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  1. I've only been listening on speakerphone so far. Yesterday I asked my new manager if I was getting an office or a cube, because up till now all my phone calls are close-the-door and use the speakerphone. But I told him if it's a cube I could use my neckloop and cell phone. It's an office. 🙂
  2. @Vinod I bought mine on Amazon. It's great for audiobooks and music and phone calls.
  3. @Mary Beth - mostly due to not having a choice. 🙂 There are a couple of meetings each week that I'm in that have people calling in from other locations and I just listen to the speakerphone and it's been slowly getting better.
  4. Thanks, @Jewel! Our current house needs some work before we sell it - my husband has been working on some interior remodeling for a while and isn't done yet. But we can take our time. It will be fun!
  5. @Jewel same here with the intercoms. I had to go renew my driver's license today and there was quite a long wait. But this is the first time in ages that I've been able to hear them call the ticket numbers and say what window to go to. 🙂
  6. Update: got the job! I spoke to the hiring manager yesterday and he offered on the phone. Tomorrow I'll accept it officially and talk to my current manager. He already knows, of course - you can't apply intracompany without telling your manager. So we'll start talking about transition and what to do with my current responsibilities.
  7. Wow, @soojjan - that's the tidiest CI bandage I've seen. I'm glad it went well! As you say, now it's time to heal and count down to activation!
  8. Oh, remarkably. My hearing had deteriorated to the point that I was not functioning well at all with hearing aids. Now at work I rarely miss what's said in meetings - before I assumed I missed at least half, though I was good at following from context. As mgfiest says, having someone talk to what used to be a deaf ear is quite an experience! Just being able to have the little interchanges that hearing people take for granted - a short exchange with a co-worker in the hallway, or a discussion with my husband without stress OR shouting. I have a little seating area on one end of our bedroom where I keep my laptop and when I sit there I often need to close the door because Ron's TV in the living room gets annoying. Which - honestly, I hadn't even been able to hear it before, let alone be bugged by stupid TV show theme songs and whatnot. It's a whole new life.
  9. It's funny (by the way) I have a journal that I used to keep up pretty regularly but the last few years I've fallen off that particular wagon. I write travelogues and that's about it. But when I began my CI journey a number of friends wanted to know what was going on and one suggested this, and it's been kind of fun. I keep names out of it, but other than that have tried to be fairly open. Lately I've been wondering if I should just stop with the MAP changes and just work on the one I have for a bit longer. It feels as though it's weeks before I get back to stability after a change, and then we change it again. But since I have the chance to meet with the Med-El rep tomorrow, I'm going to do that. This is my last scheduled visit, after this I'll have to schedule them myself (and I don't know what my insurance will cover after this).
  10. Wow, that's a good question, but I haven't been using the Artone that much recently. I'll have to charge it and see.
  11. @Carolmarie I hadn't answered because I have no advice, but I'm watching your journey and wishing you well. Best wishes! I hope your medical team sorts this out.
  12. Sounds like a good time for a trip to the beach! We got about 10" of snow and I'm ready for it to melt. Have fun @Mary Beth!
  13. @Mary Beth wow, you can swim now? We have snow on the ground. Have a great time!
  14. The Sonnet is a good processor - I prefer it for work and restaurants and places where there's noise. Good luck!
  15. I'm pretty sure there won't be just one answer. My insurance didn't even require pre-approval for the CI - though my clinic did, they like to be sure they're getting paid. So I saw the surgeon in February, had my first surgery in April. There was no psychiatric or psychological approval or involvement. But I'm with you on the excitement!
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