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  1. Good to hear, @Jewel! I did go look up the path of the hurricane it looked as though you got off fairly lightly this time.
  2. EEEEK Now I'm worried about @Jewel - hope you're OK!
  3. @Nikki - sure! Presuming everything is working.
  4. And now you're on your way, Matt! @phobos512
  5. @Rose like Mary Beth, I don't use anything but my processors in the car. At first I had issues with car noise but my brain sorted that out and it's not a problem anymore. (Well, mostly. We live on a gravel road and that's louder than pavement, but it's about a quarter mile to the corner so it doesn't affect me). But I never leave the windows open for that reason.
  6. @Tracey_66 nice! Once the pandemic is over you'll have a reason to go to Madrid! I'd love to see the Prado again.
  7. That's great, @Steven Ulven! I remember having an easier time of it with the second surgery too. The really cool thing is doing rehab with both and getting two good ears! Have you gone home yet, or are you still in Rochester?
  8. @Mary Brannen there is a Med-El equipment swap group on Facebook, if you have access.
  9. @Steven Ulven - great! Hope all goes well tomorrow!
  10. No, I don't think any processors float. I was actually really scared when we went jet-skiing, but then I realized that they're very stable and I probably wouldn't even get wet - and I didn't. So my main concern was the headband (it was actually a bandana). If it scares you and you can manage without your processor, that may be better for you.
  11. @Salik No, I don't imagine the tethers will work with waterwear. When I went Jet-skiing last year I wore waterwear and tied a scarf around my head to secure the processors (I wore my Sonnets, not Rondo, but I think you could so something similar). I was nervous as heck but it ended up working well.
  12. @Nikki, good for you, I think that making your needs clear is a great step. My hearing was so bad for so long that I just told everyone straight out, I'm not going to hear you all the time. And when I had to be in a conference call I made sure that someone else was in the room with me to "translate". Once when I'd basically got to the point where my right ear didn't hear anything (but my hearing aids talked to each other so I still wore the one in my right ear) my boss pulled me aside in a meeting and told me my hearing aid was beeping - feedback because the little silicone cone wasn't seated well. I had NO idea, but Jim could hear. And he and all the others were wonderfully helpful. Seriously, I have so appreciated my coworkers over the years. People are generally willing to help when they understand what's going on and know what you need. So I bet your list will be a great start.
  13. @Megan L. yes. I did have to take an attitude the first time that even if he dorked it up, the thing about hair is that it grows back. But he didn't do too badly. There were little bits sticking out that I had to fix with a small scissor in the bathroom but the second time was much better.
  14. @Nikki, you're having in-person meetings? Wow. We don't, anymore. Everything's on MS Teams, which is GREAT for me because 1) it forced me to face my fear of the telephone, and 2) it sounds really clear with my neckloop. It's been far, far better than I expected.
  15. I saw that, Rondo 3 - looks great! But I'm three years from an upgrade and I'm sure by then there will be other options.
  16. Hi @Mary Beth I've never had that issue either. I have #3 magnets and they're fine all the time.
  17. Sounds great, @phobos512! Heal up and it will be activation day in no time.
  18. Good luck, @Steven Ulven! If you're driving to Rochester depending on your route you can wave as you go by: I'm not far from Hwy 7 west of Hutchinson, MN.
  19. Another option is a smoke/fire alarm that flashes a bright light rather than sound. I have that in the room I was living in before my husband joined me at our new house. There are often similar alarms in ADA hotel rooms, though the last time I had one they cleverly put it above the door, which was down a little hallway and not visible from the bed.
  20. It floors me that people are that rude. I'm almost afraid to ask - no package yet?
  21. Um, many places, not including Malaga! Let's see. Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla. Salamance. Santiago de Compostela. Vitoria, Bilbao. Burgos. In 1978 I was there with a couple of friends for December and into early January; we spent most of our time in Pais Vasco with a friend of one of my friends, and met all sorts of HIS friends and had a great time over the holidays. Then in 1982 I went back and went on a driving trip with one of the people we'd met before and we went to Salamanca and the southern cities. I do like Spain.
  22. @Tracey_66 may I ask, where in Spain are you? I have some really great memories from time spent there.
  23. I broke one (one of the collar clip long ones) by catching it in the zipper to my travel case, and one of the short ones for hair clips by catching the clip on a table edge and pulling kind of hard (what, me lack patience?). I don't really think either one counts against the tether because I abused them. I've thought about this and am not sure - I mean, @Jewel - what is it that you don't like, the material? The thing about that is that silicone is relatively strong and I like having a stretchy material. I don't know what else you could use. Urethane maybe, but I think it would stretch less. A lot of people seem to put fishing line on the clips, and that would be fine if you can get a good knot and you don't mind the lack of stretch. Just musing over what else could be used....
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