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  1. I'd still end up traveling from Minnesota to California and then three days later going to New York.....this takes some thinking.
  2. OH MAN.....well, I'll have to see. My current plan is to be in California that week, there's a get-together that a lot of my friends go to that I don't otherwise see, plus it's near another little cluster of friends that I could drive over and see. Shoot. I'll have to see how everything shakes out.
  3. Happy birthday to your CIs, @Mary Beth! Who will you be hearing?
  4. Welcome back, @Tracey_66! It sounds like you're getting some momentum now. Good luck!
  5. Hi Wayne @wpeters - welcome! January will be here in no time.
  6. Peter, my clinic provides an appointment with a person whose job title I've forgotten, but it's a chance to get recommendations on rehab apps and software and other methods of practicing hearing with CIs. Between this forum and my audiologist I didn't really learn anything new, but she did test word comprehension and I realized that I was being lazy with my second CI and got a bit more focused on my rehab.
  7. Oh, nice. I signed up for notifications.
  8. I didn't. Why did he want you to get dizzy? I don't understand.
  9. Yes, @Tutz67, best of luck with your activation! It's a cool experience, followed by months more of cool! @Daniel the Stranger, congratulations on the house! We just bought one too but it's not our first. We're knee-deep in paint and cedar plank siding these days.
  10. Hi, @Daniel the Stranger! Nice to see you here. I hope you're doing well!
  11. @pdk Peter, in my experience it takes a long, long time for your brain to sort music out. I'm starting to hear music better (On November 1st it will be the first anniversary of my second activation). I have had a long commute since June - about 45 minutes in each direction and I listen to music the whole time. It seems to be helping.
  12. @Daniel the Stranger is somewhere in South Australia, isn't he?
  13. @bclap the sounds from your CI will sound buzzy and beepy for a while. Give your brain a chance to learn to hear this way! It's completely different from hearing via your inner ear. Did your clinic give you any rehab advice?
  14. @mgfiest I have a similar thing going on, though not exactly the same. For me, the TV sounds really clear. But music is taking a very long time. I just noticed this week that some songs that had been sounding tinny and weird are starting to sound better - I have heard individual voices or instruments well for some time, but it's taking my brain a while to sort out harmony and multiple voices/instruments. I think it's going to keep getting better!
  15. Hi, @Marlene and welcome! A lot will change in the first year - it's exciting! I'm glad you're regaining the ability to hear.
  16. One year ago, right now, I was in the OR having my second CI implanted. My life since then has changed immeasurably. My heartfelt thanks to Med-El, and also to the community here, which has been stalwart in support of all the implantees that wander in. https://hearinglisten.blogspot.com/
  17. Ha! That must have been cool. Now if you could just predict how long that last 13 minutes for the washer will last. I've seen my washer tell me 1 minute left for at least 15 minutes.
  18. @Mary Beth I wear jeans almost all the time and put the Fine Tuner in the jeans pocket. Once in a while I lean on a table and accidentally change a setting but I just reset. 🙂
  19. I put my Fine Tuner in my pocket. I have not had a need for it to be inside anything.
  20. @Mary Beth I love when I can have those hallway conversations with colleagues. Walking in opposite directions, little quiet jokey comments. Listening to music in the car, visiting with some people that I used to work with. Just being able to live a normal life again.
  21. Good for you, @Rick H! Let us know how it goes.
  22. I had an appointment a week after activation, but you could schedule the appointments to accommodate your schedule. But I wouldn't leave it out! Use your CI, it's all good rehab.
  23. I had to decide on what I received - my clinic is a big one and my surgeon was experienced with all three brands so I was able to choose without worrying about that.
  24. I think I just stumbled on it while I was researching the three brands.
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