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  1. Oh, you know, I should have thought of that, thanks, Hameed.
  2. Bilateral here, implanted last year - right ear activated in May, left in November.
  3. It's not a Med-El URL, from what I can see without clicking on it.
  4. Thanks, Mary! I emailed Rob and sent him a screen shot, so he's going to forward it to someone who can help. @Jewel your problem sounds different, I can't even get to the fields to enter my credit card number.
  5. @Mary Beth I've emailed Rob, my CSR, already. We'll see what he says.
  6. @Mary Beth yeah, it was weird. I may try again later, maybe the page just didn't load completely. I wasn't going to bother with the insurance for the this - I just want replacement tethers. Insurance covers my mic covers, but they'll never pay for them due to my deductible. I don't have a lot of medical expenses, so I never do meet the deductible (other than last year, with both CI surgeries). So I was just going to order them myself. I can use my HSA.
  7. @Joan I never had Rondo 1. I was implanted last year and got Sonnets and Rondo2.
  8. I just tried to place my first order with the web shop and failed. It feels stupid, like there's something I've missed - and I shop online a lot, but the method they're using for credit card info wasn't working for me at all. It was there on the page but when I tried to click on "credit card number" no field opened up. It appears to be a mechanism called "Square" - do I have to register for that? I've emailed Rob but it's Saturday. Anybody know? Thanks. @MED-EL Moderator
  9. @Mary Beth The magnets are 3s. The Rondo 2s have always seemed very secure - they've been comfortable and easy to use since the first day.
  10. @Mary Beth not tricky at all, I just opened it before I put the Rondo on my head, then slid it through the hair and pushed it flat. No migration so far, but it's early. 🙂
  11. I've been using the collar-clip tether on my Rondo 2s. They're really pretty secure just with the magnets but since I have the tethers I've used them - I'd hate to lose a processor when it can so easily be avoided. About six months ago I caught the silicone tube thingy in the zipper of my travel case. It didn't break, but there was a little bite out of the side of the tether from the zipper. Last night it finally broke so this morning I got out the other tether - the hair clip one. And wow, I *so* prefer this. I was afraid it wouldn't hold well in my hair, which is really, really short, but you don't need a lot of hair for the clip to grab. It works really well. And the thing that I dislike about the shirt-collar tether just isn't an issue - if I put the clip on my shirt collar it pokes me in the neck, and even when I put it on the shoulder seam, which I do, the tether swings around and brushes my neck, providing a remarkably insect-on-the-skin sensation. So hair clips it is.
  12. @Mary Beth they adhere - at least, once I realized which side was the magnetic side, d'oh. I kind of wondered, though, whether the sound would kind of leak out. Would others have to listen to my movie too?
  13. @Mary Beth I did buy CozyPhones and suspect I'll like them once I'm used to them. Have a good trip!
  14. Yikes, confession time. I didn't. There were 250 people in the plane, making noise and I just said, yeah, no, and used captioning. I'll do better next time. 🙂
  15. Really well, thanks, @Mary Beth. It's quite different, before I was at a small, specialized manufacturing site that made a single product line of medical devices. And I loved working in medical, and I was immensely proud of what we built there - I started when it was a tiny company and was part of the team that built it so that the company paid a LOT of money for what we'd done. And I stayed there until the plant was fully integrated into our new corporation, and have now moved to our largest domestic manufacturing plant - not much for medical at all (some medical tape and some bandages mostly) but we make Scotch tape, blue painter's tape, electrical tape, and some specialized tapes for other manufacturing processes. It's quite a lot different in scale, but it's feeling really good to have a new challenge. And we've found a house nearby and expect to close on that in a month or so. So, big changes! But very good. Thanks for asking!
  16. @Rita Marquez were you referring to my comment about my co-worker's child? If so, yes, that seems to be the case, his inner ear works. I only mentioned it because AdHear is Med-El too.
  17. @dwb01d - nice, I'm glad you're seeing improvement. The more you rehab, the better it will be! My third mapping I was hearing the high-pitched beeping sounds too. It will fade away and voices will start to sound normal.
  18. Yesterday I went to the Arboretum and walked and looked at the trees and flowers. And the bees. And listened to birds! My walk took me through the woods at some places and the birds were just chirping away. And I was so glad to have my Rondo2s because it was warm and I was sweating pretty profusely.
  19. @Kylie, that's wonderful, I'm glad it's going so well for you. I referred to myself as a CI-borg in a meeting last week. I'm trying to get my new co-workers as used to this as my old ones were - though my friends at my old site were with me last year while I was being implanted, so it's a bit different. Our site IT manager has a toddler son who was born without external ears and uses AdHear from the sound of it - I haven't spoken to Keith about it yet, I've not got to know him that well yet. But the way others have described the child's devices there's not much else it could be.
  20. Hi @Daniel the Stranger! Good to see you. I'm far from the youngest when I go to the meetings like that, but yes, it's fun there too! And I'm reminded now that I have to get the dog treats to my brother's dog.....
  21. Hi @dwb01d - the high pitched sounds and ringing and whatnot are normal. Your brain will learn what to do with these sounds and you'll start to realize that the oddities are going away. Welcome!
  22. That's us! On Friday I had a dental appointment, and as my dentist is over an hour from my new job I didn't go to work at all - went to the dentist, had lunch with a friend, and then worked from home in the afternoon. My friend and I had a nice lunch at a Thai place across the street from my dentist's office and then popped into this shop around the corner - it's all dog stuff, treats and toys and beds and whatnot. We were buying dog treats when a woman there asked me about my CIs, and we ended up talking for almost half an hour. She was a writer, doing some stuff on contract for Cochlear Americas and just kept asking questions! And me, I talk, you know? We talked about the rehab process and what it's been like to be a CI recipient. I always like to have a chance to talk about what an amazing (but not necessarily easy) thing it is to be a CI recipient.
  23. @Sandy123 Mine stabilized at 9.5 hours. It will depend to some extent on your MAP. I have a strong bias against single-use things so I'm really loving rechargeable batteries - I've spent my life throwing out hearing-aid batteries and love that I don't have to do it anymore. I carry the battery wallet with me all the time and just swap out a battery when I need to. No biggie. I've changed batteries while walking through the plant at work, sitting in restaurants, in meetings, in the car. It will become something you just do.
  24. @Mary Beth just a general lack of clarity, a muffled sound. As this is my first year (well, the right's a bit more) I'm wanting to see what I get before I set a schedule.
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