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  1. Thank you. I had a one week, two weeks, one-month mapping appointment and now have to wait for the 3-month appointment. I asked for another appointment before then and was told there were none available. That is basically my aural rehab I guess. My hearing aid is hard plastic and my ear is very sore, painful even after a little more than 2 hours of wearing. The behind the earpiece becomes very sore to wear after a few more hours. I previously wore hearing aids ( up until 3 years before implant as they were not doing anything for me anymore). These hearing aids were a soft tip. I inquired about the hearing aid portion of the EAS changed to soft tip but was told it would not work. I hear a "white noise". This white noise or static sometimes overrides what I am supposed to hear. I have a ringing in my ears when I wear the implant when I eat, yawn or when my back teeth touch. When I am sleeping and lay on the side of the implant the ringing wakes me up. I joined this blog to find out is other are experiencing this and if this goes away in time. I know hear pitches that I didn't hear before, but what I hear sounds the same. RIght now I cannot distinguish if it is a bird or something else. WIll my brain eventually learn the difference? Answers to these questions are helpful with learning to be patient and know that it does get better with an approximate timeline.
  2. Hello. Just reaching out to see if there is anyone else living with a EAS Cochlear. I am a recent recipient (March 2018). Not what I expected, having difficulties adjusting. I understand everyone is different, just wondering if this is the “norm” and it could take months before I am comfortable. What is anyone else experiencing?
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