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  1. I would love to be able to go to a MedEl gathering. As it is, I am the only MedEl recipient in my town, and last I heard there were 19 in my state, but they are scattered. I often check the MedEl Meet Up calendar on Facebook, but so far have not been able to manage one into my schedule in another state. A couple of years ago I was informed that MedEl would be expanding in Alaska, and I am still eagerly hoping that they do. Once they get the US Hear Peers going, it would be great if there were a large gathering put together for perhaps Alaska, Washington and Oregon. I'd buy a ticket and go, for sure! I love meeting others with CIs!
  2. I signed up - And thanks, Mary Beth, for reaching out to me via Messenger. Where do we log in to see it?
  3. @Mary Beth - Yes, I am still participating in Dr. Limb's research, and spent this past Monday in the lab there. There is a new phase (5), and I was given yet another, newer map on Monday and I have to say it is amazing. What they have given me far surpasses the Vanderbilt map, which I still have on programs 3 & 4. I will be back @ UCSF next month to test this latest achievement. I had 2 flights on my way home from SFO on Monday night, and (sit down for this one LOL) I was able to understand every word of every announcement on the PA system on both airplanes. No kidding! I honestly don't think that PA technology on airplanes has gotten that great... I could hardly understand those announcements when I had 2 perfectly good ears! LOL So this is something special, indeed. They are still looking for participants in this study, and yes, it is image guided mapping. I would encourage anyone and everyone to sign up! I will never switch out my IG maps for the traditional maps, Mary Beth. It would be like trading in the Cadillac for an old Datsun.
  4. The most inconvenient time for my batteries to die inevitably happens when I am making phone calls to potential employees to set up interviews. Somehow my processors "know" I am doing this, when I am trying my best to sound professional, and then "beep beep beep". LOL
  5. Hi Mary Beth: I travel frequently and always bring all of my batteries - Rechargable as well as disposables for my Opus 2s. I upgraded to Sonnets a couple of weeks ago and have decided that since there is no easy on/off switch on the Sonnets (I like to turn them off during flights), I will probably use the Opus 2s just for the flights and then switch back to the Sonnets once I get where I am going. I have three trips planned over the next several months, so I will be bringing everything for both sets of CIs with me.
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