. @Mary Beth I've emailed Rob, my CSR, already. We'll see what he says.
  10. @Mary Beth yeah, it was weird. I may try again later, maybe the page just didn't load completely. I wasn't going to bother with the insurance for the this - I just want replacement tethers. Insurance covers my mic covers, but they'll never pay for them due to my deductible. I don't have a lot of medical expenses, so I never do meet the deductible (other than last year, with both CI surgeries). So I was just going to order them myself. I can use my HSA.
  11. @Joan I never had Rondo 1. I was implanted last year and got Sonnets and Rondo2.
  12. I just tried to place my first order with the web shop and failed. It feels stupid, like there's something I've missed - and I shop online a lot, but the method they're using for credit card info wasn't working for me at all. It was there on the page but when I tried to click on "credit card number" no field opened up. It appears to be a mechanism called "Square" - do I have to register for that? I've emailed Rob but it's Saturday. Anybody know? Thanks. @MED-EL Moderator
  13. @Mary Beth The magnets are 3s. The Rondo 2s have always seemed very secure - they've been comfortable and easy to use since the first day.
  14. @Mary Beth not tricky at all, I just opened it before I put the Rondo on my head, then slid it through the hair and pushed it flat. No migration so far, but it's early. 🙂
  15. I've been using the collar-clip tether on my Rondo 2s. They're really pretty secure just with the magnets but since I have the tethers I've used them - I'd hate to lose a processor when it can so easily be avoided. About six months ago I caught the silicone tube thingy in the zipper of my travel case. It didn't break, but there was a little bite out of the side of the tether from the zipper. Last night it finally broke so this morning I got out the other tether - the hair clip one. And wow, I *so* prefer this. I was afraid it wouldn't hold well in my hair, which is really, really short, but you don't need a lot of hair for the clip to grab. It works really well. And the thing that I dislike about the shirt-collar tether just isn't an issue - if I put the clip on my shirt collar it pokes me in the neck, and even when I put it on the shoulder seam, which I do, the tether swings around and brushes my neck, providing a remarkably insect-on-the-skin sensation. So hair clips it is.
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