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  1. Hey all, my pain went down considerably today - woke up and it was a step change from yesterday. I do have a sort of ticking noise in my right ear when I swallow (the implanted ear which I'm quite sure is not actually hearing a noise). Kind of odd. @Jackie Erickson, how are you doing?
  2. Seems odd that they wouldn't at least consider taking official notice of the data that Ontario has. It's not as though they have to come to the same conclusion. But governments are weird.
  3. @Jackie Erickson, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. But as you've clearly already decided, well worth the short-term ill-effects! I've just been whining about head pain and having a protracted discussion about various pain relievers with some friends on Facebook but all in all it's a small price to pay if I can get some hearing back. Best to you, I hope you feel better soon!
  4. Canadians: to what extent would that help people in other provinces? My understanding is that healthcare is not a federal program, but rather each province has its own system. Is that true? Would Ontario's potential decision to underwrite bilateral CIs influence other provinces?
  5. Thanks, @Leisa. I have a lot of soreness around the ear and the implant but spoke (well, okay, my husband spoke) to the doctor and she is not worried, said I'm doing fine. It is getting better, just slowly. or so it seems, after all it's only a little over a week now!
  6. So I understand. I'm so used to it now that even if it doesn't go away, it's not really any different from what I've been hearing for the last 45 years. (!) The funny thing is that for a couple of minutes the other day it stopped. Just completely stopped. The silence was incredible. And then it came back. :-)
  7. Hi @Mary Elgab! @Mary Beth is correct, there are too many factors to predict what level of hearing you'll achieve, but your attitude is great. From everything I've heard (I'm awaiting my first activation too) the more you work at it the better your results will be, within the limits of your physical abilities. So go you!
  8. My tinnitus has settled down to pretty much what I've been used to hearing all my life (well, most of it anyway). It remains to be seen to what extent it goes away after activation! Two and a half weeks to go.....
  9. Hm, Minneapolis in June. I may just be here then. :-) It's the week after our vacation, we are going camping on my brother's place in Lutsen, near Lake Superior. I'll be post-activation then and may be hearing birds and the wind in the trees!
  10. @Jdashiell - wow, Joe, great news! Very happy for you.
  11. Joe and @Dave, who had activation yesterday. Hope all's well with both of you!
  12. Well, it never occurred to me that batteries would be covered. I've been buying hearing aid batteries all my life. This is cool. I wonder if this is something the audiologist will be familiar with? Because my insurance company has something of a hit or miss record with respect to their "customer service" people actually knowing the answers. I had one person give me three different answers. This is clearly a skill, but not one I'm looking for!
  13. Welcome, @DaveD! Good luck with your appointment. Let us know how it goes.
  14. Selfishly, from my point of view, better for FDA to wait till fall as originally anticipated because then I can schedule my second surgery and get two Sonnets and a Rondo2. If FDA does give approval before I do that I'll end up getting one Sonnet and a Rondo2, i suspect.
  15. @Dorothy - speaking as one who's in the first week post-surgery: the surgery will have a physical effect on you, but in my experience the acute pain didn't last long at all. Once the hospital nurse loaded me up with painkillers I went home and from there on the pain abated progressively. It's the Thursday after a Friday surgery and today it only hurts when I poke at it (so, you know....). I am still aware of the presence of the implant, but I'm told by everyone who's had the experience that that will go away and it will just feel like my head again. I have the sutures that dissolve so I don't have to go back in until activation day, which is actually two appointments: one with the surgeon to get the final "yep, go ahead" and then two hours with the audiologist. I'm going to be fidgety at work, but that's been true since I learned my surgery date. I think people are getting used to it!
  16. The thing is, I've been struggling to function longer than I think I needed to. I was working with an audiologist who just basically got me into new hearing aids every five years or so, but I can't talk on the phone and I don't hear in meetings and never mind noisy restaurants. So when that audiologist went out of network I got a referral from my primary care doctor and had my hearing retested and this new audiologist was amazed that I hadn't considered CIs before. I'm not angry with the guy, but I do think that I missed out on quite a lot the last 5-10 years. So yeah. I'm ready for this!
  17. Oh, @Mary Beth, I've BEEN excited. I come here and talk to you folks, I talk via instant message to a friend in Canada with a CI and I impose on all my hearing friends too. :-) Such a big deal.
  18. Good question - bear in mind that I haven't had the first yet so I can't speak to the MAPs. But I have activation on 5/9, a second appointment with the audiologist on 8/15, a third on 5/30, then on 6/20 I have the aural rehab person and the audiologist, 7/16 audiologist 8/7 audiologist and 11/7 audiologist. Looks a little more compressed than your schedule.
  19. Thanks, @Mary Beth - I thought that must be the case. I have EIGHT appointments now, one post-surgical with the doctor, six with the audiologist and one with someone who's supposed to help with aural rehab. I'm hoping the snow melts quickly so the driving into the city isn't too bad.
  20. So I'm working my way through the week here and wondering if what I'm experiencing is typical. I've not had a huge increase in tinnitus in the implanted ear (but then I had pretty serious tinnitus already). I also don't have significant pain anymore, five days after surgery. But....I do still have swelling and a weird awareness of the implant sitting there under the skin on my head. Was this something that you experienced CI peeps had happen also? How long did it take before that went away and it just felt like your head again?
  21. @Jewel - it is surprisingly difficult to let go of what you already are even when the potential is greater. It's different, and it means letting go in a very big way. At least, that's what I've found.
  22. W00t! I have an activation date: May 9. So tell me, how did you all stay patient while you waited? :-)
  23. I may try something like that tomorrow. I have avoided it so far because this particular pair of glasses is fairly snug and I don't want it pressing on the incision, which goes right around the back of the ear. (My husband said it looked like the hear came off and got sewn back on, a la Frankenstein). It's probably better to let the incision heal and just deal with the headaches for now. Or lay off the computer. My near vision is good enough that I can read comfortably without glasses if I hold the book or my e-reader at the right height. I should probably just read but I like the interaction online.
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