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  1. I use the hair clip too. It doesn't look as cool, but as John noted, you also don't lose your processor.
  2. @Mary Beth yep, I'm going to miss that deck. It goes all along the back of the house to the left and has a lot of shade and privacy in summer.
  3. Ha, @Mary Beth, that's exactly what I posted to FB this morning - a picture of my backyard and the comment "clean snow".
  4. We just got about six inches of snow, as as my husband is two counties away, I went out to clear the driveway. I don't use the snowblower much and don't recall much about using it, so I just shoveled, the snow is light and fluffy. But I put a hat on - I'd never worn a hat over the Rondo2s before. Worked really nicely, though. Two of my neighbors walked over for a chat (nothing like everyone being out clearing their driveways to forge a bond) and we talked for a bit and shoveled for a bit. I've never been used to wearing hats because they made my hearing aids beep. It's nice to know that I can, now. Though I wish I hadn't, I ended up too warm and my head is all sweaty. Good think I had the Rondo2s on, they're more water resistant. 🙂
  5. @Mary Beth oh, I'm really glad to have the option of the Rondo2s. Some days my ears get fairly irritated by the Sonnets and it's nice to give them a rest. But I do like the two mics on the Sonnets.
  6. Yes, but it's not daily now because I haven't brought my chargers out to the new house. (Yes, we're still working on it....) But I use them pretty much exclusively on weekends, unless we go to a restaurant. Anyplace with background noise I still prefer Sonnets.
  7. @Kellygood best of wishes for your surgery! Being bilateral is wonderful - I hope everything goes well for you!
  8. Bilateral here, with Sonnets and Rondo2s. Each morning I get up and do my shower and whatnot, have breakfast and then when I get dressed I put on the processors. I'd probably do it earlier but my husband doesn't get up when I do. I use Sonnets for work and usually don't change the program at all unless there's a lot of background noise and then I change from Omni to Adaptive. I wear my processors till I go to bed. Hearing has become my default condition again.
  9. Sounds great, Tracey! Heal up and soon it will be activation time.
  10. Sonnets, longer lasting rechargeable batteries. Rondo 2, dual mics.
  11. @Tracey_66 I had a CT scan of my head, a physical from my regular doctor to get approval for the surgery, and some pre-op hearing tests from my CI audiologist. Some people, if I recall correctly, also get things like balance tests in case of vertigo, but I didn't have that.
  12. Just this morning I was sitting in my manager's office - we were talking about a project we're working on that involves some of the people who sit in cubes outside his office. Bob started speaking very quietly so that the others couldn't overhear and I was able to hear him well AND lower my own voice appropriately. Amazing.
  13. I'll be in Durham in late March - early April. Looking forward to it!
  14. This. I had no idea how much of an impact this would have, but it's been astounding. When we first started discussing this, I was worried about coverage (I shouldn't have, my company provides excellent medical) and my husband suggested that if insurance didn't cover it, I should do it anyway and we'd find a way to pay for it. I looked at him like he was crazy, but now? Not, knowing what I know, I'd take out a second mortgage if I had to in order to get CIs.
  15. I had been going to an audiologist who basically just upgraded my hearing aids every time I needed them replaced. CIs really weren't on my radar, even though as the years went by, the hearing aids helped less and less. I thought I was managing fairly well, but (and this is hard to describe) even though I thought I did OK at work and whatnot I also knew I had a serious problem. But no one had ever spoken to me about CIs. Finally my audiologist went out of network and I had to go to someone else, and that person tested my hearing, gave a slight scream when she saw the resulting audiogram, and said, Look, you are a candidate for CIs. Go see Dr H at the University of Minnesota. And I did, and within a couple of months I was having surgery. I didn't hesitate.
  16. @Mary Beth exactly. I never stop being amazed at what I can hear with my CIs.
  17. That's great, @Marion nancy!
  18. We were out at our new house today - we haven't moved in yet, we keep finding things the previous owners did badly and wanting to fix them. Today my husband decided that we needed an electrical outlet in the mudroom, and he also wanted a switch to control the garage lights, because the switches in the garage aren't by the door. So he connected the switch to the garage lights and also connected it to one of the outlets, and put a nightlight in that outlet (shaped like a rubber duckie, we are just SO classy) so that if the duck is lit up, we know we left the lights on in the garage and can switch them off. But it involved pushing a wire from the basement up through the wall, so he asked me to stand there by the hole in the mudroom wall, wait for the wire, and pull it out. So I was standing there and he spoke to me - through the hole in the wall, from the basement. And I heard him. I mean, we were talking. It was amazing.
  19. They have sales a lot. It's fun, though, you can use your own photos to make your skins. Mine are a picture of Stonehenge on my left CI and a sunset behind a tree on my right.
  20. Happy New Year, everyone! A year of hearing and, as Mary Beth said, WOW moments!
  21. @DncTchr2 good luck! I have had tinnitus since I was 15. It's still there - right after surgery it was a bit louder but that receded and now it's at a lower volume. I don't hear it at all when I have other sounds through my processors but at night it's still there. I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me. You're at the beginning of an amazing journey -best of luck!
  22. I went to a Meetup. Or a Mingle. I forget. There were about ten people there, quite a few of whom I remembered from here or the Facebook group. It was fun!
  23. Sorry, I'm still switching back and forth between the old house and the new house. I have an old laptop at the new house, where I stay during the workweek, but it doesn't have my HearPeers cookies or password saved, and I didn't remember it. I'm going to email it to myself. Anyway, yes, I have Rondo2s. I was lucky enough to fall into the promotion here in the US so I actually have Sonnets as well. Due to the background noise at work I tend to use my Sonnets there, but I really love to be able to switch to the Rondo2s in the evening and give my ears a break. The sound is excellent. How is your rehab going, @Nischal Koirala?
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