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  1. Hi Mary Beth -- Thanks for the thoughts -- I did my week in January -- it was great and I hope to do another in 2021! F.
  2. Hi Connie...as far as I know they don't have a preference. They are booked for 2020 and starting waiting list for 2021...should start booking next year about JulyπŸ™‚
  3. Lots of listening...sentences in noise mostly testing various virtual processor maps
  4. Great week. Josh and team are really warm and friendly and i felt really taken care of. Be prepared for some grueling testing which gets quite tiring ... but they are very mindful of not burning you out. I found the projects very interesting and relevant and they are happy to share as much technical detail of what they are doing as you can handle... So I definitely did not feel like a lab rat. Felt great to be able to contribute 😊 I'll definitely go back next year.
  5. Hi Marybeth I am in Durham as we speak and will be here the whole week. Josh and team are great! Everyone is very hospitable and I feel well taken care of...and we were just talking about you today!πŸ™‚ I think it will be a very interesting week, especially since we'll be doing some music work. Med-el Innsbruck was interesting... if not quite as engaged with engineers as I had hoped. More of a facility tour. Great town and I got to meet the folks who built my implant. They were very inspired to meet a recipient as they don't get the chance to see their work in real life too often. F
  6. In general the sonnet seems fine unless I wear it hiking and expose it to excessive perspiration. Every once in a while it will just stop for no apparent reason and usually just re powering it puts it right. It seems pretty dependable overall.
  7. Do you find the sound quality degrades over time and then you simply detach/reattach the cable, or is is usually some significant malfunction arising? Perhaps it makes sense to just do the re-connection routinely now and then.
  8. By the way -- in your experience how often have you had to change out the connector wire (don't recall what it is called) between the magnet and the processor? Sometimes detaching and reattaching this from the processor helps -- it seems a vulnerable piece.
  9. Wow! Definitely a loose wire somewhere cuz I'm not sweating 7 liters of water on every part of the sonnetπŸ™‚ I'll contact med-el
  10. Yeah seems to only happen with the sonnet. I'm using ci only at this point. Clear ear hook piece on the front seems to be tight but ill take a look at it under a magnifying glass to make sure. It gets hot here in California right now and I tend to perspire quite a bit when I'm hiking. Those moisture conditions seem to be the only times really that I'm having the false dead battery issue, though I was recently in Mexico where it is pretty humid and had same experience even while not perspiring much, so I don't know. Anyway I'll check that everything's tight. I have water wear for the sonnet and have yet to use that, and I may just use the plastic cover without actually totally sealing it and see if that mitigates some of the sweat dropping onto the processor. The rondo2 sits higher on my head and sweat doesn't seem to accumulate on it nearly as much as the Sonnit on top of my ear. Thanks for the suggestions
  11. Both. Seems to happen with either one.
  12. Med el in North Carolina got back to me and offered to fly me (and my wife if she wants to come too) to North Carolina for a week to participate in research, so I'm headed there second week of January. I imagine it will entail some drudgery but I am interested in seeing what they're doing and participating. Thanks for the email Mary Beth. Ursula from Austria headquarters has been emailing me too and looks like I'll get a tour and meet some engineers when I'm over there in September. Nice the company is so engaged with it's customers πŸ™‚
  13. Hi Mary Beth, I got both the rondo ear gear covers and the sonnet covers to try. What I've been finding with my sonnet is that it is very temperamental with any kind of moisture. With lots of perspiration when hiking or in a humid environment my sonnit just tends to give me the dead battery signal and quit many times. I have to take it out and let it dry for a while. I tried using an ear gear cover on it with absolutely no difference. Probably will return the Sonic covers. I find the rondo2 is much more tolerant to moisture in general, so I seem to now use that whenever I'm going to do anything active that might involve perspiration. Do you find the sonnet to be this sensitive or do you think maybe I have a possible issue with it?
  14. Hi Marybeth -- Do you know if the Ear Gear products would be a good alternative for simple sweat/moisture protection for the Rondo and/or Sonnet -- waterwear is great for total waterproof protection but I find my sonnet without waterwear does not like excessive perspiration when I am hiking in the hot or humid climates. The thing simply tends to shut down when moisture gets to a certain point. Waterwear is great (I have only used it on the R2) but expensive and I generally don't need complete water proofing (like swimming).
  15. Hi Marybeth -- I would be interested in participating if you could PM me the contact info. BTW: I will be in Austria in sept so am currently arranging for tour of Med-El in innsbruk. Hope to meet some engineers too. πŸ™‚ thanks Ford
  16. Hi CT - I asked the Med-El rep and my Audi at my last session roughly the same question...are we supposed to find the loudest comfortable place for all the points (electrode points) and adjust to this? They both said it depends...loud is not necessarily best. It seems too much output/stimulation can cause "crosstalk" between the electrode points which can result in distortion (not sure if this is true...), but especially for us newbies that are just learning to hear with the implant our auditory nerve needs to get used to sorting all the various stimulation. Indeed, the whole mapping process is a bit of trial and error and each change takes time for the brain to adjust. I would take Mary Beth's advice and ask the audi what she suggests. In the end I think whatever helps you hear the best is what you need. I had them give me a milder program on program 1 and a slightly louder version of the same on program 2, but I seem to use Prog 2 most of the time. It seems that slowly my brain is starting sort out and distinguish more of the this and that...but I can see this will take time.
  17. Congratulations Andy -- I'm excited for you! I am now 3 1/2 weeks activated and things get better by the day. These CI's are indeed very strange at first but it seems that even the strange sounds start to sound less strange as days go by. Watching the brain learn to hear with a CI is truly fascinating. No doubt it is a slow and gradual process...but truly life changing I believe, at least it has been for me so far (my wife says it feels like she finally got her husband back πŸ™‚. If you have any hearing left in your non-CI ear (like me) it should help you a lot to adjust even without a hearing aid. I can only imagine what totally deaf folks experience with just the CI in the initial stages. I have the Rondo2 and a Sonnet and I use both during the day -- same map on both at this stage. They sound very alike except perhaps for the directionality offered by the sonnets 2 mics. Do keep us posted on your progress
  18. Think I will pick up an Artone before I open either of the Roger Devices and give it a whirl
  19. Hi @Monte - Wow that is inspiring. I just got back from my 1st mapping after activation 2 weeks ago and I have a music program now on my sonnet. I practiced guitar today and while still really distorted and weird sounding...it appears to be a little bit better (That is listening with both ears). I will work on that more with my right ear plugged to give the CI some solo practice, but it sounds like it is just a question of time πŸ™‚
  20. So in essence... if I want to connect via BT to my phone and stream both Calls and Audio to the CI and the HA both: - I can use Roger Select with Mylink - I can use Roger Select with Roger21 battery cover - I can use Artone alone... I don't mind using the Roger Select but it is another thing to carry and neckloops don't bother me (except when they cut out which my Bernafon constantly did -- it was not high quality). Does the Select really offer anything exceptional? I probably would not really use the remote mic functionality. Sounds like I should keep what I have and spend the $130 for the Artone... how long have you had yours? Some reviews on amazon say it stops charging/working after about 6 months and customer support is non-existent.... Thanks for the info
  21. Good to know -- I remain hopeful -- thanks!
  22. Hi All - At my mapping yesterday we discussed the Roger Select and the My Link neckloop included in my kit. I have not opened either yet, and the MED-EL rep said I could use the MyLink or alternatively, there is a battery cover for the sonnet that has FM integrated that would connect to Roger Select without the need for the loop. (I realize this will not work with my Rondo2). I can exchange the My Link for this if I want. I have read about a third party neckloop that folks seem to happy with and was wondering if this is better than the my link, and if I should just go ahead and buy that and just swap the My Link for the battery cover? I have a HA for my right ear and it would require using t-coil to use both the CI and HA together for any audio/phone streaming. Not really sure how much I will use either presently but in future who knows? I can use the phone pretty well now without either. Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful. I have 90 days to decide if I want to swap the My Link (as long as I don't open it. Thanks
  23. Had a good session yesterday -- things are stabilizing quickly so she gave me the various programs (Natural at 2 volume levels, adaptive, and a music with no filters). We also tried EAS but not even sure we will go there as my residual hearing is pretty bad for now...and there is enough to work on just electronically. Perhaps in a couple months after I'm totally comfortable with the electronic side. It is really hard to imagine this static mess that is music right now becoming musical. I can hear rhythm fine and drums, but notes on any instrument are a real mess. I'm not discouraged, and I asked the MED-EL rep (they have been to all my sessions so far) if this really does turn into music at some point for most people and she said yes...so for now I will take everyone's word for it that with work this will change πŸ™‚
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