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  1. On 12/1/2019 at 8:58 PM, MaryGP said:

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the delayed post, but here's the update.  I have decided to go with UNC-Chapel Hill - Dr. Kevin Brown (Ok, I really want to call him Kevin Bacon, but you know, he's my surgeon).  Anyway, my surgery is Thursday December 5 (ie - 4 days from now).  I am nervous.  I hate nausea. I think I may be getting pre-nausea sympathy pains for myself haha.  

    Also, I am vacillating between calling myself Jamie Summers the Bionic Woman, or a Cyborg (resistance is futile).  Anyone else deal with anxiety using humor???


    I have a CI-borg t-shirt!


  2. Hi @Jewel!  We had planned all along to take this winter to try to get the new house ready for us to move in.  Once that's largely complete then Ron can complete some project and do a buff and shine of the old house before we sell it.  I'm not having to deal with contractors - my husband is doing almost all of the work, the only thing we're  hiring contractors for is to build an outbuilding at the new place.  Ron has it all designed so as soon as it's warm enough to build in the spring we'll have it built. 

    I wouldn't say that I'm more independent with my CIs - I always was, I'm stubborn that way.  But I'm far more *successfully* independent.  I can hear my flight announced, I can chat with the checkout person at the supermarket.  When we're at the home improvement place I can talk to the people helping us.  Week before last I went to the water treatment company and talked to a guy there about the best filtration systems to install at the house.  I am contrary enough that I used to always TRY to do these things.  Now I do them.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Mary Beth said:

    @Mary Featherston

    Putting people at ease with our CIs helps everyone.  How are things going in your new town and with your new position?

    The job's great, I'm glad I made the move.  We are moving slowly.  I've been staying in the new house during the work week because it's so much closer to work, but I only have a daybed and a bedside table, a kitchen table and one chair, and my treadmill.  Oh, we did put a couple of chairs in the living room this week - they won't be there permanently, we'll move them later but it's nice to have a place to sit.  Oh, and the fiber optic's hooked up and I have a TV in the room with the treadmill.  But it's kind of weird with Ron in the other house, and the cats and 90% of my stuff.  I live out of a suitcase.

    But from the standpoint of getting the house ready to move into, it really makes it easier to do the work that's needed.  We are replacing some appliances (so far just the microwave and the range hood, they're both kind of icky) and putting in whole-house water filtration because it's well water and smells kind of sulphury.  And painting some walls because the sellers had some really weird taste in paint colors - seriously, one of the kitchen walls was this weird color sort of in between a really dark, dry Burgundy and deep bruise.  It was hideous.  So we're painting and fixing odd things that we find, and one room we're going to put cedar plank wall in there and have a sort of cabin-y effect, I have some old wood XC skis and a pair of snowshoes and a set of canoe paddles that we'll put on the walls.  Lots of work, but better to do it now before we put all our stuff in.  BOOKSHELVES, we need to build a lot of bookshelves.  Luckily my husband has serious handyman skills.  🙂

    As for the town - it's nice, not too small, we have a home-improvement store and a good supermarket and a Target.  Not too many choices of restaurants, but we'll be going into the city periodically for Costco runs and CI appointments and dental appointments and so forth because we want to keep all our healthcare providers, so we'll eat Thai and Middle Eastern and what not when we do that.  We're loving the quiet and being out in the country.

  4. Last night I got my hair cut at a new place....part of the process of moving to another town.  I explained to the woman who was going to cut my hair about my CIs and how I wanted my hair cut, and in the process knocked the magnet off my implant.  She put it back on and I said, "hey, you got the magnet on the first try!" and we laughed.  I figure the more comfortable she is around my CIs the better off we'll be.

  5. You have both covered it very well, @Mary Beth and @Joan!

    One day this week a woman in the supermarket asked me about my CIs.  Her audiologist is suggesting that she will soon be a candidate and she's nervous.  I told her that it's not like hearing aids, it takes commitment and application.  But that more than anything else I can recall, my CIs have given me my life back.  It really can't be understated.

    My thanks to Med-El for that.  I'm loving this.

  6. On 11/13/2019 at 6:19 AM, MallaRuth said:

    I don't really know what to say to this post. I find it - especially the analogy of the scratched glasses - quite off-putting. Cochlear implants are so much more than the sum of their parts.

    I think it's important to point out, which Mary Beth did in a nice way, that it's not valid to extrapolate from a single data point.  I'm sorry that Paul is having trouble hearing  music and discerning pitch, but the conclusion that that will be the universal experience just isn't so.  I can tell when I'm out of tune.

  7. On 10/20/2019 at 6:52 AM, pdk said:

    I'd like to add how important practice is.

    I would like to suggest something which may stir the pot.

    I don't think Audiologists in general provide enough info on training especially Computer backed training.

    I think we should go one level higher and ask the manufacturers to jack up their support and start providing references

    especially for all the new comers.

    How many of you out there feel supported apart from the usual mapping updates?


    Peter, my clinic provides an appointment with a person whose job title I've forgotten, but it's a chance to get recommendations on  rehab apps and software and other methods of practicing hearing with CIs.

    Between this forum and my audiologist I didn't really learn anything new, but she did test word comprehension and I realized that I was being lazy with my second CI and got a bit more focused on my rehab.

  8. @pdk Peter, in my experience it takes a long, long time for your brain to sort music out.  I'm starting to hear music better (On November 1st it will be the first anniversary of my second activation).  I have had a long commute since June - about 45 minutes in each direction and I listen to music the whole time.  It seems to be helping.

  9. @mgfiest  I have a similar thing going on, though not exactly the same.  For me, the TV sounds really clear.  But music is taking a very long time.  I just noticed this week that some songs that had been sounding tinny and weird are starting to sound better - I have heard individual voices or instruments well for some time, but it's taking my brain a while to sort out harmony and multiple voices/instruments.  I think it's going to keep getting better!

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