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  1. Aww... Hi @Jewel! Thanks for remembering me! How are you? Oi... yes..... just same old habit of checking in for a while, then getting distracted with stuff! Eesh, just trying to feel good about self lately with the 'highlights' and not mixed about how I'm doing with progress or being bad with practicing, especially reading some of the newcomer's 'better' achievements on here with hearing so well! Thanks for the sweet reminder post, though! Hugs and Positivity, right? Not doubt! Such as: The birds are out! I can hear them! Had a very clear short chat with mom on my cell phone for the first time in years! (grr... now if the landline office-style phone at work was only easier. Seriously, that's been the main source of my anxiety/confidence... I just. Can't. Hear. on it as well, compared to cell phone... it's so frustrating people still sound like Mickey Mouse despite sounding better to my brain everywhere else.) My tv shows are also getting easier to hear. The world is just so dang noisy, lol! Met up with a fellow user! Small world - my mom went to high school with her, and someone at my store is her neighbor, and they both suggested we should meet up for a friendly face, and to help each other out, because even though she's had hers for a year, she still struggles a bit with adjustment/getting better, being older and late-deafened, instead of growing up with it like me. Plus, when she suggested I just come over to her place for convenience, she commented 'and you can see the place your dad (a carpenter) built for us 30 years ago!' ;D So we met, and her husband was there as well, and ended up just chatting at the table for about 4 hours... wow, was nice just running down our stories, and strange but sweet being the one who could point out new stuff about the 'toys' (accessories) and rehab options that despite doing it for a while, she still seemed clumsy with! Huh... who knows. Made me feel a little better, anyway, and nudged me a bit, about feeling down about my level of excitement/motivation/discipline with practicing much and how we're all at different levels, despite Time. Also also... excited about finally going on a trip next week to see my family out West again, my first in a year! They'll get to see me with my new Ears, and tell/show them everything, and keep up better with them than before, and hear all of them different! Yay! Now to just remember to pack all my stuff (and think about how I'll do my batteries?), but from comments I've seen on here before, it really doesn't sound like airport security should be a big deal (or if I even have to bring it to their attention). Thanks for all the great posts!
  2. Hey again guys! So, yeah... I totally have had my Rondo for a month now, too! ;D Very cool! Instant fan of how it's less in the way (I know, I know, minor inconvenience with my glasses and hair that have nothing to do with performance, ha!), and the super long charge! But as far as the sound goes, I can't quite put a finger on it! I think it sounds about the same/better in some ways, but in some ways (like others have already said), the directional mics really help, so there's that. It's fascinating how the adaptive sound works - for example, idly singing a song when I turn my bathroom faucet on full blast. Sonnet: my voice sounds the same. Rondo: instant drop in volume of my voice, the water drowning it out! Plus when switching between the two, it almost sounds 'tinnier' (again, I think... it's so subtle) than my Sonnet, which doesn't make sense since same kind of auditory software and map, but maybe my brain just 'switching' between the sound quality? I see a couple people also mentioned that. My Sonnet sounds louder and not as tinny (for lack of better word...) ... it's a bit of a change trying out the Rondo the next day, and it still sounds great, but people's voices not as clear and I don't think as loud... I think... again, it's so subtle (and even worse on the phone!). 😜 Also, yes, I agree with others that my hair rustling isn't as annoying with the Rondo. Wind is still awfully sharp, though. Haven't tried the tether, just yet, because I'm not super 'active' and it seemed to grab on pretty strongly. Speaking of which - Other point of note that is my only frustration so far, kind of 'ack' and definitely need to bring it up at my next appointment which unfortunately isn't until next week. After happily wearing nothing but the Rondo for a while, I eventually had to switch back for the most annoying reason - the magnet must be stronger than my Sonnet (which makes sense they'd want to be carefully secure), but I think it's so strong (the 3-triangle level) that at the end of the day, that side of my head hurt, the nerves very sensitive to the point of giving me a headache! When I was stuck at work, it helped to take it off during my break, and the rest of the night would usually be ok, but geez, it was sore! Anyone else deal with that?
  3. Me too! Had a quick visit last week, just to touch base, told my audi about ups and down with the Roger pen and phone and audiobook and how I feel like I'm doing okay, but sometimes mixed confidence just "coasting" along, and she poked me about practicing, of course... 😜 😜 And then... and then she happily commented that oh by the way, we need to set up another date in January (the 30th) because my Rondo would be in. Cool!
  4. Thanks, @Jewel ... sometimes lately just been feeling 'bleh' from the weather, holidays coming up, allergies, confidence in hearing, etc.... but your story reminded me of a recent one to share back (and a needful reminder of 'relaxing' in my head and feeling 'yay' about stuff)... Walked out to my car, and I usually park at the side of the parking lot, bordered by bushes. As I walked by (I'm surprised they didn't fly away from me being only about four feet distance) a group of those tiny little round birds suddenly excitedly (or angrily?) burst into chittering tweets for a bit, and I just blinked and glanced over, standing there amused and touched for a moment at the fact that I could hear them so clearly.
  5. Yes, that's what I meant by the 'other' way I tried putting it on! Pull hair back, Sonnet in place first, nice and quiet, then make a fluid motion down to grasp the magnet and slide it up. That's better for no fingers accidentally brushing against the top mic from trying to adjust/hold it. Except quite a few times, go figure, my hair (when I was trying to adjust it from my face) or (even carefully) putting my glasses on would bump the darn thing off anyway. 😜 😜 😜 I just gotta get good at the gymnastics of it.
  6. Ha... yeah... the things they don't tell us about long hair being an 'issue'! ;D Thanks for the idea... that's sort of what I'm doing, sort of not, and it works, just annoyingly gets 'jarred' sometimes, and just seeing how to be more 'adept' with it. My magnet is more at an angle behind my ear, not above, so I usually just hold the hair back at that 'level', then drop it. I don't see how you're not brushing the microphone at all though, seeing as the darn placement of the thing is right near the top of the Sonnet, and my finger touches when I tuck it on the top of my ear. Huh... made me think about the Rondo, though... how it'll be further back to place the phone against, then (if and when I start using the phone on that side... 😜 😜 )
  7. Ugh, @Jewel, I know! (regarding the molds, books, and phone) The mold, well... that's a long-time on-and-off problem with frustrating skin. I don't know what other people use, but my skin just gets so dried and sensitive and ucky at the end of a day, wearing it, and I'm particularly picky about cleaning it all out with a damp washcloth, then just picking it off... I try to vary it between a tiny bit of plain lotion, Eucerin, neosporin (if very chafed that day... allergies seem to have a factor too!), and my mom pushed trying just plain vitamin E salve. I don't know sometimes... even the implanted side still gets a bit of dried skin once in a while, and like I said, it's so much better with not even wearing anything on that side anymore! I hear ya with the books, too. I'd rather just read at leisure, ha! But after getting annoyed/struggling with the less-understandable mickey-mouse-sounding hearing apps, I figured having a more conversational narrator to listen to would at least be okay (kind of like trying to not look at captions on tv shows, but still have them/the actual book there, just in case) and not feel guilty about not practicing (stuff in 'real life' didn't really count - I do just fine there). Which brings me to the phone, and all your guys current comments on programs. Ugh, not to feel klutzy with that, too, but... yeah. Nice to just hear you talk about! I realize that, like I commented in last post, I'm pretty darn 'simple' as far as just staying on the default setting all the time and can't help but think I should experiment more, or not sure what I'm doing with what instances I would want to switch to which programs. Such as the phone, obviously being more familiar with t-coil, but it really depends. My cell I always used with my regular aid, no t-coil (made it sound too tinny). The work phone is awkward... I'm in a retail department, so our area just has the basic multi-line corded office-style phone all departments have, shared between all of us. I discovered I heard so much better with my old aid on t-coil, but as I mentioned, I can't 'switch' around with my 'temporary' ITE, and people still sound mickey-mouse unintelligible half the time, using my implant instead, which isn't good when you're taking a customer call. Ugh... I'll see if the guy at the clinic has any thoughts. Thanks!
  8. Gotta say I'm glad I haven't really been in any conference or crowd situations like that, or have to for work... sorry to hear! Pretty sure I'd /not/ be able to keep up well. Also pretty sure I know what you mean about the 'wind' sound though... just the road/'whoosh' of the car. Hopefully it'll tone down. You really are trying a lot more than me, though! Like I commented in the wow thread, I know I'm doing okay, just get swirled up sometimes thanks to how my mind gets with "keeping up" with things or "coasting" along, or being 'eager'. Just tend to be simple in my habits and stay on the default setting instead of often experiment, and what exactly I practice with and how often. Still frustrating/difficult would definitely be the phone. Haven't gotten much practice with that yet. In my sheepish defense, it was impossible at first... you can't understand people when they're even more digital and all high-pitched. :PP Ehh. Thank goodness for still having an aided ear, to pick up the work phone when absolutely no one else can get it. Except - last month when I was cleaning out that ear (since I /hate/ dry skin/wax), I must've slightly scratched myself on the underside of that curved... 'ridge', whatever you call. Being as the top of the mold rests inside there, it gradually got so red chafed it hurt to wear it. Thank goodness for remembering my pair before my last standard BTE's-and-mold were the tiny little ITE's I tried out! I found them in my drawer, had to buy new batteries and yay, no chafing mold. Except then I had another problem... I couldn't hear well on the clunky office-style work phone unless I was in T-coil, which I couldn't do with this one cuz I'm not sure where the remote is anymore. Gah. 😜 ;D Was proud of myself a couple times managing to squeak by since the person had a deep voice, and just hard being able to press the phone tightly close enough, without getting awful feedback, but... oi, something's gotta change. Thought nearly two weeks was enough to let my annoyingly-sensitive skin recover, but a few days of wearing the mold again, and I was right back to being super-chafed. Hate sensitive skin sometimes... it's always ucky from mold by end of the night when I clean it, then dries out. I did make myself schedule a time to go into the closer local clinic (not my main audi in the city) for a new mold tomorrow, thinking this one is so old, it must be irritating my skin. We'll see! Oi... I think the best thing for my skin on my implant side has been not wearing a mold anymore! And my audiobook that's my main source of practice right now (besides tv shows, since the app is also high-pitched hard) is so much work... if not for promising to follow along the whole time listening to the narrator, I would have been far far ahead by now, leisurely reading at my own pace, wherever I wanted (not just at home where it's easier to listen)! Because you're trying to 'work at it' by just listening, but then you need to keep track of where you are on the page (since can't catch /everything/ he says), but try not to rely on just reading.... So... yeah. Ha. Ack... well, sorry that went on so long! Ha... just had a couple different things wanted to comment on, thought would be helpful to share. Thanks for listening!
  9. Ack.... I hear ya with the 'clink' of everything... not so grating/high as in the beginning. Similar with the ventilation fan in the work break room... was kinda irritating for relaxation, but I don't recall being annoyed by it lately. (although I say that, and then remember that hey, it's probably quieter because it's winter and they don't have the air running? Oh well.) And gah, yes, Daniel! Not so much the 'sudden sound', but annoyance with adeptness putting it on. I've tried it both ways - stick the magnet first, and then grasp the earpiece in a fluid movement and tilt it on. Or put the earpiece on first, then slide finger back to get the magnet and pin it up, all while my other hand holds my hair back. Either way, my fingers inevitably rub against the microphone while adjusting it, which really grates a little. And sometimes if I do the earpiece-part-first, or trying to adjust my hair around, the darn thing falls off. Maybe just a 'new'(ish) thing or long-haired thing still iron out... eh. I'm kinda looking forward to trying a Rondo, for that aspect!
  10. Yeah, it's not bad, thanks! But... yeah, yeah, I know can share everything, too... thanks guys. Was just trying to stick to the thread, and... as you know how it goes... sometimes you only have little moments here and there to speak up about, and otherwise 'coast' along through daily life. It's just the 'coasting' part I think I was poking myself about, depending on how my mood/energy/heck, even the weather varied. Like I wasn't being proactive or 'yay' enough about working on things. But I'll talk about that in the other threads. Awww.... the sound of your pets sniffing you... Hee... 😜
  11. Huh...... cool! Thanks for the thread! I admit I feel kinda out-of-touch clueless and almost forgot I'm gonna get one soon, even though I read through a bunch of Rondo threads back when I started hear to get familiar with the differences/lingo/etc, but have since forgotten a lot of it and am not sure what I should know about it, or will like/dislike, or should take advantage of! My audi and I haven't chatted at all since I last saw her in October, I guess I kinda assumed we would bring this all up when I see her next week. I'll let you know. Honestly, I think the Rondo would be kinda awesome for being out of the way... my main 'complaint' (minor as it is) about my Sonnet, is just the once-in-a-while tilting off my ear, or the too-loud sensitivity with my hair brushing right on the microphone when I'm trying to keep it tucked out of the way. I couldn't really say anything one way or other about the microphones... feel like I 'should' be trying out my programs more, but for daily life I tend to be just fine with the regular omni setting on my Sonnet, so don't have much to compare that to.... maybe I should look up a refresher on feature differences.
  12. Ha... come back from badly lurking/forgetting about the forum again (I'm alive!) to stumble across such a pretty kitty, and an amusingly on-point tangent for those of us who don't hear. It's funny, since I don't really think I feel the need for actual 'breaks', exactly, but I'm so with some of you in simply not bothering to put my ears on for a while if I don't need to hear, just totally at ease in the silence until I either leave for the day, or start doing something that requires sound! Heck, sometimes on my days off, unless I bring up a show or movie or run out or have a visit, I can go half the day without using them! That said, to give a 'nod' to the thread topic, there were a couple cool moments lately since I've been gone that you'll appreciate - number one was realizing it's been ages since I actually went to the theater to see a movie... just preoccupied, or got busy, or nothing I wanted to see, or right at the beginning of things, knew it wouldn't sound the best. Now, though, I knew things sounded better and kinda missed going, so I took myself to see Ralph Wrecks the Internet, for fun. And, honestly, wow, it was kinda Loud!! ;D I even turned it down just a tiny notch with my remote. Still used the Capti-view, of course, and hard to tell sometimes, but pretty sure I caught more words on my own before I had actually 'read' them. So, cool. The other moment was on Thanksgiving... I got stuck with the morning shift at the store (yay, retail), but it actually wasn't so bad... dead all day since people were home, or on the grocery side of the store instead of my department, then got to run out of there to family dinner before the night sales started! But part of the day, the "prep crew" was getting ready for the night sales by going down one of the huge main aisles, and could hear the distinct 'shhhh' sound much louder as they put plastic (cling)-wrap around the sale displays. It faded after they got a couple departments down from me, then they stopped. A moment later, I'm puzzled thinking I faintly hear it again, thinking they were done, and go out in the main aisle, and I see, allll the way down almost on the other side of the store from me, someone plastic-wrapping another display! ;D My mom also swears I hear her better in different situations or without looking, but... yeah... sometimes it's hard to tell for yourself, or seems to vary, or just staying positive when you feel like you're 'coasting' or not being a 'good user', still not hearing well with certain things at all. But since this is just the WOW thread, I'm sticking to my good stories, and just saying hi again! *waves!*
  13. Thanks. Maybe was another dumb brain-fart moment. Ok, so... uh... I'm looking at my phone right now, and nothing in settings about audio input (just the different sound alert preferences), and nothing in my pull-down menu about headphones, because, as I said, generally such devices just automatically switch over when you plug in a headphone cord. Ok... fine... let's try my old set of headphones to make sure it works. And they do. Plug in much more securely, too (the cord is much thinner at the end than the Roger cord). So then I think, maybe it's the cord connection - I take off my protective phone case, plug in the Pen, it clicks much more securely this time, and works! ? Okay, so that's a bit irritating. In today's age, so many people tend to have those hard phone cases, sometimes slightly thick, but aux cables for stuff still often has a thick plastic base that doesn't let it click in all the way! Why don't they make it a bit thinner? So I guess my options now are to ask Phonak/my audi about the cord itself, use my tablet for the audiobook (cumbersome), or get an Artone (which is sounding better and better... pttph.). Ha. ? Thanks for the lead, though.
  14. Yep... I hear ya! But for right now, trying to get darn pen to work. Is it supposed to act like a typical headphone cord and 'silently' feed the sound to the Pen instead of the phone still blaring it from it's own speakers, or is something not working right here? Doesn't make sense you would hook it up and not want it to do that.
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