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    Candidate for a hearing implant
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    Over 5 years
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    Cochlear Implant
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    German Measles
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    Post lingual Hearing Loss
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    Not applicable
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    Unilateral implant
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  1. Dear Mary, Yes, it's ceramic Implant. Regards, Erwin
  2. Dear All, Kindly need your advise on the reliability level of Medel PULSAR. Is it any issue encountered to user who used this CI type ? Thanks, Erwin E0607022530.pdf
  3. Dear All, My name Erwin. I'm from Batam Island, Indonesia. I'm a father of my beloved son, Wisnu, with hearing loss (profound) since born on both ears at 100dB. We know it after his age 9 months old. Wisnu used hearing aid until now (9 years old) and there's no significant progress on his communication. This year, we plan to do CI (Cochlear Implant) with Med-El PULSAR due to budget limitation for 2 ears. But we heard from our colleague even audiologist, not to use PULSAR since it's made from ceramic (worry to break when hit something on the head). And they recommend to use SONETA which is made from Titanium and also high cost for us. Thus, please help to advise to decide whether we choose 2 ears with PULSAR or 1 ear with SONETA?. Also is it true that PULSAR with ceramic is so brittle to use? Thanks for your kind attention and advise. Warmest Regards, Erwin
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