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  1. I was gone for a while because of trouble with my password and getting locked out. but I'm back! I'm told that the Rondo2 will not be available for me until the end of the year (in the USA)but that is only 4 months away. I absoultely hate the amount of space the sonnet takes up on my tiny ear and will look at accessories to help with that. I am also experiencing sever tinnitus in my untouched ear, like a steady stream of mumbling from a talk radio program. I'm told this is common. I drown it out with music from my phone and a hearing aid mold "earphone".
  2. When will the Rondo 2 be available all over the US? I got the voucher coupon for a free one when it comes out. I HATE my sonnet and the mess it's become. My ear is not large enough to support the processor and I've had to have an ear mold made just to "teather" it in place. Add the stem from my glasses and there is a bunch of stuff that causes me to look forward to removing everything as soon as I can!
  3. I don't know what angel sounds is. I only have a Kidle Fire anyway.
  4. O. No improvements. I hear annoying beeps and boops and pings and snare drums. Those are the sounds I am getting when people are talking, music, anything. The only thing I can notice is repetition such a door knock or cadence in music. Been almost 3 months. I'm going to give it a year. Also, my ears are not large enough to hold the processor! It fell off all the time and so I had to have an ear mold made to "teather it" in place. It feels like a whole bunch of STUUF in my ear area and glasses too. I am getting another "tune up" from the audiologist Wednesday so I hope it makes a difference. Th
  5. I just got activated with my sonnet on July 2nd. So I am definitely a newbie. My next visit is July 20th. All I have "heard" so far is Whoo Whoo Whoo, like owls from EVERYTHING, or ping, ping, ping, like pinball machines. I try to keep my other hearing aid turned off to "help" the brain to distinguish new sounds but so far haven't learned anything. Except that I am not as good at lip reading as I thought I was. Even the tapping of the keyboard here at my computer sounds like pinball pings. I hope eventually things start to sound different..
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