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  1. @Watersail- that may be part of the problem. My first time camping with CIs we were up near Grand Marais, MN and it rained and was humid the whole time. My processors had to go through two dry-box cycles when I got home.
  2. @Kirk S. my clinic is the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis. I like it there, but it can't be said that it's not in a city. I think we have people here who went to Mayo - Rochester's a pretty small town.
  3. @Watersail if you're camping with your car (that is, not backpacking so you can afford to bring big things) there are portable solar panels that are the bee's knees. We have one that keeps the lights in our camper running (we replaced them with LEDs so they don't draw a lot of current) and keep our phones, tablets and CIs charged.
  4. @Jewel hm, I wonder if there's nail polish that's sort of a greying dishwater brown?
  5. Good to hear, @Jewel! I did go look up the path of the hurricane it looked as though you got off fairly lightly this time.
  6. EEEEK Now I'm worried about @Jewel - hope you're OK!
  7. @Nikki - sure! Presuming everything is working.
  8. And now you're on your way, Matt! @phobos512
  9. @Rose like Mary Beth, I don't use anything but my processors in the car. At first I had issues with car noise but my brain sorted that out and it's not a problem anymore. (Well, mostly. We live on a gravel road and that's louder than pavement, but it's about a quarter mile to the corner so it doesn't affect me). But I never leave the windows open for that reason.
  10. @Tracey_66 nice! Once the pandemic is over you'll have a reason to go to Madrid! I'd love to see the Prado again.
  11. That's great, @Steven Ulven! I remember having an easier time of it with the second surgery too. The really cool thing is doing rehab with both and getting two good ears! Have you gone home yet, or are you still in Rochester?
  12. @Mary Brannen there is a Med-El equipment swap group on Facebook, if you have access.
  13. @Steven Ulven - great! Hope all goes well tomorrow!
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