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  1. @Mary Beth - yes, someone told me that once. While I can imagine the potential for being that motivated, it would have to be a really significant improvement. Due to being at a two-processor clinic AND falling in the PlusRondo promotion I have six processors. Anything new that I'd pay for myself would have to be almost miraculous.
  2. I'm not even a year into this! But yes, my upgrade will be driven by insurance, though if there was a new processor that's a dramatic improvement I could actually picture paying for them.
  3. Or pull a sweater off over our heads. I keep hearing what sounds kind of like static electricity but may just be friction in the wool.
  4. Hello @Bindu - my opinions (I have Sonnets and Rondo2s): 1. Yes, even though Rondo2 is farther back on the head, I hear extremely well with it, that's not a problem. I hear people in front of me well. 2. Yes, in fact Sonnet is better in noise. I normally wear my Sonnets to work because we have a lot of noisy equipment and the adaptive program helps a lot. I had my Rondo2s at a noisy restaurant last weekend and could barely talk with my husband. 3. I don't know about play time - I'm WAY older than your daughter. But if you have the tether to make sure she doesn't lose it you should be fine. Also, you can get headbands with little pockets to hold the processor on her head, that might work. A helmet may be an issue, you'd have to try it and see, it depends on the helmet and the location of her implant. 4. Sorry, no experience with hearing in a helmet.
  5. @mgfiest - mini or regular rechargeables? I've used my Roger pen with rechargeable batteries and didn't have a problem.
  6. @Megan L. - oh, I know what you mean about the accents! I can talk to people from all over again!
  7. @Mary Beth I've just started carrying three of them in my little battery wallet instead of just two. And I do still have the disposables and the thing you put them in, so worst case I just do that again. My main mistake was to think they'd make it through the third day. Nyet.
  8. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I went to high tea at a restaurant in Minneapolis. I'd had a rechargeable battery not charge properly a day or two before and didn't have another, so I put in disposable batteries. And then since I had used them, I left them in to use them completely. And when I drove downtown to meet my friend, I didn't want to carry a bunch of stuff so I left my CI stuff in the trunk of my car. Sure enough it started beeping while we were sitting there talking. But the batteries never did die - well, they did, but not till I was back in my car. I'd get beep-beep-beep periodically but could basically hear fine in between. It was annoying but better than removing the CI. I will NOT be doing that again, though. Change the batteries or carry a spare. ALWAYS.
  9. My audiologist had suggested an appointment with the Med-El clinical specialist and the the day she's going to be at my clinic in March is the ONE day I can't go - we have an annual meeting that I have to attend. Now I have to wait till April to see if we can get rid of my echo.
  10. Well, there you go. @Jewel covered pretty much everything. 🙂 Probably the biggest thing is the impact on just normal interaction at home with my husband. I hadn't realized till I got my CIs how much I was withdrawing and just not communicating. We talk again, and do more together again.
  11. @Dave in Pittsburgh same here, I had a whole folder of information prior to my surgeries.
  12. @Monte your activation was GREAT! At that point in mine my husband and I were both crying. This is just the start!
  13. Nice, @Kylie! And I ordered mine before I had processors too!
  14. @Dave in Pittsburgh last night I was trying to minimize what I had to carry. We went to dinner and then to a model railroad museum where they had a special lighted train display and I knew I'd be walking around a lot. Also, if you've ever been to a model railway museum, you know you have to be aware of where your feet are all the time - little kids DO NOT watch what they're running into when there are moving train sets all around them.
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