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  1. I'm still really really disappointed that I didn't get to go to Durham and take part in the research. Stupid COVID.
  2. Sorry to be late; a former employee of mine died last Tuesday and I've been unfocused. I'd second what Nikki said. Activation was the first indication that things were going to turn around. I'd lost the ability to hear in phone meetings. I didn't hear most of what was said in in-person meetings. I was withdrawing and avoiding talking to people. But on activation day I heard my audiologist speak. It wasn't clear and I could barely hear, but I hear her. My husband and I were both crying. I have since learned that Kirsten doesn't in fact sound like Minnie Mouse; she has a very ni
  3. My second side was implanted two years and a week ago today. And yes - I couldn't WAIT for the second side to be done. Happy birthday to your second ear, @Mary Beth!
  4. Yes, that's when I use MT, for the neckloop. Otherwise, not at all, really.
  5. Oh, lots. Classic rock, folk, bluegrass, jazz. Classical, but I tend not to listen to that in the car, it's generally longer than my commute and I don't think it would impress people if I insisted in sitting in the parking lot until Ma Vlast was done. The last couple of days I've had two alternating earworms: One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story (and I blame @Kyliefor that) and "It's a Long Way from Amphioxus". I can sing "Hatikvah" in Hebrew and "Suo Gan" in Welsh (really badly, I don't have a good singing voice) You?
  6. I listen to music in the car a lot, with the CIs on M. I have a pretty good car stereo.
  7. @tmscarlett10I was offered a twofer both implants on the same day. But I chickened out and did one, to see how it went. And then I said, man, I should've got 'em both at once. But it was scary facing, possibly, the last hearing I had.
  8. Sounds good, Mary Beth, see everyone in November.
  9. @Kylie - your choir is great! I was listening to One Hand, One Heart and wondering if I could find you in the choir when a photo popped up with you on the end and your CI clearly visible! I love it.
  10. Ooooh, @Mary Beth - do you have a date for receiving your upgrade? @joanne- I have both Sonnets and Rondo2s and don't really notice a problem in stores. I think a lot of that is your brain knowing to not listen to some things, I had the same experience with car noise. But if you have an issue, get processors with two mics so you can have directional programming.
  11. Thanks for the choir channel, @Kylie! Also, I meant to say when we were talking about the Artone neckloop that I often leave my office and walk to the printer, in another room while on calls. I can hear, but can't speak, of course, but it's kind of cool to walk into another room and still know what's going on.
  12. Hi @Samantha! You'll love being bilateral. My residual natural hearing was much like yours: practically useless. I'm so much better off now, it's amazing. Good luck!
  13. That was exactly how I felt - my natural residual hearing was almost worthless. Two CIs are not. I got my second implant as soon as I could after the first.
  14. I have one each of the Dry-Star UV and the Dry-Space UV. They both seem to work fine. I've been using my Rondo2s exclusively since COVID started up because they don't interfere with a mask, so I haven't actually used my dry box in quite a while.
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