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  1. I'm not sure you can call it that, @Mary Beth, I was the only one actually drinking coffee! 🙂 It was great to talk and see you all!
  2. Hi @Mary Beth - I'm doing better and better with the phone, but still tend to avoid it. But this would be cool. I'd give it a whirl if I were home when you do it (remember, I still go to work)
  3. I don't think they're retaining the images, it's set so that it will show a red light if your temp is over the set point and green if not.
  4. We aren't wearing face masks yet but starting Monday at work we all have to take our temperatures via thermal imaging as we enter the building. I'm pretty sure this is safe for electronics but one of our nurses is looking into it for me.
  5. @Mary Beth This last time was really odd - it was almost no change at all, just a percentage up or down on various electrodes. Usually what happens is that when I leave, it sounds good - I listen to music in the car, everything's fine - but the next day my brain's going OH HELL NO and it's restarting all the rehab. Not from zero, obviously, and I've never found a new MAP to be bad. But when we're at the point of these tiny incremental changes I just doubt, in retrospect, that it was worth doing. There are times when I'd like to be able to tell my brain to just shut up: when I get a new MAP and then once in a while when it's 2:00 or 3:00 am and I wake up and it won't shut down. But mostly we get along. 🙂
  6. @Mary Beth isn't that the case! Man, I was really thrown this last time, I was hearing so well. It's coming back, but boy, I do NOT want to do that every six months, I'd never have nice clear sound.
  7. @Mary Beth MONTHS. My brain is kind of high-maintenance, I think. Every little change - and this last time was very small tweaks - and it's all OHNO IT'S DIFFERENT I CAN'T DO THIS, OH NO OH NO OH NO. What, MUSIC? HA HA HA. Start working again. Seriously, 4-5 months. Every...single...time. And that means that I almost never really have good listening - hence my intention to ask Kirsten not to reMAP. And she said we don't have to once before, so I'm kind of deciding I'm done for a while.
  8. I have an appointment for early May. I'm going to email next week and see if we shouldn't cancel. I don't want to reMAP at this point anyway - things are just sounding really good after my last one.
  9. @Mary Beth oh, yes. They're not loose and don't fall off, but I'd be worried all the time without the tethers. I use the ones with a hair clip. The collar clip bothered me, kept hitting my neck.
  10. I've been wearing my Rondo2s to work more than usual, because I'm basically staying in my office. No background noise, no need to have two mics.
  11. Hi Tyler - I hope you can be activated soon! I haven't SCUBA dived but I have a friend with a CI who goes diving. She has not used her processor when she does. I don't know what the pressure would do to it but she doesn't want to find out the hard way.
  12. @Mary Beth we have to use Skype (which is being phased out) and Microsoft Teams. I'll have to check on the captions next week. I'm off this week - I was supposed to go to Med-El to participate in the research but it was cancelled, and I decided to take the week off anyway. It's the end of the first quarter, and I haven't used any vacation yet - it's not possible to use up five weeks in the second half of the year!
  13. I'm actually not working from home, my site is essential. But we keep six feet away and I spend a lot of time in my office by myself. Lots of conference calls with my Artone neckloop, like Watersail.
  14. @Mary Beth audio only. We could actually do video, but nobody does. We're all on the phone, and if we need to see a file or something people can display their computer screen, but I've never seen anyone do a video conference. At least, since our acquisition. We used to have a video conference setup back before 3M bought us - we had regular meetings with the team in the UK. And back then, there wasn't a chance I'd hear. 🙂
  15. I've had my Artone 3 neckloop for a couple of years now - I first got it right after activation and used it for audiobooks for rehab. Lately I haven't used it much but at work our meetings are cancelled due to the need for social distancing - which in practice means conference calls. I tried using the speakerphone on my office phone but it's not very clear. Got out my neckloop, charged it up, and BINGO. I've been in several meetings a day and have been able to hear most of what's going on. It's amazing.
  16. @Mary Beth if the situation in May hasn't changed much (and I suspect it won't have) then I'd be surprised if my appointment weren't cancelled. Even our veterinarian is only seeing ill and injured animals, not doing checkups.
  17. We are still going to work - one thing you can't do remotely is manufacture tape. But we are cancelling in-person meetings and we all try to stay 6 feet apart. Anyone with symptoms or who has been in contact with someone with symptoms is required to stay home and self-isolate. We are lucky in that 3M will pay people while they're self-isolating and our health coverage pays for the tests. So far no confirmed cases in either the county I work in or the one I live in. If I could stay home and ride it out I'd be very confident indeed that we wouldn't catch is, we are way out in the country - our closest neighbor is a quarter of a mile up the road. I do have an audiology appointment in May. Depending on what's happening then I may cancel. I don't really want to be remapped anyway - last time we made just minor adjustment, and yet my brain acted like it was a huge change and everything sounded crappy for four months. I'm not really willing to lose four months of pleasant listening every six months! I'm happy with my mapping.
  18. @Dave in Pittsburgh - you should email in May. Jenna emailed me today and said that Med-El is cancelling everything for the next 30 days so I've probably missed my chance this year. But by June the coronavirus should be tapering off, I'd think, though after watching an interview with an epidemiologist last night I'm bloody well terrified and quite glad not to be flying anywhere. But deeply disappointed not to be able to participate in the research.
  19. So, heading into the geometric growth in COVID-19 cases.....dunno if I really want to fly anywhere, particularly since I've heard that several airports have confirmed cases - among the TSA agents! Sweet. I emails Jenna at Med-El and asked her what they were recommending. She is talking to her boss. I really, really don't want to miss the opportunity but I just don't know about flying. I'd be glad to drive but as the airfare was non-refundable I doubt Med-El would be able to let me be reimbursed for the mileage and two extra hotel nights. So I'm waiting to hear.
  20. Today I was listening to music while driving home from work. My car has a USB port in the console so I can load it up with lots of mp3 tracks and run it on random. Today I got a track that I haven't heard in a while - Hugh Laurie playing piano and singing "St. James Infirmary". The piano sounded great - such depth to the tones.
  21. Welcome, @verokine, and best wishes for your son!
  22. I hadn't heard of it. Not sure I want to pay $25/month though.
  23. I use the hair clip too. It doesn't look as cool, but as John noted, you also don't lose your processor.
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