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  1. Thanks for your reply Bobbyco, but like Mary Beth says, I cannot hear when I take off the CI at bedtime. So far a strobe light bulb set with a timer has been waking me up. Also I figured out how to get my cellphone alarm to flash...the clock alarm turns on, it rings and makes the flashlight "flash". So with those two things flashing, it's waking me up!
  2. That looks like just what I need, (as long as the light is bright enough), thank you...you always come through with just the right information for us!
  3. There are some good options here. I am going to try a light bulb that flashes/strobe plugged into a timer and see if it will wake me. If not, then I'll look into these other solutions. When my cellphone clock alarm flashed, it always woke me. But the flash stopped working, (don't know what happened).
  4. Mary Beth, I am looking at the Fitbit online and see there is an Alta and an Alta HR...which one do you use?
  5. I never thought of a FitBit! Thanks!
  6. Could folks share what they use to wake them? I cannot hear an alarm clock. I was was able to wake up with the flash on my cell phone. All of a sudden, the clock alarm on the cell phone no longer flashes. I see online that many alarm clocks have something that shakes the bed, but before I try that, I was hoping someone has a better solution.
  7. Adam's reviews explained things about the Roger Pen so well that I may be able to start using it. Thanks for putting all this info out there.
  8. How does "mute" work on the Artone neckloop? I cannot find any mention of "mute" in the users guide.
  9. Thank you Mary. There's so much to learn!
  10. Thanks to you all for the replies. Right now it's working in MT, maybe I'll try T again in a day or two.
  11. Mary, yes, it is around my neck...It's working now, I had to put my finetuner into "MT" and then I took an incoming call...it worked, I actually heard it in my ears. BUT it wasn't "crystal clear", it was kinda groggy sounding, but I could understand. I am sooo happy that this thing is working, I was afraid it was defective.
  12. I will try again, but one more question before I do...do I put my finetuner in "T" before I anticipate that I will get a phone call? Because as soon as I put it in "T" I hear NOTHING...
  13. HELP...I bought the Artone Neckloop yesterday, charged it, paired it to my Samsung cellphone, and pressed the button in the center to turn on. My friend called me and I can't hear anything. I then paired it to my friend's iPhone and still no sound when she did a test call to me. Then I checked my volume, it's all the way up. I read the few troubleshooting paragraphs in the instruction that came with the neckloop and see where it mentions that I must have the tele coil on...so I pushed the "T" on my finetuner and ALL sound went away. What am I doing wrong?
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