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  1. Thanks, @Mary Beth - I already have that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just need to work on speech in sound.
  2. I have asked people to pick up the handset before, because the speakerphone just doesn't work well if people aren't talking right into it. For that matter, there seem to be a lot of people who hold the phone tucked under their chins and then mumble and I can't hear them either.
  3. @Mary Beth - we laughed. Both Briana and Dave had been hearing my story all along. I make a point of engaging people at work - making the point that yes, I have magnets in and on my head, along with electronics - but I can be normal (well, ha, no, but you get my point).
  4. Right after I got my first CI I was in a conference room with a couple of co-workers. The room happened to have a metal shelf in it, and the shelf was behind me. I leaned back in the chair and the shelf acquired a CI.
  5. Hi @carmella416@hotmail.com - I didn't have a buzz, but yes, the Sonnet sits right on the incision and it's tender for a while. What I did (not at work, but at home) was take a bandanna and fold it so it's a triangle and then fold it in half a couple more times lengthwise. That leaves you with a piece of fabric that's about an inch and a half wide, and because you folded it you have an opening along one long edge. Tie the bandanna on your head and then position the magnet over your implant - and then instead of hanging the processor off your ear, tuck it into the folded opening. It will stay there and your ear won't hurt.
  6. Good description, @Mary Beth that was exactly what it was for me too.
  7. It's weird, though, because in my experience the Rondo2 brings me a little more sound than the Sonnets. @Dave in Pittsburgh, did your audiologist do a separate mapping for the Rondo2 or copy the Sonnet MAP over?
  8. @JCB glad you feel well! Activation is the start of it all!
  9. Thanks, @Mary Beth I will look for that app. I know I need some work on hearing in noise. Sometimes it's hard not to envy hearing people! -3.3 decibels! Wow. But I'm happy with my CIs. I was just thinking today how quickly the level of hearing I get with them became my new normal. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. @Karen fudge I never did receive a letter - my insurance considers CI implantation fully covered without pre-authorization. But my clinic did receive notification, which they request because they want to be sure of being paid, I'm sure. So then I asked the insurance company for a letter and they sent one.
  11. @Bindu there are bicycle helmets that unscrew in the back that I'm told work with CIs - you can adjust the diameter anyway, and then tighten it up enough to be safe. https://www.amazon.com/Schwinn-Traveler-Adult-Helmet-White/dp/B00BNFXS14/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3D0GWBHA6R50V&keywords=adjustable+bike+helmet+adult&qid=1559769172&s=gateway&sprefix=adjustable+bike+helmet%2Caps%2C369&sr=8-9 On that one it looks as though the adjustments are made to the suspension inside the protective foam, which actually might work okay - look at the third photo. But I have not tried it myself, so it's a suggestion and not a recommendation.
  12. I tell you what, this was the weirdest dang cold I can remember. The first four days (Memorial Day weekend, of course) were just sore throat, headache, and general achiness and fatigue. Then the sore throat went away, as did the headache, mostly, and my sinuses got congested and I developed a cough. It was the sinuses that made my CIs sound wrong. Now the sinuses seem to be clearing but the cough just won't go away. Sleeping through the night is nothing but a fond memory. But! I hear and understand, it just sounds odd. And I had jury duty today and could hear the judge and attorneys just fine.
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