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  1. DarlaHS

    Fine Tuner

    I have synced both sonnets. Found information on YouTube. I still don’t know how to do programs or change settings.
  2. DarlaHS

    Fine Tuner

    I received a huge box in the post today. Everything that was on back order arrived on my doorstep. Received my dry box, rechargeable batteries, and my fine tuner. I understand everything about my fine tuner except for the program buttons. I could not locate anything on the net that gave instructions for use. Also, am I suppose to carry my fine tuner with me at all times?
  3. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    Where do you get skinit covers?
  4. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    Backorder was due to the hurricane, at least that is what my audiologist told us.
  5. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    My audiologist told me if I requested Mellie that they would not turn me down. You should try. Just email the company in which ever country you are from and ask.
  6. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    Some of the items were on back order. My remote, dry boxes and Mellie. Hope to get them soon. I already need to increase sound to level 2 and it has only been a week.
  7. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    Thank you for sharing the video. I will be receiving my dry box this week sometime.
  8. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    That is the time frame my audiologist gave me. I am hoping it will be sooner but it would also be a great holiday gift.
  9. DarlaHS

    Cleaning CI's

    Is there something specific that I need to clean my CI's with? I have noticed at the end of the day they are a bit dirty from sweat. I wont be getting my Rondo 2's until November as they have yet to be released in the states.
  10. DarlaHS

    Heyo! From Louisville, Kentucky

    Hey Emily! I too am from Louisville KY. I had surgery August 23 for bilateral CI. I am doing great, flourishing in rehab. Who is your surgeon? Mine is Dr. Jerry Lin from UofL. Lets stay connected. I would enjoy meeting other CI users in Louisville
  11. DarlaHS

    Wearing a Cap or Hat

    The bottom edge of cap rests on the top of processor. Difficult getting the transmitter to stay connected under cap.
  12. I am a new recipient of bilateral cochlear implants. I wear baseball caps and other hats very frequently. Tried to wear a baseball cap yesterday and I could not due to my implants. Is wearing caps/hats out of my life now or is there a trick to this? I would hate to giving up wearing caps/hats but it is totally worth it just to be able to hear again.
  13. DarlaHS

    Newly Activated Users

    I can hear in both ears! My activation was great and I feel on top of the world. I was given a hearing test at the conclusion of of my activation. My audiologist said it was a baseline test. When I finished I was given my results and I am already where she wants me to be 30/40. At this time I am on level 1. Iam hearing bells and a harp in the background, feels like I am in heaven - just kidding. I can hear my spouse, talk on the phone, even hear my cats purr for the first time. Everyone I speak to and even the tv, sounds like a computerized voice and very monotone. But, I am happy to be able to hear. Rehab is my next step. I have tried doing med-el soundscapes but it wont load. What do others use for rehab?
  14. DarlaHS

    Changes in Taste

    Thank you. I now understand I am not going crazy. ?
  15. DarlaHS

    Changes in Taste

    I have read many entrees that people have a metallic taste after surgery. My surgeon explained to me that the metallic taste is usually from bloody drainage in the back of throat. I get that and understand it completely as that is what happened to me. Even now after the drainage has stopped I occassionaly will get a metallic taste. This is not what I am referring to. Since surgery my tastes have changed. I mean the foods I like and enjoy eating, I no longer like them. For instance, I have always eaten french fries with mayonnaise, never ketchup. I ate them like this since I was a child. Now, I very much dislike mayonnaise and will only eat fries with ketchup. This is just one of numerous changes that have been noticed. I was just wondering if anyone else has had these type of changes that affects what they eat and dont eat. If you have, does it get better?