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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in Happy Halloween 🎃   
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in Save the dates: Meetup Opportunity in Niagara Falls in 2020   
    @Joan  This could be fun!
    @Mary Featherston Drats!  I was hoping it would work. Eventually we will meet in person.
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in Save the dates: Meetup Opportunity in Niagara Falls in 2020   
    OH MAN.....well, I'll have to see.  My current plan is to be in California that week, there's a get-together that a lot of my friends go to that I don't otherwise see, plus it's near another little cluster of friends that I could drive over and see.  Shoot.  I'll have to see how everything shakes out.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in Celebrating the 4th bday of my second CI   
    @Mary Featherston
    Pink Martini!
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in Celebrating the 4th bday of my second CI   
    Happy birthday to your CIs, @Mary Beth!  Who will you be hearing?
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Daniel the Stranger in Med-El CI users in Australia   
    Yes, @Tutz67, best of luck with your activation!  It's a cool experience, followed by months more of cool!
    @Daniel the Stranger, congratulations on the house!  We just bought one too but it's not our first.  We're knee-deep in paint and cedar plank siding these days.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Kylie in Jess from Australia - Mum of Child with bilateral cochlears   
    It was funny - we met in a tennis class and found out that we live 2 suburbs apart!
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in Newly implanted   
    @bclap the sounds from your CI will sound buzzy and beepy for a while.  Give your brain a chance to learn to hear this way!  It's completely different from hearing via your inner ear.  Did your clinic give you any rehab advice?
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    Mary Featherston reacted to MallaRuth in Reimplant after nineteen years   
    Hi everybody. Just thought I'd share my situation with you in case it's of interest.
    I'm a bilateral CI user, had right ear implanted in 2000 and LE in 2010. My RE failed this summer whilst I was on holiday in Rhodes. My implant (well, I thought it was my processor) started switching off at random. I changed batteries a few times, then (using my left processor for spares) I switched the wire, coil, battery pack one at a time. After randomly switching off, the implant would come back on maybe 10 minutes later with a staticky sounding popping nose. After half a day of this, it pretty much stopped coming on altogether. When I got home later that week, my clinic sent out a new processor and I went through the process again of testing all the spare parts, finally switching the processor itself over: no joy. I went for tests the following week.
    I had my reimplant surgery less than a month later, on Wednesday 2nd October. My activation is next Thursday. I am excited to get back to stereo... and I wonder how different this new implant will sound. I've gone from a COMBI 40+ with standard electrode to a Synchrony II, so quite an upgrade!
    I've always found my left ear to be the 'weak ear' due to the 10 year gap. Using only my left ear since August has really strengthened it, I reckon.
    I'd love to hear the experiences of others who have had long gaps in sequential implantation, or have had to rehab following a reimplant. I'll update this following my switch-on.
    Ruth 🙂
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in Expectation after 2 years with CI   
    @mgfiest  I have a similar thing going on, though not exactly the same.  For me, the TV sounds really clear.  But music is taking a very long time.  I just noticed this week that some songs that had been sounding tinny and weird are starting to sound better - I have heard individual voices or instruments well for some time, but it's taking my brain a while to sort out harmony and multiple voices/instruments.  I think it's going to keep getting better!
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Rick H in October, November, December 2019 surgery/activation   
    Hi everyone & thanks for checking in Mary Beth! 
    Yes I had my surgery a little over a week ago (October 4th) but I just didn’t post anything yet as it was so uneventful! That is, not much to report, so I figured I would post after my activation. I have to admit this was one of the best surgeries I’ve ever been through. Everything was pretty much what I expected or less! My surgeon Dr Trac Duong , & the surgical staff at Overlake in Bellevue were fantastic! 
    The surgery was just over 3 hours & they implanted a Medel Synchrony with flex 28 electrode array. All electrodes got inserted & the doctor turned it on during surgery to make sure it worked. I went home that day & was surprised at how little pain or discomfort I experienced. The hardest thing was the plastic piece over my ear for 2 days riding on my ear lobe! Lol. I took all my pain meds & antibiotics as instructed but really the pain was never more than a 2 out of 10. I had a little pain in my ear when chewing at first but that went away before I finished my first meal! The other things were pretty much all the normal things we read about with this surgery.  A little discomfort in my throat from  the breathing tube that went away the next day & my sense of taste was gone on half my tongue which is getting better also. The good news is now my cooking is only half as bad! Just kidding! As expected there  was some numbing on my implanted side & I expected My tinnitus to increase which it hasn’t at all. In fact the only difference I noticed  is since shortly after surgery it has changed to a constant  oscillating ringing which is slowly going away. At first I thought I might have retained  some residual hearing as I didn’t  notice any difference in my hearing right after surgery but as the swelling kicked in the hearing went away in that ear so time will tell when the swelling goes completely away. I didn’t really notice how deaf I am since the surgery until a few days ago when I took one of my cars to the store. I’ve always been a car nut & people at work know me as the guy with the nice cars. But with my hearing loss I’m a little reluctant to drive them as they draw so much attention! When I came out of the store there where already 3 people waiting to talk to me. Even after telling them I had ear surgery a week ago & couldn’t hear them, they still kept asking questions. I felt really stupid having to asking them 2 & 3 times to repeat themselves. I guess until I’m activated I’m going to have a hard time understanding people! Oh well again expected that also!
    the only other thing I was surprised about was the level of vertigo was almost nothing until 2 days ago I had one strong episode that was so bad it made me sick & lost my dinner ! & when I got sick I heard like a wind chime going off in my implanted ear that changed to a loud ringing that lasted about 30 seconds. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about & I should take my nausea meds. I don’t know what brought that one episode on but other than that I’ve had almost no dizziness or nausea at all. So over all I’m very happy with the way this surgery has been.
    They did move my activation up to October 29th, so I’m really looking forward to getting my Rondo2 & Sonnet2. If activation goes even half as good as this experience I will be happy as can be! 
    Thanks & wishing everyone the best on the journey!
    I’ll post again after activation!
    Rick H
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    Mary Featherston reacted to dkritter in October, November, December 2019 surgery/activation   
    Yep, activation tomorrow 10/14/19, 2:30 in the afternoon central time. it's been a pretty quick 3 weeks from the surgery but these last two days have dragged. Can't wait to see what happens.
    Left ear lost all hearing 3/14/19 in two hours while out for a hike,  year before 5/28/18 most hearing in right ear overnight, but do have a hearing aid right ear that's somewhat functional.  I feel like I've been living with half a brain - exhausting to say the least.
    Hoping once activated and into my rehab - my head will feel balanced.
    I'll be activated with the Rondo2 tomorrow and have the Sonnet as well but need to keep that in the package to turn in for Sonnet2 upgrade this fall.
    Updates forthcoming
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    Mary Featherston reacted to JohnL in Hi to everyone   
    welcome. You will find a lot of interesting and useful information as you scroll through the various topics on the forum. 
    I was activated about 3 months before you. The best advice I can give you is to dedicate yourself to aural rehab. It can be boring and frustrating but, in my view, is very important. I’m not where I want to be after 6 months but I am better than I else’s at 3 months - so keep your chin up!  
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in A Bilateral Year   
    Congratulations @Mary Featherston!  So happy that your CI journey has gone so well.  That is awesome!  
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in A Bilateral Year   
    One year ago, right now, I was in the OR having my second CI implanted.  My life since then has changed immeasurably.   My heartfelt thanks to Med-El, and also to the community here, which has been stalwart in support of all the implantees that wander in.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in My CIs had quite a workout yesterday!   
    Yesterday was probably the most intense listening day I have ever had.  After a full day of work, I participated in a large group meeting for over 6.5 hours.  Fourteen people.....many times there were multiple conversations happening at once....intense debates.  I never would’ve been able to participate equally before getting my CIs.  It is perfectly fine with me if I never put them to this kind of test again.  Smile.  But they did not let me down.  And I am thankful that my hearing no longer limits my ability to participate equally in groups.  Thank you Med-El!
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in Funny C moment   
    Ha!  That must have been cool.  Now if you could just predict how long that last 13 minutes for the washer will last.  I've seen my washer tell me 1 minute left for at least 15 minutes.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in Funny C moment   
    I have a funny Roger Select story....... Jill and I are watching an old movie while I knit.  It is not loud.  So I set up the Select near the TV and I am on MT setting.  We are also doing laundry so the dryer is running in the basement.  The dryer causes a slight interference when I am on T.  It sounds like a quiet pulse.  No problem.  Easy to ignore.  Jill came up from the basement and said the washer has 13 minutes left.  I said but the dryer is done right?  She said yes...how did you know that?  I said I heard the dryer go off.  She said NO WAY!  (Since it is impossible for anyone to hear those quiet sing song chimes that signal the dryer is done from upstairs.).   LOL.  I explained about the pulsing interference and how it slowed down and then stopped so I knew the dryer was done.  LOL. You should’ve seen her face.  LOL
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in A focused on hearing kind of day   
    Isn’t it just wonderful @Mary Featherston!
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in A focused on hearing kind of day   
    @Mary Beth I love when I can have those hallway conversations with colleagues.  Walking in opposite directions, little quiet jokey comments.   Listening to music in the car, visiting with some people that I used to work with.  Just being able to live a normal life again.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Rick H in New to hear peers & Choosing brands   
    Hi everyone 
    i just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your experiences & advice! It really helped me to make an informed decision! I had my pre-op appointment with my surgeon & audiologists yesterday.  In 2 weeks from today I’ll start my new journey & be implanted with a Med-el Synchrony with Sonnet2/Rondo2 processors! Yeah!!😀
    getting nervous but I’m sure it is going to be great!
    thanks again
    Rick H
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    Mary Featherston got a reaction from Mary Beth in Finding the HearPeers Forum   
    I think I just stumbled on it while I was researching the three brands.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Mary Beth in The importance of the internal components when choosing a CI brand   
    This is a great article that explains and shows various electrode array designs by different CI brands and the result on insertion trauma to the cochlea as well as hearing ability with the CI.
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    Mary Featherston reacted to VeroNika in First sound you heard today...a little fun   
    Birds outside my window - a really nice sound! :)
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    Mary Featherston reacted to Jdashiell in First sound you heard today...a little fun   
    Well we managed to escape the monster Dorian that wreaked havoc of the Bahamas and the North florida coast as is continues to move northward.
    There was a lot to prepare for and later restore to normalcy.
    I pray for the people in the current path and and beyond.
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