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  1. Just curious, why would you need earplugs or earmuffs? It won't damage hearing that you don't have. I'd be interested to know what your doctor says.
  2. @Jewel kind of a lot of hassle for me. I have two monitors that I keep centered on the desk and the phone's to the left, docking bay to the right. A bunch of clutter under them all. It would be easier just to use the laptop and not the docking bay and leave it open, but the other thing is that when I don't have to pay much attention to the screen I get up and walk in my office. It add to my daily steps and I can generally keep up and listen, but it definitely works better with the cell phone and neckloop.
  3. I haven't found it (captions) on the version we use at work. I tend not to call into the Teams call with my computer because it's a laptop in the docking bay and off to one side of my desk, so the speakers are under the lid of the computer and about three feet away. I call in separately with my desk phone or my cell phone/Artone neckloop.
  4. Well, right after that I had to ask him to repeat a name four times. 🙂 No context on names, you have to actually hear it.
  5. Somewhat similar to this. I have a coworker that I work closely with. I tend to try to start conversations, when we're in our respective offices, with skype. You know, I type, he types. But Brian is a slow typist and he doesn't really like it. Yesterday he called my office phone, and I knew it was him because we have caller ID. So I answered and said, Brian, you KNOW I'm not that comfortable on the phone! I never know if I will hear. His response? You CAN hear. I mean, sometimes he's wrong, but you know, mostly he's right.
  6. I listen to music in the car daily - always during my commute. Like Megan I have a decent sound system (Harman Kardon) and have not found it to be difficult. In fact it was one of my favorite bits of rehab, and I still love to listen. I definitely don't roll the windows down, though, or open the sunroof. The noise interferes with hearing the music.
  7. Sherri, I like them a lot but in my opinion they're not the best for all situations. I have Sonnets and Rondo2s. I wear the Sonnets at work, in restaurants - anywhere that I have to deal with significant background noise. When noise is too loud for me to hear the people I'm talking to I can change to Adaptive or reduce sensitivity. Having said that, though, my ears sit very close to my head and the Sonnets are pretty big. It doesn't bother me most of the time but once in a while I get a bit of soreness. Since COVID hit I've been wearing my Rondos a lot more, because we don't walk back into production areas as much, don't have in-person meetings, etc. Mostly I'm in my office, often with the door shut, and I can use either Sonnets or Rondos with my Artone neckloops for con calls.
  8. My audiologist wasn't expected back until June. I did have an appointment cancelled, but am not looking to reschedule it soon. I'm not at all comfortable with the idea of "reopening" for business yet. I plan to stay in my rural community where population density is low and I can easily maintain social distancing until this is much closer to over.
  9. @Steven Ulven Wow, I've never heard of turning on that soon. My incision was painful for a long time, but if you can find a way to get the processor off your ear, as @Mary Beth says, it would be cool to be hearing already. Maybe use your Rondo for a while? Also, if you're going to Mayo, do you live in Minnesota? I was implanted at the U of M.
  10. Both dates are fine for me. @Kirk S. we had the first meeting at 8:30 Central time, which was also 8:30 for Jewel in Jamaica, it was 9:30 for Mary Beth, and it was 8:30 (I think) PM for Kylie in Australia. So we can make it work, we don't have to make you get up at 4:00 am!
  11. That wasn't my experience, at a year in I was getting to a stable map, as @Mary Beth says. Can you turn the volume down with your Fine Tuner?
  12. That confirms what I'd been thinking too. Both my ears perform really well with CIs, though the worst one hardly got any sound for the last ten years prior to implantation.
  13. And by the way - big thanks to @Mary Beth for suggesting this. I would never have thought of it - I still tend to shy away from phone conferences. But it worked really, really well.
  14. @Mary Beth yes, the time zones made it interesting. When we signed off Kylie said good night and that she was heading off to bed! I had just finished breakfast before signing on.
  15. I'm not sure you can call it that, @Mary Beth, I was the only one actually drinking coffee! 🙂 It was great to talk and see you all!
  16. Hi @Mary Beth - I'm doing better and better with the phone, but still tend to avoid it. But this would be cool. I'd give it a whirl if I were home when you do it (remember, I still go to work)
  17. I don't think they're retaining the images, it's set so that it will show a red light if your temp is over the set point and green if not.
  18. We aren't wearing face masks yet but starting Monday at work we all have to take our temperatures via thermal imaging as we enter the building. I'm pretty sure this is safe for electronics but one of our nurses is looking into it for me.
  19. @Mary Beth This last time was really odd - it was almost no change at all, just a percentage up or down on various electrodes. Usually what happens is that when I leave, it sounds good - I listen to music in the car, everything's fine - but the next day my brain's going OH HELL NO and it's restarting all the rehab. Not from zero, obviously, and I've never found a new MAP to be bad. But when we're at the point of these tiny incremental changes I just doubt, in retrospect, that it was worth doing. There are times when I'd like to be able to tell my brain to just shut up: when I get a new MAP and then once in a while when it's 2:00 or 3:00 am and I wake up and it won't shut down. But mostly we get along. 🙂
  20. @Mary Beth isn't that the case! Man, I was really thrown this last time, I was hearing so well. It's coming back, but boy, I do NOT want to do that every six months, I'd never have nice clear sound.
  21. @Mary Beth MONTHS. My brain is kind of high-maintenance, I think. Every little change - and this last time was very small tweaks - and it's all OHNO IT'S DIFFERENT I CAN'T DO THIS, OH NO OH NO OH NO. What, MUSIC? HA HA HA. Start working again. Seriously, 4-5 months. Every...single...time. And that means that I almost never really have good listening - hence my intention to ask Kirsten not to reMAP. And she said we don't have to once before, so I'm kind of deciding I'm done for a while.
  22. I have an appointment for early May. I'm going to email next week and see if we shouldn't cancel. I don't want to reMAP at this point anyway - things are just sounding really good after my last one.
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