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  1. @Mary Beth We have tried numerous times to pair the tvb to artones max 3. We have been unsuccessful and are becoming very frustrated. Is there a video that that we could watch? We did restart both artone max 3's and the tvb to factory reset but still not working. I must be really stupid. Thanks for your help.
  2. @Mary Beth I recently purchased the TVB to work with my Artone Max 3. I am having much difficulty pairing with Artone. MAX 3. Now that I have two Max 3's it is impossible. Hoping you can help me. Thanks
  3. I have purchased the Artone 3 Max & TVB combo. I am able to get the processors to work with the Artone max 3. I don't understand the instructions for the TVB. I have searched the web for any instructional videos but came up empty. Can anyone out there help?
  4. DarlaHS

    Adult Rehab

    @marybeth I will do all this tomorrow. I have never changed mic covers. I’m guessing they are way overdue. Thanks for the link to the video. This will be most useful. I will keep you updated on what is happening.
  5. DarlaHS

    Adult Rehab

    The sonnets are very quiet. The rondos are perfect but unsure how to use with my artone device.
  6. DarlaHS

    Adult Rehab

    I am using both rondos and sonnets. I found a number for my surgeon to call and request the va pay for me to see an audiologist. I will call his office on Monday.
  7. DarlaHS

    Adult Rehab

    I received my bilateral cochlear implants in August 2018. I practiced every single day of the week. My last mapping was the beginning of 2019. Veterans Affaires has decided that I don’t need to see an audiologist. I am finding that I cannot hear as well as in the beginning. We have returned to days of talking very loud and I don’t hear someone behind me. I could use any help you are willing to give
  8. I have a neck loop for my Rondos. On the plane I will be wearing my sonnets. I don’t use the roger pen as I find it easier to hold phone to microphone on ear piece. Do I need to set the fine tuner on M?
  9. Okay, I admit I am intimidated by my fine tuner. I don’t understand which or what I am suppose to use when. @Jewel said she switches to program she uses the least. How do I know? @Mary Beth said she keeps it on M. Why? I understand it is the microphone. I guess I’m a bit confused. Can anyone enlighten me?
  10. When @Jewel you travel, do you take both types of processors? I have both sonnets and rondos. Is it better to take both?
  11. DarlaHS


    @Mary Beth I am sending a email to my audiologist this evening. In the meantime would it help to use my finetuner to decrease the volume?
  12. DarlaHS


    I began using my Rondo 2’s about five weeks ago. I really love them. They are my go-to processors for mornings, upon first rising. The first few days and continuing even now I have been experiencing daily headaches. My Rondo 2’s make sounds clearer and louder and better. After 4-6 hours of wearing them, I have to remove them, take ibuprofen and wait for headache to subside. I am wondering if anyone else experienced this.
  13. I have all of my accessories sitting on a shelf of my book case sitting next to my bed. Not the best idea since I have several cats. I wanted to find out what others do. I want to keep everything together; my chargers (total 6), dryer, roger pens, fine tuners, Artone 3 MAX and charger. There must be a better organized and safer way. Thanks for any ideas.
  14. rI called America Airlines to ensure that my seats are all on the aisle. The receptionist transferred me to an operator within “Special Seating “. I explained that I have Cochlear Implants and will need to sit in a aisle seat. I was given upgraded seats to aisle seats and she ensured every seat was away from the engine. They see being deaf as a disability, even though I don’t. But because of this, I was not charged extra for these upgrades. All airlines do this. When you call reservations simply ask to speak to someone in special sitting. Explain you wear Cochlear Implants an
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