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  1. Hello Caroline and Mary Beth and others I am now a recipient of a CI (about 2 months ago) for my single-sided deafness. In response to Caroline's queries, I can only relate my own situation but here goes. My audiologists gave me a 'trial' BAHA for a couple of weeks. This was held against the skull with a tight headband. It only marginally improved hearing in the deaf ear, but not enough for me to notice any improvement in noisy restaurant/pub situations. You might like to ask about this. So I made the decision to go for a CI. The CI is working well and has already improved things for me, although I am expecting 6 months or more before it reaches its peak performance. Or should I say before my 65 year old brain reaches its peak performance, because that's what it is all about - the brain has to adjust to the new signals coming in. It has not been an easy process and I have had to put considerable time into exercises, but that pays off. The surgery was ok and I felt well soon after. However, in my case the recovery then became slow as after a couple of days I developed severe dizziness - which has improved but I am still working on, with help from neuro physiotherapists. I say 'in my case' because the severity of this is not at all normal but you should talk with your ENT specialist about that. Despite the setbacks, I am convinced that it was the right thing to do for me. Hope that helps a bit!
  2. Hi Gemma Thank you so much for directing me to your blog. I can relate to a lot of the things you are saying. Although I can 'get by' in most group situations by positioning myself, there are others where this is impossible. I'm sure you would know the scenario, particularly when someone joins the group on the wrong side. But sitting at a dinner table with a group is another matter. I normally put my wife on my deaf side because whatever she has to say can wait till later! As this only affects me in social groups, I have been willing to accept the disadvantage until now. But stories like yours are definitely pointing me toward a CI. You have commented in your blog that coping in noise is better but not perfect. I don't spend a lot of time in pubs, but this is the worst situation for me, as I'm sure it is for most people with SSD and many other hearing conditions. The noisy restaurant situation is more often the case - I would be interested to hear if you have found that you can easily hear the person on your 'deaf' side under those circumstances. That in itself would be a huge incentive to try a CI. The rehab part of your blog is very informative, thanks for that too. It is important to know what may lie ahead. It may be relevant too that I have trialled a BAHA. It gave me good results in quiet situations but gave virtually no help in very noisy circumstances. Thanks again for making contact. Obviously SSD cases do not form a huge percentage of CI recipients so it is very useful to 'hear' what you have to say.
  3. Hi Mary Yes I would definitely be interested in this and thank you for contacting me. Please see file attached. Mark.pdf
  4. Thanks Megan and Kara. Its really encouraging. May I ask which CI brand you both used?
  5. Hi Stranger Thank you so much for posting about this. I am with the audiologists at SACIC, after referral from my ENT specialist. They have been excellent and informed me very well. The problem has been that they only have one previous client case similar to mine, and as of this date I have not heard from the CI recipient (they asked him to contact me more than a month ago). Its great that within 24 hours I have heard from you and Mary Beth. It seems like your case may have some similarities to mine, although my (single-sided) hearing loss was over a period of about 6 months in my mid 40's - I am now in my mid 60's. Would be interested to know who your team has been, especially since we are both in Adelaide. Certainly I am also interested to 'hear' of your progression with the CI. I wish you success! I am aware that a Bonebridge would not give me directional hearing and is a totally different system to CI. The question was more related to whether it might provide a better result than a normal BAHA. Thanks for the link to the blog - what a journey!
  6. Thank you Mary Beth. Its the first time I have heard that story and it will help to have your information.
  7. My name is Mark. I come from Adelaide in South Australia. I have almost total deafness in one ear, although hearing tests say I still have a minor amount of hearing left in that ear. Not enough for me to recognise sound or for a normal hearing aid. The loss of hearing occurred about 20 years ago. I am currently considering a Cochlear implant (single side), but have not found anyone in Australia with whom I can compare notes. Neither have my audiologists. I understand that the longer it is since the hearing loss, the less likely that hearing from an implant will be successful. However, the small amount of residual hearing may be a positive sign. Interested to hear from anyone who may have had an implant in similar circumstances (successful or unsuccessful!) I have the normal difficulties hearing in situations where there is background noise (restaurants etc) which may be exacerbated by tinnitus (also in the same ear), although the tinnitus does not normally bother me. I have trialled a BAHA but it doesn't appear to be the solution. I am also aware of Bonebridge - is that likely to be a better system than a normal BAHA? Many thanks to anyone who may be able to assist.
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