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  1. I just bought water wear for my son and a head band... can they be used at the same time?
  2. Oh wow! That is a lot of information! Thank you so much! I appreciate your time! I will be able to make an informed decision now!
  3. @Mary Beth Ok, I was trying to find a way for him to use the Rondo 2 and the Roger system. But if the Roger mylink has that problem then he will just have to keep wearing his Sonnet. Seems a waste. We were really looking forward to the R2. But the information you have given doesnt seem conducive to a good learning experience. Thank you for explaining it!
  4. @Mary Beth I may need a bit more information then. He uses the Roger 21 and Roger Pen with his Sonnet. But this wont be the same case with the Rondo 2, correct? So, how can he not use the Roger mylink?
  5. @Mary Beth that is not good news at all. He is just getting used to using the FM system at school with his Sonnet. I was hoping to not have to buy anything to keep this system up. I guess he just won't wear it at school till I can afford or figure something out. Thank you so much for the information.
  6. Hey everyone! Do you know if the Roger Pen will work with the Rondo 2? We are supposed to program my sons R2 on the 21st! Haley
  7. My son was activated June 27th. His audiologist advised us to keep his HA and his CI in. We do all his therapy with both devices. But we do a lot of listening and learning words and sounds. He has really been a trooper. He loves his Roger pen, we wear it all day long. He also loves over the ear headphones. I enjoy reading all of your experiences since he doesn't really give me a lot of description! ?
  8. I have littered the house with night lights! It seems to work. I have put over 10 of them around his room, the hall, my room, the bathrooms. He has slept for 1 full week in his own bed. I am thankful for your comments!
  9. Thank you! Im excited and a whole bunch of other emotions! Haha im also pretty anxious about the AVT that follows.... is that pretty frustrating?
  10. My 5 year old had his first CI done on May 22nd. We go for activation on June 27th. What should i expect? Im anxious. ?
  11. My boy is 5 and has profound hearing loss. We got his CI May 22nd. We activate June 27th. Have any parents had issues with your child not sleeping thru the night? Mine, since birth, has woken up around 2am looking for me. He says he is afraid. Would you think it is bc he can't hear us in the house and has to have visual confirmation?? Has anyone dealt with this?
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