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  1. @Mary Beth thank you. I will visit 5he forum more often. I just started back college full time. Getting used to being g surrounded by so many young people on campus. It's definitely different this time around in my late 40's AND being able to hear and understand and participate in class discussions. I would love to start a blog or article on the differences between now and 30 years ago as a young undergraduate just coming to grips with severe hearing loss. Anyone have any ideas where to submit such an article or blog?
  2. @JewelHi everyone!! I've been implanted for 7 months. Boy did you CI vets hit it on the head when you said after implantation would be super super busy.
  3. sassychele02


    @jewel I am so happy you finally found something that works for you. Is it really comfortable?
  4. Received my Rondo2 in mail. Have to take it to my next Audi appt to activate. I was shocked to get it because my auni discussed there was a backup in orders and I might not get one until spring.
  5. How well the CI works and how it has affected my life and family. I get paid at end of study after a year but I enjoy it. I see the case research leader who tests my word recognition and improvement and I give feed back on what's the same or different at home communicating.
  6. @Mary Beth hi!!! I'm doing one directly through Model at UNC hospital
  7. @Mary Beth wonderful to be back on boards. You were so right about how busy things would get after activation. Lol. Work school and keeping up with appointments?.Had my second mapping. Looking for a piano lessons in my area. I've always wanted to learn. So happy to see the new activations and new implantees here.
  8. Hi @Mary Beth hello everyone! I'm catching up on posting and reading the forums. I enjoy them so much and live this community. I have 2 wow moments since activation I would love to share. 1. My mom cane to visit a week ago. She was not only in another room completely out of sight but also behind d a closed door. I heard her clearly ask my aunt to tell me she wanted to go to the store. My aunt sat wide mouth as I said dis she just say to tell me she wants to go to the store. Lol. WOW number 2. I was interviewed for a local podcasting on inspiring women. My session was about my cochlear journe
  9. Congratulations to all the New implantees activations abd bilaeral recipients. It has been joyful reading this thread ????.
  10. @Jewelwe are definitely kindred hearts. Lol. I begged my Audi for one before surgery and she said "we will see" . They ate usually reserved for the kiddos but I'm going to ask again. Mellie is so cute!?. She had all 3 stiffed animals from the 3 CI providers. I would have gladly adopted any of them?
  11. Congratulations to all the late October, Early November activations!!. I'm hoping to receive a Refund for do at my second mapping next week... Fingers crossed. I'm so intrigued by the bilateral journey and pray I will have that option next year. I havethe Sonnet and I agree. It's larger than my previous HA but I understand speech and sounds so much better. I heard voices right away after activation. I so wanted the Donald Duck effect. Lol?
  12. Great topic @Mary Beth! For me it's all the above. Seeing the difference from hearing aids. I wish I would have thought of CIs alot sooner?. The most surprising for now since I'm early in my Journey is actually understanding tv dialogue without captions or along with the captions.
  13. @Mary Beth @Jewel @Jenni M @Daniel the Stranger @Kara of Canada @Marion nancy @Nikki hello gang and anyone I didn't tag. Congratulations on activation and or CI surgery!! It's an awesome journey. I've been busy with rehabilitation and juggling appointments. I am loving the adventure. I hope one day I may be able to go bilateral ?. Happy Sunday to all.
  14. Congrats to all the October activation heroes!! Can't wait to see each and everyone's results from their 1st and second CI. ?.
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