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  1. Did any of you find that listening to music helped you during the learning process shortly after activation? I have a USB port in my car and could use my commute for that.
  2. Oh, interesting topic - thanks for the input, Mary Beth, as I head towards receiving my first CI this is going to be helpful.
  3. @Kara of Canada - hey, you're in surgery now. Best wishes for success!
  4. @Mary Beth and @Jewel - I went to the CDC website and read the whole entry. It says to use either vaccine or both, and that the primary reason for the increased risk is that people who need CIs are more likely to have anatomical irregularities that would make you/us susceptible. In fact, come to think of it, once you have an implant that may constitute an anatomical irregularity itself. An operating room is a sterile place, you shouldn't be picking up a bacterial infection there. My surgeon confirmed that I can proceed with the Prevnar 13 as long as I follow up with Pneumovax 23 afterward. I'm inclined to trust the medical staff.
  5. @Jewel, you already have one ear implanted, right? I emailed and asked the nurse to confirm that I only need one. I'm quite sure I remember her telling me that last appointment. Surgery will be at the University of Minnesota - they have a big building on the edge of campus that includes the clinics (where I see the audiologist and the doctor) and an onsite surgery center.
  6. @Jewel Yes - I'm getting that on Monday too. My pre-op checkup and the vaccine.
  7. Yikes, I just confirmed my surgery date: April 13! My surgeon was booked till June but had a date open up so.....heeeeere we go!
  8. @Jewel that's one of my biggest frustrations. People may mean well, but it's head-bangingly frustrating for the deaf or HoH person.
  9. Thanks, @Mary Beth - I had looked at the ClearCaptions app but that requires that I have people call a different phone number and seemed impractical for a lot of calls for that reason. I'll check out InnoCaption.
  10. Hi @Jewel - the voice mail said the schedule's not open till June. I need to confirm today. I still find it sadly ironic that a person scheduling a cochlear implant surgery has to do it on the phone. But I'm going to hope that they hired someone who can speak clearly and loud enough.
  11. Next step: schedule surgery. Oh, you all here are WELL aware of how exciting this is!
  12. Next step: schedule surgery. Oh, you all here are WELL aware of how exciting this is!
  13. Well, my audiologist and my surgeon left it to me to decide (presuming, as you note, that the insurance company authorizes it). The CT scan of my head showed nothing that might impede successful implantation in either ear, and like you, I lost my hearing progressively over most of my life. I've been wearing hearing aids for 40+ years. And while logically I suspect that I could go bilateral with a single surgery and have it end successfully, I have come to the conclusion that the risk of losing my residual hearing in both years and having something happen to make the CIs not work for me may be vanishingly small but it's not zero. So that's that. Sequential it is. Now I'm just waiting on the insurance company and then we'll schedule the first surgery. But dang, I hate waiting. :-) Good luck with your second activation, @Jdashiell! So glad you're getting to bilateral now.
  14. @Mary Beth - do you know of anyone who's had the kind of catastrophic failure that I described? I keep telling myself that I'm worrying (no, let's be honest, obsessing) about something for which the likelihood that it will happen is vanishingly small.
  15. Or, if anyone would like the pdf and can't get to it, I downloaded it to my home computer last night and will email to anyone who asks.
  16. Hello all: I am waiting on my insurance authorization and then will be scheduling my implant surgery. My surgeon submitted to the insurance company for bilateral (all at once) but we have not made a final decision, primarily because although I want to end up bilateral, I can't shut down the muttering little core of fear deep in my unconscious. Here's the thing: I have almost no hearing in my right ear, but my left is - well, I'm not going to say functional because I struggle all day every day. But there's SOMETHING there. My fear is going into surgery and having both implants put in and then having something catastrophic happen and end up completely deaf. For one thing, my husband is retired and my income is what we live on, and for another, the whole point of the exercise is to be able to hear. And even though I've spoken to my surgeon and she has NEVER had a patient not be able to hear something (some people hear more than others, of course, but she said that the very worst result that she's seen is better than my current word comprehension). My audiologist said the same thing. So there seems to be little logical reason for that quivering little ball of fear in my subconscious. But there it is. I'd really really like to get them both done at once. I would like to qualify for PlusRondo on both ears, for one thing, and then too if my second surgery were to slip into next year that would be two years in a row when I'd be out my maximum out of pocket on my healther coverage. Do any of you experience CI users have any input that I could consider? Thank you so much.
  17. Hi Joyce, welcome! I'm actually hoping that the CIs help with tinnitus. I've been listening to my ears ring since 1973.
  18. You know, @Jewel, that's a really interesting thought. I'd think it might even be possible, mapping over the internet.
  19. @Jdashiell - yes, my challenge now is whether I can be confident enough in the outcome to go bilateral all at once and not drive myself completely crazy during the period between the surgery and activation. I am unaware of any anomalous issues with my ears or my hearing that would prevent success; but I don't imagine the few who experience less than productive outcomes did either.
  20. Mary Beth: I would guess that had to do with manufacturing capacity. I work in a medical device manufacturing facility and it's a balance between being able to fulfill customer requirements and having workers run out of work when the increased demand ends. You can't staff your plant for the most you could possibly want to manufacture or you'd be laying people off all the time in between. Sounds like Med-El managed it fairly well. After all, the people with the vouchers already had a processor. I'll be participating in PlusRondo and am okay if it takes a little while. (Note to Med-El moderators: that's not the same thing as wanting to be at the end of the line) :-)
  21. My surgeon submitted me for bilateral to the insurance company, but I can step it back to one at a time. I have to decide before we schedule the surgery because if I do bilateral it makes the procedure take longer than they can schedule in the surgery center so I'll be in the regular hospital. Yes, the audiologist said that I'd get 2 Sonnets and the Rondo 2s because of the offer. The timing is great for me.
  22. Sounds great! It's been a while since I've been swimming. So Mary Beth, I see in your sig that you had your implants about seven months apart. If I don't go bilateral all at once I do want to try to get the second surgery in this year. I'm so looking forward to directional hearing!
  23. Yikes, Ali, that antibiotic allergy sounds scary. I'm glad you got past it. Kara, thank you! I really appreciate the support offered by the users group here.
  24. Mary Beth: Sonnets, but I am taking advantage of the PlusRondo offer as well. I like the idea of not having a processor behind my ears - I have glasses too. I will be interested to learn the differences between types.
  25. Thanks very much, Ali, your story is pretty similar to mine! I just got an email from my audiologist saying much the same thing - the CIs *will* work. It's just a question of how much hearing I'll regain. But like you, I've been hearing all along - just badly. :-) Basically, hearing that my audiologist agrees with my surgeon is making me lean back towards going bilateral all at once. I believe that the rehab will go better because I won't have another ear to rely on. But I guarantee you that I will be nervous the entire time between surgery and the activation!
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